Players don’t necessarily have to play themselves when playing WCRPG (there are no Kilrathi on Earth at the moment - thank God - and even if there were, Terrans aren’t the best species for everything!). Rather, they assume the role of a character, an alter ego through which a player plays the game. Each player is required to create at least one character, though they may create (and play) as many characters as they wish. The features of characters should be noted somewhere, either on a copy of a Character Record Sheet as provided with this set of rules or on a regular piece of notebook paper.

This chapter goes over the basics of character creation as well as some of the concepts necessary in order to play the game. The first sub-chapter explains Disciplines and Attributes, what they are used for and how they relate to Skills. The second sub-chapter gives detailed information on the many races seen throughout the Wing Commander universe. The third sub-chapter gives detailed procedures on character creation, including a step-by-step example of a character's creation. Finally, the fourth sub-chapter goes over character archetypes, which may be used to speed up the character creation process.

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