The Power Skills are as follows:

  • Three-Dimensional Maneuvers (used for movement along the vertical axis)
  • Brawling (used in hand-to-hand combat situations)
  • Lifting (used when attempting to lift and carry objects)

Three-Dimensional Maneuvers (3DM)

This Skill is used in place of most traditional RPG Strength skills (such as Running, Swimming, Climbing, Flying, etc.). It represents how well a character can perform these feats; a character may specialize in any of them. The Three-Dimensional Maneuvers Skill is negatively affected by Armor (see Chapter 5.3 for details).

Brawling (BRW)

This Skill is used when a character is required to perform any hand-to-hand combat; the attack roll for all melee combat is always a Brawling Check. A character may specialize in any form of martial arts or hand-to-hand fighting styles (such as boxing or wrestling). Every ten points added to this Skill adds a +1 modifier to the amount of basic damage caused by a melee or unarmed attack (for more details, see Chapter 9.2). A successful Check of a specialization of this Skill will add an extra +5 modifier to basic damage.

Lifting (LFT)

This Skill is used when a character is required to lift an object in situations where they must either hold the object for a substantial length of time or when there is a significant chance of failing to lift it (such as when a character attempts to lift a heavy object). This Skill is typically subject to circumstantial DC adjustments; objects that are heavy, bulky or that must be held for a long time are not circumstantially favorable. A character may specialize in a particular range of weights or in a type of weight (such as a haltere or dumbbell). Every ten points added to this Skill gives a character a -1 bonus to their total encumbrance class (see Chapter 5.4).

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