This Chapter discusses equipment that can be bought and used by characters. In the original Wing Commander games, such equipment was not available and it is up to the GM whether or not to allow the player characters to use the equipment described in this Chapter. The equipment lists in this Chapter are by no means comprehensive, nor will any attempt to create such a list be made at any point in the future. This is because the vast majority of objects in WCRPG with which characters can interact are mundane (e.g. clothing, bookchips, vids, etc.) and usually don’t have any kind of in-game effect. Any effects they do have can be determined at the GM’s discretion as discussed in Chapter 10.2.6. Players are welcome to discuss and contribute items as the need for them arises.

This Chapter also discusses the rules utilized for conducting trade in WCRPG. Generally, all transactions (including commodity trades as well as the purchase of non-mundane equipment such as personal weaponry and armor) are conducted at friendly Commodity Exchanges, with the price of equipment fixed at a certain level; characters may haggle over this price if they wish. Trading can be conducted at any Exchange friendly or not, though what a trader will want to trade depends upon factors such as their technological level, their physiology, any local laws and their attitude towards the race of the buyer/seller (e.g., a Terran looking for equipment at a Kilrathi Commodity Exchange is more likely to be gutted than to find what they were looking for). It’s up to a GM to decide whether or not a particular item is available for trade at a given Exchange and whether or not the trader wants to trade with a given character.

Section One of this Chapter includes the specific rules for conducting trade. Sections Two through Four contain lists of personal weaponry, armor and equipment. Finally, Section Five lists the most common Commodities available for trade and their prices at various locations.

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