Jaqduni'rakh dunai du ma'esh'ga, Thraqal Sivar!
-"Prayer of the Sa'guk", Fourth Codex 6:13:17

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An Elegy for Sivar

Based on the Wing Commander series created by
Chris Roberts and Origin Systems, Inc.

Story Created, Edited and Developed by
Stephen A. Rogers

Special thanks to
Ben Lesnick, Christopher Reid, Barrie Almond, Brandon Strevell, Kris Vanhecke, Aaron Dunbar, Jason McHale, Wolfman, Quarto, Starfox1701 and the entire Wing Commander CIC community.


This campaign is dedicated to the memory of
Aaron Allston
Founder of Wraith Squadron, Author of Claw Marks
December 8, 1960 – February 27, 2014

For Daniel.


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WARNING: This campaign consists of 100% matter. Any incidental contact of this book with antimatter in any form will result in a catastrophic explosion.

All of the contents included in this campaign will exert an equal but opposite force to any force applied to said contents. This phenomenon is not unique to this campaign.

The entire physical universe, including this book and its contents, could very well collapse back into an infinitesimally small space with little or no advance warning. Should a new universe re-emerge, the existence of this campaign in that universe cannot be guaranteed.

Any reference to any life-form living, dead, or non-existent may or may not be coincidental and is probably intentional.


Chapter One: Introduction[]


Chapter Two: Act One: Nistalan (Descent)[]

  1. Part One: Tarakh'ga (For The Honor of All)
  2. Part Two: Dekh aq T'Kon H'hra (Flight from T'Kon H'hra)
  3. Part Three: Bharg'Yi'nargrast'hra (The Conquest of Demon's Eye)
  4. Part Four: Hukutav'di'ajji Ar (First Steps)

Chapter Three: Act Two: Vu'sa'guk (The Life of a Sa'guk)[]

  1. Part One: Dyatahklanahn (Recruitment)
  2. Part Two: Dorihkin (Little Birdie)
  3. Part Three: Ni'lavinga'rag'nithin (The Governor's Daughter)
  4. Part Four: Gathvi Anruni (Just Business)
  5. Nislanbhak (Hunting Trip)
  6. Gathvi Gathwinhal (Business Proposal)
  7. K'harin (A Little Payback)
  8. Vimodaldyai Norg (Loose Screws)
  9. Huthrak Shintahr Thrak Keskesokokko (Captain Morgan's Riches)
  10. Ke'gathvi (Commerce Raid)
  11. Thrakthrak (The Ultimate Ultimate)
  12. Wi Du Kn'ga (Objects in Space)
  13. Ke!!! (Plunder!!!)
  14. Ukag Warakthraknagi (Shark Bait)
  15. Dalyai'el Ha'uz (Distress Call)
  16. Bhakilr'esh erg Yi'nargrast'hra (The Treaty of Demon's Eye)
  17. Amgaq Daiduxal'hra (Prison Break)
  18. Hugathga (The Big Score)
  19. Xha'hugath'ko'a (Stealing the Payroll)
  20. K'tothmo Ja'lan'ha Hukutav'har (Taunting Jezebel)

Chapter Four: Act Three: K'la Maks K'rakh (Betrayal and Dishonor)[]

  1. Part One: Kalkmaksmer (Pain and Bitterness)
  2. Part Two: K'har (Vengeance)
  3. Part Three: Wur Bhari'rah (Eviction Notice)
  4. Part Four: Aj'k Tatr'a (Battle Stations)
  5. Winhali K'varg (Hard Choices)
  6. Nislanma'in'har (Errand of Mercy)
  7. Dymga'qithi Hrai (Family Ties)
  8. Duxali'chur (Sins of the Past)
  9. Ko'hak'ha Nisk (Love's Labor Lost)
  10. Rakh erg lak B'yaga (Honor of the lak B'yaga)
  11. Daithrak Vrax erg Brajakh Talan (The Great Effing House of Brajakh Talan)
  12. Ikheri'k'dakonis (Clearing the Air)
  13. Dulanma Kal Thrakhrai (Before the Council)
  14. Kirhak K'dyapa (Young, Stupid Love)
  15. Lek'kor'lebalek'korasiva (The Troubador's Tale)
  16. Jaqahr Duso (Power Play)

Chapter Five: Act Four: Gaththrak (Sacrifice)[]

  1. Part One: Tr'thrak (Showdown)
  2. Part Two: Ukta K'dyapayans Thagin (Little Big Horn)
  3. Part Three: Toth'Yi'nargrast'hra (The Fall of Demon's Eye)
  4. Part Four: Toththrak du H'rekkah (Tragedy at H'rekkah)


Chapter Six: Epsilon Sector[]

  1. Deneb Quadrant
  2. Sa'Khan Quadrant
  3. Antares Quadrant
  4. Tr'L Rass Quadrant

Chapter Seven: Miscellanea[]

  1. Characters
  2. Vehicles and Capital Ships
  3. Commodity Tables

Chapter Eight: A Treatise on the Kilrathi Language and Kilrathi Lexicon[]


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