The Physique Skills are as follows:

  • Concentration (used to concentrate on a specific task)
  • Stamina (used to endure physical hardship)
  • Recuperation (used to heal physical damage)

Concentration (CCN)

This Skill is used when a measure of concentration is required to perform a specific task and is typically used as a prerequisite for a second Skill Check (for example, when defusing a bomb, a Concentration Check may be required prior to a Dexterous Maneuvers Check; failure of either could trigger the bomb). The degree of success or failure of a Concentration Check may be added to the DC of any subsequent Skill Check. Specializations include specific sets of circumstances (such as concentrating under fire).

Stamina (STM)

Stamina is used when a character is enduring physical hardship or duress (such as when they have been hit by certain weapons). It can also be used to resist damage due to the character’s exposure to heat, cold, radiation, biohazards, etc. A failure of a Stamina Check results in damage (loss of HP) or some other detrimental effect (such as becoming Stunned or Shaken, or becoming infected with a disease). Every ten points added to this Skill reduces the amount of Lethal Damage the character receives as the result of any attack by one point. Specializations represent an above average ability to resist specific ailments (for example, a character that has had influenza before could "specialize" in Resist Influenza to keep from getting the Flu again).

Recuperation (RCP)

Recuperation is used when a character is attempting to regain their vitality (HP or NHP). It can be enhanced with the successful application of medicines and completely countered by poisons or toxins. Specializations represent the ability to recover quickly from specific ailments (for example, a player who has received a rubeola vaccination could "specialize" in Recover from Rubeola). Every ten points added to Recuperation adds a +1 modifier to the number of HP/NHP a player regains on a successful Check.

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