The Wing Commander universe is filled with many sapient races, each with their own unique way of looking at the universe. Selecting a race for a player's character is one of the most vital parts of any Wing Commander adventure. The GM of an adventure should be willing to inform the players what it will be about and who it will involve beforehand, so that the players may create characters that are appropriate for that adventure.

It is recommended that beginning players limit their race selections for their characters to the two primary races in the Wing Commander universe - the Terrans and the Kilrathi - for their initial forays. For those who like to throw caution to the wind, a few notes of warning are included for those races that may prove particularly difficult to roleplay.

Each playable race in WCRPG has its own profile, which includes the following information:

  • Overview: This is a general introduction to the race.
  • Personality: This describes the general stereotypical personality of members of a race. It also contains information on the race's primary cultural features.
  • Physical Description: This describes the typical physical characteristics of the race in question, including average dimensions, bodily features, etc.
  • Relations with Other Races: This indicates which other sapient races are on friendly terms with the race in question, which ones are neutral and which ones are hostile. It is unlikely that members of two races that are hostile towards one another would be in the same character group (though WC2 and half of WC3 make a notable exception with the inclusion of Ralgha nar Hhallas as a member of Concordia's and Victory's crew).
  • Territory: This gives a broad description of where the race in question can be found. This can be as broad as the Sector level for major starfaring races or as narrow as single continents for primitive races.
  • Onomastikon: This is a sample list of names that are typically used by that race, which gives a fairly good example of what conventions are used to name members of the species and can be particularly useful as a guide to naming a character.
  • Motivation: This indicates the usual reasons why members of a race would want to go on an adventure, which can help to develop a character’s backstory.
  • Basic Characteristics: This lists the game statistics needed to build a member of the species. Any racial abilities the species features are listed and described here as well as their basic racial statistics.

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