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Inter-Office Memorandum

DATE: TUE 2680.349
FROM: Gebre-Selassie Ato, Manager, Epsilon Sector Information Services Division
TO: Zahira Woriega de Xovi, Manager, Epsilon Sector Operations
RE: Persons Relevant to Kilrathi-Based Piracy in Epsilon Sector During FY 2680

Dear Zahira:

As per the instructions you passed to me from Rondell Corporate, I and my staff have compiled the following requested report on persons who were relevant players in regards to Kilrathi-based piracy in Epsilon Sector during this previous fiscal year.

My team has, in my opinion, done an excellent job of preparing the data in the attached report. While I feel that the contributions of all of my team members were all most valuable to the effort, I wanted to give particular recognition to the efforts of Ikgarga nar S'thran H'hra, a fairly recent Kilrathi hire, who went out of his way (and into harm's way on at least one occasion) to find out as many details about the histories of the subjects in the report as he possibly could. No doubt the report would not be nearly as complete without his efforts, and if at all possible I'd like to request that he receive proper recognition for his effort.

The data contained in the report follows the standard C2CR format for data metrics reporting on personal subjects. The subjects in the report have been organized into three main sections, one for persons with major influence over events this past year, one for persons with more of a minor influence, and one specifically for members of the Demon's Eye Pack. At the suggestion of one of the members of my staff, these persons have been colorfully dubbed "characters" in the report; I personally found this idea superfluous but it did lend to a slightly better-sounding readthrough. Given the inherent danger involved in such an endeavor, no list of members in the Crimson Claw pirate clan was produced; I deemed the risk involved too great for members of my staff, and will gladly accept full responsibility for that decision if need be. Note that the subject of Krahtagh N'Ryllis has been included in the section of persons of major influence. Despite being a member of the Demon's Eye Pack - indeed, he was their leader - there can be little question about whether or not he was a person of major influence this past fiscal year.

If you have any questions for us regarding the content or sources of the data contained within the report, or if you receive any such questions from Corporate, please let me know and I'll do my best to get an answer for you as soon as I or my staff can manage it. Be advised that I will be out of the office after this coming Wednesday, .357, in anticipation of the Christmas holiday, and do not plan to be back in until Monday, 2681.003.


Gebre-Selassie Ato
Manager, Epsilon Sector Information Services Division
Rondell Corporation

attachment: report

Major Characters[]

Krahtagh "Bloodeye" N'Ryllis[]

Krahtagh N'Ryllis, who would one day become the dreaded Kilrathi pirate known as Bloodeye, was the youngest and only surviving child of Thaknav ko Daqith'raki lan N'Ryllis, a swordsmith of some skill who worked in the service of the Kal Thrakhra of clan Sutaghi, manufacturing quality blades for use in the clan's renowned Daik Qith'rak. His birth-mother died from complications of childbirth and Thaknav himself was accidentally killed along with three students shortly after Krahtagh's naming ceremony when the inferior blade of another smith shattered during its initial testing. In recognition of the years of excellent service his father had provided to the school, young Krahtagh was granted dispensation to enter the school as a student by the new Kal Thrakhra and headmaster of the school, Talmak laq Qith'rak nar Sutaghi. Talmak became a surrogate father figure to Krahtagh during his formative years, making sure the young Kilrathi had a firm grounding in the traditions of Kilrathi blade-fighting as well as the artistic and spiritual connotations of the subject. Krahtagh grew to become a formidable but cultured warrior under Talmak's tutelage, one who valued a Kilrathi's word above everything else and believed in Honor above all things, who could be amiable and well-mannered one moment and a truly lethal killer the next. His chief rival during this time was Gar, another young Kilrathi that Talmak had granted special dispensation to attend the school; the two ofted vied for Talmak's attention and were good friends as well as sparring partners. Krahtagh and Gar gave each other the epithets by which they would later come to be known - Krahtagh christened Gar as Dalkin'a (troublemaker) after a two-day-long sparring match in which the latter was ultimately victorious, while Gar began calling Krahtagh Kayi - "Bloodeye" - due to the latter's red eye color, a sign of ocular albinism. By the time Krahtagh and Gar came of age, they had both been granted the degree of kochirthgath'igata with the school, a license of complete transmission that signified they had learned all that could be taught to them by the headmaster of the school himself. The two young Kilrathi both petitioned their master to be allowed to fight in the Great War against the Terrans, a request that Lord Talmak granted; (something here). Gar was allowed to fight and his prowess with a blade led to rapid promotion; within three years he had acheived the rank of Shintahr and became the commander of the Harg'ahngarasiv Okkszar, a batallion within the Imperial legions. Krahtagh, however, was rejected; the same albinism that gave him his characteristic red eyes reduced his visual acuity and though he could see just fine, he could not see as well as other Kilrathi. Recognizing the loss of personal honor, Talmak decided to make Krahtagh a personal retainer and grant him the rank of Kal Gathik'a within the school; he could serve Kilrah via the instruction of young warriors in the ways of war. It was highly unusual and a great honor for one as young as Krahtagh - now known as Krahtagh hrai Talmak laq Qith'rak - to be made Kal Gathik'a and it did cause some tension between him and the other senior instructors, but his amiable nature - combined with the level of skill he'd acheived - served to defuse the few issues that arose rapidly, and within a few years none in the school questioned his rightful place among the Kal Gathik'a. Krahtagh became a renowned instructor within the school known for being

praising those that did well and not afraid to fail those that did poorly - in one case, he incurred the wrath of a noble family

"Along the way he became the mentor of many young officers. He often wondered what Sasha would have thought as he taught the demanding art of submarine operations to scores of eager young men. Many of them had already become commanding officers themselves; more had failed. Ramius was a commander who took good care of those who pleased him—and took good care of those who did not. Another reason why he had never made admiral was his unwillingness to promote officers whose fathers were as powerful as his own but whose abilities were unsatisfactory. He never played favorites where duty was concerned, and the sons of a half-dozen high Party officials received unsatisfactory fitness reports despite their active performance in weekly party discussions. Most had become zampoliti. It was this sort of integrity that earned him trust in fleet command. When a really tough job was at hand, Ramius' name was usually the first to be considered for it." -- THFRO, pg. 27. I want to say something similar here.

Rumors began that Lord Talmak was considering asking for dispensation to grant Krahtagh the status of laq Qith'rak - a status that could only be granted by the Emperor himself and would've been an honor without precedent in the annals of Kilrathi history

  • Krahtagh "Bloodeye" hrai Talmak laq Qith'rak (Krahtagh N'Ryllis) - our anti-hero. A natural leader, quick thinker and swordmaster in his own right. Strong sense of honor and justice - which ultimately will lead to his downfall, I think.

  • Life Events (17)
    • 2664: GB 6-4 Incurred the Wrath of a Powerful Person, Family or Group (Hunted)
    • 2665: FE 6-5 Made a friend with common interests or acquaintances
    • 2666: GB 2-5 Been nominated for membership in a select group - senior instructors in the school.
    • 2667: LW 1-3 Pleasurable time with no obligations
    • 2668: FE 5-6 Made a friend with common interests or acquaintances - Rakhaj
    • 2669: LW 3-1+3 Male child from my union
    • 2669: War Ended - Shit Happened
    • 2670: GB 1-3 Someone owes me a big-ass debt
    • 2672: LW 1-4 Pleasurable time with no obligations
    • 2673: LW 6-5 Gained the notice of your lord and received a reward. - That doesn't fit...
    • 2674: LW 1-2 Pleasurable time with no obligations
    • 2675: GB 6-5 Struck down with severe illness
    • 2676: GB 6-6 Someone I cared vanished/killed themselves/left without explanation
    • 2678: FE 4-6 Made a friend with common interests or acquaintances
    • 2670: GB 4-3 In a terrible accident
  • Outlook: I am forced to live out this life to atone for past misdeeds. - This sorta fits...
Krahtagh "Bloodeye" hrai Talmak laq Qith'rak
Species: Kilrathi Occupation: Pirate (Leader, Demon's Eye Pack) Gender: Male
Height: 3.23 m Mass: 120.75 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2638.254 (Age 42; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Daik Qith'rak nar Sutaghi, Brajakh Birinin, N'Ryllis Initiative: +XX
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +X; Ranged: +X Saves - Fortitude: 3X, Reflex: 3X, Willpower: 3X
Power: 75, Brawling: 30, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 25, Lifting: 20, .
Finesse: 100, Dexterous Maneuvers: 40, Dodge: 35, Hiding and Seeking: 25, .
Physique: 90, Concentration: 35, Stamina: 30, Recuperation: 25, .
Intellect: 75, Knowledge: 30, Resourcefulness: 25, Cunning: 20, .
Acumen: 95, Perception: 40, Performance: 30, Survival: 25, .
Charm: 65, Diplomacy: 30, Personality: 20, Leadership: 15, .
Command: 130, Security: 40, Coordination: 30, Strategy: 25, Inspire: 20, Guidance: 15,
Science: 145, Planetology: 40, Geology: 35, Typhonology: 30, Archaeology: 25, Technology: 15,
Navigation: 55, Orientation: 25, Stealth: 15, Vehicle Piloting: 10, Astrogation: 5, .
Tactical: 40, Evasive Maneuvers: 20, Targeting: 15, Combat Maneuvers: 5, .
Engineering: 110, Damage Control: 35, Internal Systems: 30, Mechanics: 20, Defenses: 15, Faster-Than-Light Mechanics: 10,
Communications: 75, Translate: 25, Rapport: 20, Negotiate: 15, Intimidate: 10, Distress: 5,
Medicine: 90, Specialized Medicine: 30, Psychology: 25, Intensive Care: 20, Xenobiology: 10, Treatment: 5,
Traits: Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Creed -25, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -10, Nerves +10, Creed (School) -5, Overconfident -5.
  • eliminate senses (sight) as a talent.

Ra'Khaj nar Ghoran[]

  • Ra'Khaj B'nal lan Ghoran jaq Ragnith nar Kiranka (Ra'Khaj nar Ghoran) - a pupil, prodigy and later patron of Bloodeye. His story heavily factors into Bloodeye's. Ra'khaj was nineteen at the KAC clan rally. It was not the defeat at Vukar Tag - it was the loss of Ghorah Khar; that's what will make the story work.


  • Basic Personality: Imperious, Condescending
  • Values Most: Vengeance (specifically he feels the clans are complicit in the diluting of Kilrathi culture)
  • World View: People should know their place, as I do
  • Caste: Thrak'hra Rag'nith
  • Childhood Events: One or more family members were unknown - grew up never knowing your true heritage. (Ra'Khaj is the illegitimate son of Zu'kara nar Kiranka but does not know who his father is)
  • Outlook: I crave temporal power

strong willed - give him good scores in Intimidate and Personality, low scores in Diplomacy. For the character, needs a relatively high security score with a moderately strong specialization in Blades.

Rank is a good question...how did I handle this for civvies, anyway? Occupation.

Ra'Khaj B'nal lan Ghoran jaq Ragnith nar Kiranka
Species: Kilrathi Rank: X Gender: Male
Height: 2.42 m Mass: 99.75 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2657.025 (Age 23; Adult) Place of Birth: Thrakdaikutga Sivar, Imperial City, Kilrah Initiative: +XX
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +X; Ranged: +X Saves - Fortitude: 3X, Reflex: 3X, Willpower: 3X
Power : 60, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers : 25, Lifting : 20, Brawling: 15, .
Finesse : 65, Hiding and Seeking : 30, Dodge : 20, Dexterous Maneuvers: 15, .
Physique : 50, Concentration : 25, Recuperation : 15, Stamina: 10, .
Intellect : 75, Cunning : 30, Knowledge : 25, Resourcefulness: 20, .
Acumen : 60, Performance : 25, Perception : 20, Survival: 15, .
Charm : 90, Diplomacy : 35, Leadership : 30, Personality: 25, .
Command : 75, Inspire : 25, Coordination : 20, Guidance : 15, Security : 10, Strategy: 5,
Science : 20, Archaeology : 15, Technology : 5, .
Navigation : 55, Stealth : 25, Orientation : 15, Vehicle Piloting : 10, Starship Piloting : 5, .
Tactical : 40, Evasive Maneuvers : 20, Targeting : 15, Combat Maneuvers : 5, .
Engineering : 35, Internal Systems : 20, Damage Control : 10, Defenses : 5, .
Communications : 95, Negotiate : 30, Rapport : 25, Intimidate : 20, Translate : 15, Distress: 5,
Medicine : 25, Psychology : 15, Specialized Medicine : 10, .
Traits: Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Wealth +5, Contacts +20, Creed (Warrior's Code) -10, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -10, Reputation (Controversial) -10, Obsessed (Cultural Purity) -10.

Naragh "ko Thrakhaxal" N'Caxki[]

  • Naragh Alkgaga dai Alkink ko Thrakhaxal laq Ke'hra lak Arg N'Caxki - leader of the Crimson Claws. The story I've got right now is going to have a fair amount of interaction between the Demon's Eye Pack and the Claws, so this guy is going to be very important for sure. He's the Woundwort analog; a pretty violent guy who uses violence as the first option to get his way (he doesn't have that particular nickname for no reason), but who can oftentimes be quite shrewd as well.
  • Basic Personality: Violent, Quick-Tempered
  • Values Most: Having a Good Time
  • World View: Honor above all things
  • Caste: Kilrah'hra Ro
    • Grew up in a remote location
  • Childhood: One or more family members were exiled and later returned under an alias.
  • Live Events:
  • 2663: GB 1-4 Someone owes me a big ass debt.
  • 2664: GB 5-6 Someone I cared about was murdered.
  • 2665: GB 6-6 Someone I cared about died in an accident or illness
  • 2666: FE 1-5 Made an enemy from a rival clan, group or faction
  • 2667: GB 6-4 Incurred the wrath of a powerful person, family or group.
  • 2668: GB 4-5 Struck down with a severe physical/mental illness
  • 2669: FE 1-6 Made an enemy of a powerful noble or official
  • 2669: War Ended
  • 2670: FE 4-4 Made a friend of an old enemy
  • 2671: FE 4-4 Made a friend of an old enemy
  • 2672: GB 1-5 Been nominated for membership in a select group.
  • 2673: FE 2-2 Made an enemy of a relative
  • 2674: GB 2-1 Made a contact with a local power player
  • 2675: LW 3-3+6 Coerced into a loveless marriage
  • 2676: LW 2-6+5 Break up but lover vows revenge
  • 2677: GB 6-4 Incurred the wrath of a powerful person, family or group.
  • 2678: FE 3-3 Made an enemy of a partner or associate
  • 2680: FE 1-5 Made an enemy from a rival clan, group or faction
  • Outlook: I crave temporal power
Naragh "ko Thrakhaxal" N'Caxki
(Naragh Alkgaga dai Alkink ko Thrakhaxal laq Ke'hra lak Arg N'Caxki)
Species: Kilrathi Rank: Kal Ke'hra, Crimson Claw Pirate Clan Gender: Male
Height: 2.69 m Mass: 115.5 kg Handedness: Left
Birth Date: 2637.035 (Age 43; Middle Aged) Place of Birth: XX, XX, XX, XX Initiative: +XX
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +X; Ranged: +X Saves - Fortitude: 3X, Reflex: 3X, Willpower: 3X
Power: 70, Brawling: 30, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 25, Lifting: 15, .
Finesse: 95, Dexterous Maneuvers: 40, Hiding and Seeking: 30, Dodge: 25, .
Physique: 85, Concentration: 35, Recuperation: 30, Stamina: 20, .
Intellect: 120, Cunning: 45, Knowledge: 40, Resourcefulness: 35, .
Acumen: 65, Performance: 30, Perception: 20, Survival: 15, .
Charm: 105, Personality: 40, Leadership: 35, Diplomacy: 30, .
Command: 115, Security: 35, Coordination: 30, Guidance: 25, Strategy: 15, Inspire: 10,
Science: 95, Technology: 30, Archaeology: 25, Typhonology: 20, Geology: 15, Planetology: 5,
Navigation: 135, Stealth: 40, Vehicle Piloting: 35, Orientation: 25, Astrogation: 20, Starship Piloting: 15,
Tactical: 150, Combat Maneuvers: 40, Marksmanship: 35, Ballistics: 30, Targeting: 25, Evasive Maneuvers: 20,
Engineering: 75, Internal Systems: 25, Damage Control: 20, Defenses: 15, Mechanics: 10, Faster-Than-Light Mechanics: 5,
Communications: 165, Intimidate: 45, Negotiate: 40, Rapport: 35, Distress: 25, Translate: 20,
Medicine: 60, Psychology: 25, Specialized Medicine: 20, Xenobiology: 10, Intensive Care: 5, .
Traits: Memory +10, Greed -5, Tightwad -5.


  • Rikik - Teehyn Ree of Firekka
    • Rikik born 2628.310 => 52 years old in 2680 (Middle Age). Start with timeline template.


Rikik is the daughter of Kree'Kai and the niece of K'Kai. In late 2655, she was taken as a hostage by the Kilrathi when they were forced to leave Firekka. An escape attempt led by her mother Kree'Kai failed; Kree'Kai was killed in the process. A few weeks later, Rikik and the other Firekkans were freed from a Kilrathi space station by K'Kai, Kirha, Hunter, Paladin and Gwen Larson. Upon her return, Rikik was instated as the planet's Teehyn Ree. She represented Firekka at the 2669 conference to discuss whether or not the Confederation should accept the Kilrathi offer for an armistice; she called Baron Jukaga an outright liar and withdrew Firekka from the Confederation when it became apparent the armistice would go forward.

Species: Firekkan Rank: Teehyn Ree of Firekka Gender: Female
Wingspan: 4.39 m Mass: 84.92 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2628.310 (Age 26; Adult) Place of Birth: Sharrhi Settlement, Southern Hemisphere, Firekka Initiative: +6
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +6; Ranged: +7 Saves - Fortitude: 34, Reflex: 36, Willpower: 39
HP/NHP: 64 HD/THD/FHD: 35/32/53 SI: 64
Power: 50, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 15 (Flight 25), Lifting: 15, Brawling: 10.
Finesse: 65, Dexterous Maneuvers: 15 (Wingtip Balance 15), Dodge: 20, Hiding and Seeking: 15.
Physique: 45, Concentration: 20, Recuperation: 15, Stamina: 10.
Intellect: 80, Knowledge: 10 (Firekkan Lore 25), Cunning: 25, Resourcefulness: 20.
Acumen: 95, Performance: 25 (Teehyn Ree 35), Perception: 20, Survival: 15.
Charm: 65, Diplomacy: 20, Personality: 20 (Oratory 10), Leadership: 15.
Command: 85, Guidance: 15 (World Leadership 25), Coordination: 15, Inspire: 15, Strategy: 10, Security: 5.
Science: 35, Archaeology: 20, Technology: 10, Typhonology: 5.
Navigation: 25, Vehicle Piloting: 20, Stealth: 5.
Tactical: 15, Targeting: 10, Marksmanship: 5.
Engineering: 50, Damage Control: 20, Internal Systems: 15, Defenses: 10, Mechanics: 5.
Communications: 100, Translate: 15 (English 15), Negotiate: 20, Rapport: 15 (Confederation Grand Assembly 10), Distress: 15, Intimidate: 10.
Medicine: 65, Specialized Medicine: 15, Psychology: 20, Xenobiology: 15, Treatment: 15.
Traits: Navigational Sense +5, Senses (Sight) +5, Hunted (Kilrathi) -5, Contacts +10, Social Status +10, Intolerant (Dishonesty) -10, Impulsive -5, Crude -5.

Stella Lee[]

  • Stella Lee - Confederation Governor of the Epsilon Sector

I'm thinking Governor Lee is probably the one pressuring the Border Worlds into action against Kilrathi pirates in the Sector (namely Bloodeye and his gang), and is definitely the one who arranges for his flash-incineration. Maybe the Pack does something to her that she takes very personally. Probably is where the buck stops as far as administration of the Kilrathi reservations go. Maybe......I could go with her husband (or another close relative) being the official that Bloodeye guts in the exposition. That would make an efftonne of sense, come to think of it.

Stella Amanda Lee
Species: Terran (Confederation) Occupation: Sector Governor, Epsilon Sector Gender: Female
Height: 1.69 m Mass: 62 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2631.084 (Age 49; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Laurelton, Orleans, Gonwyn Quadrant, Landreich Sector Initiative: +XX
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +X; Ranged: +X Saves - Fortitude: 3X, Reflex: 3X, Willpower: 3X
Power : 60, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers : 25, Lifting : 20, Brawling: 15, .
Finesse : 75, Hiding and Seeking : 30, Dodge : 25, Dexterous Maneuvers: 20, .
Physique : 50, Concentration : 25, Recuperation : 15, Stamina: 10, .
Intellect : 105, Cunning : 40, Knowledge : 35, Resourcefulness: 30, .
Acumen : 95, Performance : 40, Perception : 30, Survival: 25, .
Charm : 115, Diplomacy : 45, Leadership : 40, Personality: 30, .
Command : 125, Inspire : 35, Coordination : 30, Guidance : 25, Security : 20, Strategy: 15,
Science : 40, Archaeology : 20, Technology : 15, Typhonology : 5, .
Navigation : 105, Stealth : 35, Orientation : 25, Vehicle Piloting : 20, Starship Piloting : 15, Astrogation: 10,
Tactical : 85, Evasive Maneuvers : 30, Targeting : 25, Combat Maneuvers : 15, Marksmanship : 10, Ballistics: 5,
Engineering : 70, Internal Systems : 25, Damage Control : 20, Defenses : 15, Faster-Than-Light Mechanics : 10, .
Communications : 145, Negotiate : 40, Rapport : 35, Intimidate : 30, Translate : 25, Distress: 15,
Medicine : 55, Psychology : 25, Specialized Medicine : 15, Intensive Care : 10, Xenobiology : 5, .
Traits: Wealth +20, Addiction (Stimulants) -5, Obsessed (Glory) -10, Glutton -5.

Halas Hodge[]

  • Halas Hodge, Chancellor of the Council of the Union of Border Worlds


Hodge has the potential to become the main antagonist of the story (Stella Lee is the other possible antagonist); I'm not quite sure what role he will play in things just yet, nor why I have him here instead of Bendt Guildenstern of Nifelheim.

Halas Douglas Hodge
Species: Terran (Union of Border Worlds) Occupation: Chancellor, Border Worlds Council Gender: Male
Height: 1.60 m Mass: 73 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2620.361 (Age 60; Old Age) Place of Birth: New Burleigh Wing, Fargo, Dakota System, Vega Quadrant Initiative: +XX
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +X; Ranged: +X Saves - Fortitude: 3X, Reflex: 3X, Willpower: 3X
Power : 65, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers : 30, Lifting : 20, Brawling: 15, .
Finesse : 75, Hiding and Seeking : 30, Dodge : 25, Dexterous Maneuvers: 20, .
Physique : 55, Concentration : 25, Recuperation : 20, Stamina: 10, .
Intellect : 110, Cunning : 45, Knowledge : 35, Resourcefulness: 30, .
Acumen : 100, Performance : 40, Perception : 35, Survival: 25, .
Charm : 120, Diplomacy : 45, Leadership : 40, Personality: 35, .
Command : 135, Inspire : 40, Coordination : 35, Guidance : 25, Security : 20, Strategy: 15,
Science : 50, Archaeology : 20, Technology : 15, Typhonology : 10, Planetology : 5, .
Navigation : 120, Stealth : 35, Orientation : 30, Vehicle Piloting : 25, Starship Piloting : 20, Astrogation: 10,
Tactical : 95, Evasive Maneuvers : 30, Targeting : 25, Combat Maneuvers : 20, Marksmanship : 15, Ballistics: 5,
Engineering : 80, Internal Systems : 30, Damage Control : 20, Defenses : 15, Faster-Than-Light Mechanics : 10, Mechanics: 5,
Communications : 155, Negotiate : 45, Rapport : 35, Intimidate : 30, Translate : 25, Distress: 20,
Medicine : 65, Psychology : 25, Specialized Medicine : 20, Intensive Care : 15, Xenobiology : 5, .
Traits: Wealth +5, Reputation +5, Addiction (Alcohol) -5, Glutton -5.

Minor Characters[]

Talmak laq Qith'rak[]

(notes and history) - our anti-hero's liege lord. swordmaster, bloodeye's teacher. dies in the Kilrah raid. has no heir but bloodeye has been given strict instructions to watch and guide ra'khaj, so he cannot commit zu'kara and becomes sa'guk. Whether or not he needs stats is a matter of conjecture but he did seem like a good one to use to remember how the character creation system worked.

Am considering a plotline where his final order to Bloodeye is to kill Ra'Khaj at all costs; he's on the line with Bloodeye when Kilrah pops and dies before he can say why. Bloodeye is conflicted by this - obey his master's instructions, or kill his finest protege. The fact that he has not carried out his master's last instruction is why he doesn't commit zu'kara upon hearing news of his death and Kilrah's destruction. This also makes him sa'guk. This instruction will be the plot point of the introduction - Bloodeye will reveal this information to Ra'Khaj in the initial meeting and the two part ways afterwards. I don't know yet if Ra'Khaj will show up again in the story anywhere. I do plan to have revealed to Bloodeye why his master wanted Ra'Khaj killed, information that indirectly leads to his final downfall.

Actually, let's go with Talmak ordering Ra'Khaj to secretly carry out a task at all costs. Talmak tells him he has discovered a dark truth about Ra'Khaj, but is killed before he gets a chance to tell Ra'Khaj - leaving him with an unfulfilled task and no leads as to what it is he's supposed to do, besides see that it is carried out at all costs. He cannot kill himself honorably without fulfilling his master's last set of orders, but yet he is now masterless. I'm thinking Talmak was on Kilrah that day to request special dispensation in purpose to have Bloodeye - a commoner and vassal - granted the status of Master of Blades, an unprecendented achievement for a kilrah'hra.

In a readthrough of Fleet Action, there is mention of a "Talmak of the Sutaghi" - that character would be the clan Baron. Let's go ahead and make this character the same Talmak, which would add to Bloodeye's original standing and make his fall from grace all the greater.

Talmak Jirha laq Qith'rak lan Ryllis nar Sutaghi
Species: Kilrathi Rank: Kalahn Gender: Male
Height: 2.96 m Mass: 105 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2611.296 (Age 55; Old Age) Place of Birth: Daik Qith'rak nar Sutaghi, Brajakh Birinin, N'Ryllis Initiative: +10
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +11; Ranged: +15 Saves - Fortitude: 40, Reflex: 40, Willpower: 62
HP/NHP: 80 HD/THD/FHD: 43/40/53 SI: 102

Power: 65, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 25, Brawling: 35, Lifting: 5.
Finesse: 105, Dexterous Maneuvers: 45, Dodge: 45, Hiding and Seeking: 15.
Physique: 105, Stamina: 40, Concentration: 55, Recuperation: 10.
Intellect: 100, Knowledge: 45, Resourcefulness: 25, Cunning: 30.
Acumen: 125, Perception: 65, Performance: 35, Survival: 25.
Charm: 110, Personality: 30, Leadership: 30, Diplomacy: 50.

Command: 220, Security: 50, Coordination: 55, Strategy: 45, Inspire: 50, Guidance: 20.
Science: 195, Planetology: 50, Geology: 35, Typhonology: 30, Technology: 40, Archaeology: 40.
Navigation: 115, Orientation: 40, Stealth: 30, Vehicle Piloting: 35, Astrogation: 5, Starship Piloting: 5.
Tactical: 120, Evasive Maneuvers: 40, Targeting: 30, Combat Maneuvers: 35, Marksmanship: 5, Ballistics: 10.
Engineering: 145, Damage Control: 50, Internal Systems: 35, Mechanics: 25, Defenses: 20, Faster-Than-Light Mechanics: 15.
Communications: 95, Translate: 30, Rapport: 35, Negotiate: 15, Intimidate: 10, Distress: 5.
Medicine: 130, Specialized Medicine: 40, Psychology: 40, Intensive Care: 25, Xenobiology: 15, Treatment: 10.

Traits: Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Creed -25, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -10, Discipline +20, Creed (School) -10, Comeliness -10.


I'm debating what to do with this character, if they'll be needed at all. I kinda think they will if the cultural differences will allow him as is. He's going to be the Keharr character, one who is in some way aided and befriended by the Demon Eye's - which I think would be an effing interesting story in and of itself. This guy must not be on the up and up, especially if he's willing to help out a bunch of Cats...

  • Template: 200-pt Firekkan Merchant
  • Basic Personality: Uncouth, Boorish
  • Values: Having a Good Time
  • World View: Life is fleeting
  • Caste: Commoner
  • Childhood: Entire Family was accused of a shameful act they may or may not have committed, a trusted friend took the blame
  • Life Events: 38 13 **Made an enemy out of a relative
    • Financial ship came in (good investment)
    • Made a friend out of an old lover
    • Made an enemy out of a relative
    • Had a pleasurable romance
    • Made a friend out of an old lover
    • Had a pleasurable romance
    • Involved in a terrible accident
    • Made a friend out of an old enemy
    • Made an enemy from a powerful clan, group or faction
  • Outlook: I am forced to live out this life to atone for my past misdeeds

Heerrik of the StrongWind Flock
Species: Firekkan Occupation: Freelance Gender: Male
Wingspan: 4.21 m Mass: 95.17 kg Handedness: Left
Birth Date: 2645.055 (Age 38; Adult) Place of Birth: Fnchirr Settlement, Eastern Continent, Firekka, Epsilon Sector Initiative: +XX
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +X; Ranged: +X Saves - Fortitude: 3X, Reflex: 3X, Willpower: 3X
Power: 45, Lifting: 20, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 15, Brawling: 10, .
Finesse: 50, Dexterous Maneuvers: 25, Hiding and Seeking: 15, Dodge: 10, .
Physique: 65, Concentration: 30, Recuperation: 20, Stamina: 15, .
Intellect: 95, Knowledge: 40, Resourcefulness: 30, Cunning: 25, .
Acumen: 80, Perception: 35, Performance: 25, Survival: 20, .
Charm: 65, Diplomacy: 30, Personality: 20, Leadership: 15, .
Command: 50, Coordination: 20, Guidance: 15, Security: 10, Inspire: 5, .
Science: 65, Archaeology: 25, Technology: 20, Geology: 15, Planetology: 5, .
Navigation: 85, Vehicle Piloting: 30, Stealth: 25, Orientation: 15, Astrogation: 10, Starship Piloting: 5,
Tactical: 35, Evasive Maneuvers: 20, Marksmanship: 10, Ballistics: 5, .
Engineering: 20, Damage Control: 15, Mechanics: 5, .
Communications: 100, Negotiate: 30, Translate: 25, Intimidate: 20, Rapport: 15, Distress: 10,
Medicine: 15, Psychology: 10, Xenobiology: 5, .
Traits: Luck +15, Greed -15.

Disillusioned Terran Clerk[]

The following table is for a generic, 500-point Terran Clerk.

Randal Graves
Species: Terran Occupation: Clerk Gender: Male
Height: 1.83 m Mass: 105 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2636.112 (Age 45; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, United States of America, Earth Initiative: +6
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +8; Ranged: +9 Saves - Fortitude: 39, Reflex: 36, Willpower: 42
HP/NHP: 164 HD/THD/FHD: 46/46/52 SI: 164
Power : 55, Lifting : 25, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers : 20, Brawling: 10.
Finesse : 60, Dexterous Maneuvers : 20, Hiding and Seeking : 25, Dodge: 15.
Physique : 45, Concentration : 20, Recuperation : 15, Stamina: 10.
Intellect : 140, Knowledge : 25 (Vids 20, Games 20), Resourcefulness : 20, Cunning: 20. (Persuasion 35)
Acumen : 125, Performance : 25 (Clerk 15), Perception : 25 (Sense Deception 45), Survival: 15.
Charm : 75, Personality : 25, Diplomacy : 25, Leadership: 25.
Command : 70, Coordination : 25, Guidance : 20, Security : 15, Inspire : 10.
Science : 125, Archaeology : 15, Typhonology : 10, Technology : 25 (Computers 40), Planetology : 20, Geology: 15.
Navigation : 105, Astrogation: 25, Stealth : 25, Orientation : 20, Vehicle Piloting : 15, Targeting: 20.
Tactical : 85, Evasive Maneuvers : 25, Targeting : 25, Marksmanship : 15, Ballistics : 10, Combat Maneuvers: 10.
Engineering : 40, Damage Control : 20, Mechanics : 15, Internal Systems : 5.
Communications : 145, Rapport : 25 (Non-Administrators 15), Negotiate : 25 (Kilrathi 20), Distress : 20, Translate : 25, Intimidate: 15.
Medicine : 55, Specialized Medicine : 25, Intensive Care : 15, Psychology : 10, Treatment : 5.
Traits: Health +5, Math Expert +5, Contacts +10, Intolerant (Unintelligence) -10, Education -10.
Equipment: Third Class Ballistic Mesh Cuirass, Sixth Class Dazzler (unloaded), Short Range Communicator, Handsfree, Civilian Street Casual Outfit, Shoes, Wallet, Debit Chit, Chronometer.

Generic Terran Deckhand[]

The following table is for a generic, 200-point Terran Deckhand.

Dan Loubet
Species: Terran Rank: Able Spacehand Gender: Male
Height: 1.85 m Mass: 105 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2656.245 (Age 24; Adult) Place of Birth: Miaplacidus Station, Beta Canarus, Vearrier Quadrant, Sol Sector Initiative: +5
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +7; Ranged: +5 Saves - Fortitude: 26, Reflex: 40, Willpower: 44
HP/NHP: 66 HD/THD/FHD: 45/45/50 SI: 66
Power: 70, Lifting: 25, Brawling: 25, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 20.
Finesse: 50, Dexterous Maneuvers: 25, Hiding and Seeking: 15, Dodge: 10.
Physique: 65, Concentration: 25, Stamina: 25, Recuperation: 15.
Intellect: 80, Knowledge: 15 (Vehicle Loading Operations 20), Resourcefulness: 20, Cunning: 20 (Persuasion 5).
Acumen: 90, Perception: 25 (Sense Deception 15, Spot 10), Performance: 25, Survival: 15.
Charm: 70, Personality: 25, Leadership: 20, Diplomacy: 25.
Command: 20, Coordination: 15, Guidance: 5.
Science: 85, Technology: 20 (Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment 10), Geology: 25, Archaeology: 15, Typhonology: 15.
Navigation: 40, Vehicle Piloting: 20, Orientation: 20.
Tactical: 55, Marksmanship: 25, Ballistics: 15, Targeting: 15.
Engineering: 115, Damage Control: 25, Mechanics: 25 (Transports 20), Defenses: 20, Internal Systems: 25.
Communications: 25, Rapport: 15, Negotiate: 10.
Medicine: 70, Intensive Care: 20 (Blunt-Force Trauma 10), Xenobiology: 20, Specialized Medicine: 10, Psychology: 10.
Traits: Discipline +5, Reflexes +5, Mechanical Sense +10, Nerves -10, Health -10.
Equipment: Military Working Uniform Outfit, Short Range Communicator, Handsfree, Multi-Tool, Boots, Wallet, Debit Chit.

Generic Terran Guard[]

The following table is for a generic, 300-point Terran Guard.

Ken Hausmann
Species: Terran Rank: Officer Gender: Male
Height: 2.07 m Mass: 109 kg Handedness: Left
Birth Date: 2651.330 (Age 28; Adult) Place of Birth: Berlinesas, Roaz, Hughes Quadrant, Argent Sector Initiative: +8
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +10; Ranged: +13 Saves - Fortitude: 37, Reflex: 38, Willpower: 41
HP/NHP: 167 HD/THD/FHD: 44/44/52 SI: 237
Power: 55, Brawling: 25, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 20, Lifting: 10.
Finesse: 80, Dexterous Maneuvers: 25, Hiding and Seeking: 25, Dodge: 20 (Projectile Weapons 10).
Physique: 70, Stamina: 25, Concentration: 25, Recuperation: 20.
Intellect: 65, Cunning: 25, Knowledge: 25, Resourcefulness: 15.
Acumen: 110, Perception: 25 (Sense Deception 40), Performance: 25, Survival: 20.
Charm: 70, Personality: 25, Leadership: 25, Diplomacy: 20.
Command: 135, Security: 25 (Dazzler 10), Coordination: 25 (Security Forces 10), Strategy: 25 (Urban Warfare Tactics 15), Guidance: 15, Inspire: 10.
Science: 50, Technology: 25, Archaeology: 25.
Navigation: 75, Vehicle Piloting: 25, Orientation: 25, Stealth: 25.
Tactical: 75, Targeting: 25, Marksmanship: 25, Ballistics: 25.
Engineering: 20, Damage Control: 20.
Communications: 55, Rapport: 20, Negotiate: 10, Intimidate: 25.
Medicine: 65, Intensive Care: 25 (Laser Wound 15), Xenobiology: 25.
Traits: Social Status +10, Temper -5, Wealth -5.
Equipment: Third Class Ballistic Mesh Cuirass, Sixth Class Dazzler w/ Medium Battery, Short Range Communicator, Handsfree, Military Working Uniform Outfit, Boots, Duty (Hip) Holster, Wallet, Debit Chit, Deluxe Chronometer
  • CDOR Erik Baudone, CO, Valgard Prison (Belgian)
  • David Quinson, President of the Terran Confederation
  • Emilio Cavazos, Grand Master of the Confederation Assembly
  • Bendt Guildenstern, Governor of the Union of Border Worlds (Danish)
  • CO, Confederation Epsilon Sector Fleet
  • Elrad Weizman, XO, Outerworlds Naval Reserve (from Elohim) and CO Elohim Chapter of the Border Worlds Militia
  • CO, Marcinko Station
  • CO, Farragut Station
  • CO, Decatur Station

The Demon's Eye Pack[]

Gux'a P'nt[]

Ar'rah Qarg was born in the community of Brajakh Thaga into the Thrakzar family of middle-class traggil ranchers, and spent his formative years learning rudimentary hunting and traggil herding until he came of age, generally leading a quiet, rustic existence up to that point. He enlisted in the Imperial Armed Forces in 2664 when he came of age and much to the astonishment of his family (his father in particular, who owing to an injury in one particularly poor hunt was not given the chance to serve), he was accepted into the Imperial legions as a common foot soldier, where he gained a reputation as an honest, hard-working and hard-fighting soldier. After basic training he was involved in the campaign for control of Enigma Sector and was trained up in atmospheric craft, including landing craft and some limited exposure to the Ekapshi atmospheric fighter. Early in his career he made the unusual decision to switch his personal clan allegiance from nar Qarg to nar Sutaghi, mainly as a way to ingratiate himself with his unit commander, who was a member of that clan. Though this did improve his standing within his unit marginally, it did not sit well with his parents and for most of the remainder of the war he was not welcome in his father's hall. In 2665, while engaged in ground operations in the Novaya Kiev system, he was captured by Confederation troops and spent the next four years in a POW internment camp on Rakis. It was during his time there that he first met Shintahr Gar hrai Talmak laq Qith'rak, a vassal of the famed blade-master and Sutaghi Kal Thrak'hra Talmak laq Qith'rak nar Sutaghi, and he became heavily involved in the latter's plans for a mass prisoner escape. The plan worked, with Sutaghi personally killing five Terran guards in the escape though Sutaghi himself was seriously injured due to an unexpected run-in with one of the planet's native Thunderworms. He spent the next five months recovering, though by the time he had recovered word of his actions during the escape had reached his family and he was reconciled to them, even though he continued to affiliate himself with nar Sutaghi. After the end of the War, Sutaghi decided to join the nascent KAC Police Force after a brief return to the family ranch. He was involved in one of the final battles with the lan Gorth for control over the Qual'lat system, serving with distinction on a KAC corvette during the action. The following year, however, tragedy struck: while piloting a KAC diplomatic shuttle on final approach to Thrakbrajakh S'thran H'hra on Chloe in the Corsair system, the craft's hull breached and crash-landed, killing all five members of the diplomatic staff and leaving Sutaghi, the sole survivor, seriously wounded. During his recovery, Sutaghi was placed under the care of Sa'ki lak B'yaga; she was one of the few "friends" he had during the following months. An investigation conducted by the ruling lak Agga warlord indicated the cause of the crash was "pilot error" and though he later swore up and down that the craft took a weapons hit prior to the crash, no evidence of weapons fire was indicated by the lak Agga investigators. Blame for the incident was laid at Sutaghi's feet and he was afterwards labeled Gux'a P'nt, the "murderer of five", in the Kilrathi media. Two of the Kilrathi killed in the incident were principle lieutenants of members of the Council of the Assembly, one from the nar Caxki and one from his own nar Sutaghi clan. While the nar Caxki called for Sutaghi's head, the Kal Thrak'hra of nar Sutaghi did not want to allow nar Caxki to dictate the execution of one of their own (even an adopted member), and so arrangements were quietly made to ship Gux'a P'nt off to a distant post. Ar'rah Sutaghi soon afterwards found himself assigned as a supply officer at the T'Kon H'hra Military Salvage Yard under the jurisdiction of the Broken Claw, where he has been unhappily employed for the past six years. He maintains his innocence in the matter of his "exile", but has not been in a position to request anyone re-open the investigation now that the lak Agga are out of power. Meanwhile, he keeps a constant vigil for agents of the nar Caxki, who are still demanding his head.

He is constantly belittled and mistreated by the Broken Claw administration of the base, and sees the treatment of his people at the hands of the Broken Claw as nothing short of an utter travesty. Like Bloodeye, he too has built up the resolve to do something about it; unlike Bloodeye, his stigma has rendered him utterly devoid of any clout with his people, but he does have one thing that Bloodeye does not when the latter comes to T'Kon H'hra: resources and contacts. He may not be well-liked, but he has been networking and has found a small crew he can rely on if the time is right, as long as he can find someone respectable enough to lead it. He also has a working knowledge of the ships in the Yard; more importantly, he knows which ones would be worth taking and which ones are not. He feels the need to prove his worth, clear his name and regain some respect.

Ar'rah Sutaghi, Callsign: Gux'a P'nt
(Ar'rah Thrakzar ko Hyilghar lan Brajakh Thaga lak Brajakh Ok nar Sutaghi)
Species: Kilrathi
(nar Sutaghi)
Role: First Mate
(Rank: Nagga Ar, Brajahn KNK; Initial Billet: Kofmaksargar, R'Lanrasiv T'kon H'hra)
Gender: Male
Height: 2.69 m Mass: 99.75 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2638.305 (Age 42; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Brajakh Thaga, Rushta, S'kur Tql Quadrant, Vukar Tag Sector Initiative: +7
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +9; Ranged: +12 Saves - Fortitude: 36, Reflex: 37, Willpower: 43
HP/NHP: 76 HD/THD/FHD: 46/43/53 SI: 128
Power: 45, Brawling: 20, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 15, Lifting: 10.
Finesse: 75, Dodge: 25, Dexterous Maneuvers: 20, Hiding and Seeking: 20 (Stalking 10).
Physique: 65, Recuperation: 25, Concentration: 25, Stamina: 15.
Intellect: 95, Knowledge: 25 (T'Kon H'hra Manifests 15), Cunning: 20 (Persuasion 10), Resourcefulness: 25.
Acumen: 85, Perception: 25, Performance: 25 (Traggil Rancher 10), Survival: 25.
Charm: 110, Diplomacy: 25 (Trade Agreements 20), Leadership: 25, Personality: 25 (Debating 15).
Command: 135, Inspire: 15, Security: 25 (Laser Rifle 10, Blades 10), Strategy: 20, Coordination: 25 (Supply Department 20), Guidance: 10.
Science: 95, Technology: 25 (Computers 10), Geology: 10, Typhonology: 25, Planetology: 25.
Navigation: 95, Vehicle Piloting: 25 (Ekapshi 10, Naktarg 20), Stealth: 10, Starship Piloting: 15, Astrogation: 15.
Tactical: 45, Ballistics: 10, Marksmanship: 15, Combat Maneuvers: 10, Evasive Maneuvers: 10.
Engineering: 65, Damage Control: 25, Mechanics: 15, Faster-Than-Light Mechanics: 25.
Communications: 105, Negotiate: 20 (Industrial Goods 5). Rapport: 20, Intimidate: 5, Distress: 10, Translate: 10 (English 35).
Medicine: 30, Intensive Care: 15, Psychology: 15.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Discipline +5, Contacts (Salvage Yard Administration) +5, Reputation (Murderer of Five) -10, Social Status -5, Hunted (nar Caxki) -15, Creed (Warrior's Code) -20, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -5, Comeliness (Scarred) -2.


Uzik Qarg (also known as Drak'huthrak Tr'p-Khar) came from a family of moderately successful Kilrah'hra merchants living on the main world of the Tr'p-Khar system, which itself was one of the earliest and largest of Kilrah's established colonies. He was known for being honest and hard-working during his formative years, traits that carried over into his eventual military career. His home community of Lanarg housed a large population of members of nar Raghitagha, rivals to the nar Qarg to which Uzik's family held their allegiance and despite regular measures by the Empire to quell the ongoing feud between the two Great Clans, there were regular, violent incidents in the community. In one particularly noteworthy incident when Drak'huthrak was 12 years old (after the Empire's defeat in the Vega Sector Campaign), the Raghitagha in the community seized the opportunity to commit a pogrom of nar Qarg; the Uzik family shop was destroyed and the family itself just barely avoided being caught and lynched by the Raghitagha; many other nar Qarg were not as fortunate. The Empire made reparations to the family later after order was restored and the Raghitagha punished.

Drak'huthrak joined the military when he came of age in 2664, by which time he had chosen to go by his family name, Uzik. His natural strength and speed made him a shoe-in for the Imperial legions and he participated in several hairy ground engagements during the War's later years in Engima, Epsilon and Vega Sectors. He earned the war-name Thrakyaga - "great mane" - during this time and gained a reputation for his prowess on the battlefield. During the early part of the False Armistice, he met Mer lak B'ya and began an romantic relationship with her, one that despite a promising beginning would ultimately prove disastrous to him. It wasn't until the following year that he learned that her father was Knav'agon Oth lan Gorth lak B'ya nar Raghitagha, an influencial nobleman from the rival Raghitagha clan. Had Thrakyaga not been deployed to the front lines when lan Gorth discovered the relationship, he might've been killed then and there; as it was, lan Gorth sent Thrakyaga a personal message forbidding any future contact with his daughter, with the promise of severe retribution if he made any attempt to continue the relationship. Thrakyaga for his part agreed to these terms upon discovering his lover was a member of a powerful rival clan and was willing to leave things as they were, but Mer lak B'ya did not - she went to see Thrakyaga after his father's funeral, the elder Uzik having committed zu'kara upon hearing the news of the fate of Kilrah. Despite the show of support, word of her visit reached lan Gorth, who was at the time setting himself up as a regional warlord in M'Shrak Sector with the strength to challenge the forces of Melek's provisional government. lan Gorth's cronies came for Thrakyaga in the night. Finding Thrakyaga asleep, they were able to subdue him despite losing two kili in the process. They brought him before lan Gorth, who denied him a quick, honorable death in combat and instead threw him into the dungeon of his war palace. Thrakyaga was held prisoner and regularly tortured for the next four years, during which time he twice nearly succumbed to the pain inflicted upon him. Thrakyaga finally saw a chance to escape lan Gorth in 2677 and took it, hiding himself inside a large shipping crate. The ship on which he smuggled himself away from lan Gorth was diverted to supply the T'kon H'hra Salvage Yard and upon arrival Thrakyaga was discovered by Ar'rah "Gux'a P'nt" Sutaghi, who was at the time being tasked with the job of performing regular cargo inspections of incoming ships. Gux'a P'nt hid Thrakyaga's arrival on the inspection logs and a friendship began, one that has lasted despite occasional strains and incidents.

Thrakyaga has not had an easy life in among the refugees of T'Kon H'Hra; his skills as a soldier mean little among a population largely comprised of ex-soldiers, and the few credits he makes in the station's illicit, underground gladiatorial fights are usually not enough to sustain him for long. He sees his current situation as punishment by Sivar for his unwitting prior relationship with Mer lak B'ya, whom he has not seen since his incarceration even though he still thinks of her. He believes in the value of honor above all things and is a firm believer in the tenets of the Warrior's Code - and the sight of the suffering and maltreatment of his people around him every day is almost more than he can stand, though to date he has been able to keep his growing anger in check. He awaits the day he can put T'Kon H'hra behind him, exact his revenge on the lan Gorth, and find out whatever happened to Mer lak B'ya. Meantime, he continues to search for steadier employment; Gux'a P'nt is assisting him in his efforts, though the two have had no success as yet.

Uzik Qarg, Callsign: Thrakyaga
(Drak'huthrak Uzik ko Drakof'a lan Lanarg nar Qarg)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Quartermaster Gender: Male
Height: 3.23 m Mass: 126.00 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2642.226 (Age 38; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Lanarg, Tr'p-Khar, Kur'U'Tak Quadrant, Kilrah Sector Initiative: +9
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +14; Ranged: +14 Saves - Fortitude: 37, Reflex: 39, Willpower: 42
HP/NHP: 77 HD/THD/FHD: 44/41/53 SI: 129
Power : 95, Brawling : 25 (Unarmed Combat 15), Three-Dimensional Maneuvers : 25 (Climbing 10), Lifting: 20.
Finesse : 95, Dexterous Maneuvers : 25 (Balance 10), Dodge : 20, Hiding and Seeking: 25 (Stalking 15).
Physique : 70, Stamina : 20 (Tolerate Pain 15), Recuperation : 20, Concentration: 15.
Intellect : 55, Knowledge : 20, Resourcefulness : 15, Cunning: 20.
Acumen : 75, Perception : 25, Survival : 25, Performance: 25.
Charm : 110, Personality : 25 (Resist Torture 20), Leadership : 25 (Ahnin 10), Diplomacy: 20 (Trade Agreements 10).
Command : 90, Security : 25 (Laser Rifle 15, Blades 15), Strategy : 10, Coordination : 25.
Science : 65, Technology : 25, Typhonology : 25, Planetology : 15.
Navigation : 95, Stealth : 25, Vehicle Piloting : 25 (Armored 10, Walker 10), Orientation : 25.
Tactical : 145, Ballistics : 20, Marksmanship : 25 (Lasers 20), Targeting : 20 (Engines 10), Combat Maneuvers : 25, Evasive Maneuvers: 25.
Engineering : 95, Damage Control : 25 (Guns 20), Mechanics : 25 (Armored 25).
Communications : 125, Intimidate : 25, Rapport : 25, Distress : 25, Negotiate : 25 (Agricultural Goods 15, Commercial Goods 10).
Medicine : 30, Specialized Medicine : 20 (Piercing Wounds 10).
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Quick Draw +15, Reputation (Fierce Warrior) +10, Discipline +5, Creed (Warrior's Code) -25, Amputee (Dewclaws) -5, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -10, Honest -5, Hunted (lan Gorth) -10, Wealth -10.


The story of Knav'qith dai Knavska is a tragic one, tied in heavily with events on his native planet of H'hrass after the fall of Kilrah. He was born Kal'hakiratakav nar H'hrass into the house of Knavska, a lesser but still somewhat influential noble house of the Caxki clan. He was the third and youngest son of Knavagon nar Cakxi, the hereditary brajakhar of the community of Brajakh Thaga; he became heir apparent to the post after his two elder brothers were killed in action during the Enigma Sector Campaign. From a young age, it was made clear to Kal'hakiratakav that the youngest member of the dai Knavska household would do his part for the glory of Kilrah as soon as he came of age and that fact did not change when he became the heir apparent (unlike some other communities, whose sole remaining heirs were being exempted from military service). Kal'hakiratakav was eager to do his duty to the Empire and for personal glory, and as he entered his later adolescent years he indicated to Knavagon that he would like to join the fight as soon as could be arranged. Impressed with his son, Knavagon requested and received special dispensation from the Kal Thrakhra of nar Caxki for his remaining son to begin training for military service at a younger than normal age; at the time, the Empire was still reeling from the after effects of Operation Back Lash and the Empire was in desperate need of trained officers and pilots. He originally trained to become a bridge officer and gained a great deal of knowledge on the topic of capital ship navigation before attending flight school; it was during his training that he began going by the family surname, Knav'qith. Knav'qith's training was nearly complete when he was called home to attend his grandfather's funeral; the Raid on Kilrah occurred while he was still at home. The destruction of Kilrah left the young warrior's thirst for glory unfulfilled and his training still partially incomplete. Rather than allow the skills he'd acquire to dull, however, he decided to join the local planetary militia, a decision which his family reluctantly approved - they would've much rather seen him gain glory fighting the Terrans (as would've Knav'qith himself, but he understood the full import of the situation better than most Kilrathi his age when the war ended - that there'd still be plenty of killing and dying to do). Staying local had the added benefit of giving Knav'qith's family some time to find him a suitable mate; when he came of age he was married to Kilav lak Thalanshi. The couple would later have a son born in 2663 and a daughter in 2665; events played out such that neither of these cubs lived long enough to receive a name.

The civil wars plaguing Kilrah Sector in the wake of the Empire's collapse soon reached H'hrass and the local members of clan Caxki had to fight three other clans - nar Qarg, nar Raghitagha and nar Sihkag - simultaneously to maintain their control of the system. During that time, Knav'qith's newfound skills were put to the test; he fielded every type of Kilrathi fighter placed in service during the war and occasionally served as the piloting officer on one of his clan's remaining operational destroyers. The constant warfare eventually started to take its toll on the young warrior and things came to a head in 2667 when a force led by the warlord Jith nar Qarg invaded the system intent on conquest. In the ensuing campaign, Knav'qith's fighter was hit and severely damaged; his body was hit by shrapnel in his right side, resulting in severe injuries. He was able to affect a landing (though well away from any major metropolitan centers on the planet) before passing out. After he was found by a local rancher who witnessed his landing, he was taken to a rural community hospital for medical treatment; unfortunately, the hospital was more of a clinic, which didn't have the facilities or equipment to treat his injuries effectively. He barely survived the ordeal and had to have both his right arm and leg amputated as a result of his wounds. He was fitted with a set of prosthetic replacements that the hospital just happened to have in stock and the process of calibrating them was still ongoing when nar Qarg landed a planetary invasion force in Brajakh Thaga. Knav'qith could do nothing but listen to the reports as they came in as the forces of the nar Qarg sacked his home town. News quickly thereafter reached him that the community's brajakhar - Knav'qith's father - had been slain along with his family, and that nar Qarg's forces were searching for any remaining heir. Realizing the danger he was in and the foolhardiness of attempting to challenge nar Qarg to single combat to avenge his family's death in the middle of an invasion, Knav'qith made the decision to run. He had a rough time getting off-world - his improperly calibrated prosthetics impeded his movement and it was challenging to keep the glowing bits hidden all the time, which threatened to reveal his whereabouts to enemy patrols. Eventually and thanks to some local help, he was able to make his way aboard a landing craft and took off. He had a harrowing escape from nar Qarg's patrols and narrowly avoided the destruction of his purloined craft, but he was able to make it to the jump point to the neighboring Hellespont system (albeit just barely). He was hailed by a passing Union of Border Worlds frigate; since his stolen landing craft was critically damaged and losing atmosphere at a prodigious rate, he requested permission to come aboard. He was placed in the ship's brig as a precaution and later informed the ship's commander of who he was and what had happened on his homeworld. He then requested transportation to Pasqual X in order to petition the Council of the Assembly of the KAC for help. The ship's CO was apathetic but not completely unsympathetic to Knav'qith's situation; he informed Knav'qith that his ship could not leave its patrol but that there was frequent freighter traffic headed in that general direction as a rule and that he would attempt to arrange him for transportation to Epsilon Sector. Knav'qith agreed to these terms, and a few days later he found himself aboard a Paulsen Kinetics courier. A week later, the freighter put into port at T'Kon H'hra, where Knav'qith was put off the ship by her captain; Knav'qith attempted to negotiate terms to get him to take him on to Pasqual, but the captain informed Knav'qith that he had taken him as far as he had simply because he'd been ordered to do so by the Outerworlds Navy, and that if Knav'qith wanted to continue to travel as a passenger, he'd have to pay for passage. Knav'qith could not afford the quoted price owing to the haste with which he'd had to escape H'hrass. When he asked if he could work for his passage, he was informed that there were no temporary positions on the ship - especially not for "some damned Catborg" - and that he was welcome to try that approach with another crew.

Knav'qith has been a member of the rabble of T'kon H'hra from that day since, and like most of the members of his species living on the station, he finds the conditions there appalling and degrading. His disabilities have occasionally proven themselves a hazard in and of themselves; shortly after he was dropped off, he was attacked by two ruffians looking to make off with his prosthetic limbs. Fortunately, one the shipbreakers living on the station, Yuharga ko Da'a Vimaksrani, witnessed the incident and came to Knav'qith's aid, and between the two of them they were able to drive off the attackers, with Knav'qith memorably beating one of them using his own prosthetic arm as a club. Knav'qith told Yuharga that he owed him a great debt, and vowed to someday repay it; Yuharga appreciated the gesture though he was almost certain he'd never collect. Knav'qith did find a doctor in among the rabble - a female, no less - who was able to help him finish the calibration of his prosthetic limbs and he does have near-full use of them (minus some damage caused to the prosthetic arm caused when he used it as a weapon). Like many other Kilrathi at T'Kon H'hra, he finds himself in the situation where he needs to work in order to sustain himself but where there is an overabundance of others with the same skill set, which is generally worthless to the station's Broken Claw administrators. His status as a nobleman, as he has brusquely discovered more than once, means nothing to the rabble - jobs are still first come, first serve, and with his obvious disabilities he finds that he must constantly prove his worth to those around him. He has found a few friends in and among the rabble, mainly veterans of the war like Oth nar Qith'rakar, and finds the station's gladiatorial combat matches entertaining; he sometimes makes additional coin by betting on Uzik Qarg to win those matches, though generally only newcomers bet against Qarg. Knav'qith finds it disappointing that none have beaten Uzik yet; though he admires Uzik's prowess, he is a member of nar Qarg. He has also become somewhat religious and attends Sivaran services when the priestesses on the station can manage to hold them without fear of repression by agents of the Broken Claw. He has come to accept that, until his situation changes at least, his life belongs to whoever he is working for that particular day and his theirs to use. He hopes that his end - which he knows will come sooner rather than later if things don't change - will at least be an honorable one. He still occasionally asks for passage on supply ships that arrive at the station, but he has found the Paulsen crews singularly unsympathetic to his plight and still hasn't earned enough extra coin to book passage. He still hopes someday to make his case before the Council at Pasqual and at least receive some kind of recompense from the nar Qarg, if not full military support. Vengeance for his family also remains on his mind, though as a rule he keeps those thoughts at bay simply by focusing on the struggle of daily survival.

Knav'qith dai Knavska, Callsign: Knav'qith
(Kal'hakiratakav Knav'qith dai Knavska ko Dornta Shint lan Brajakh Thaga nar Caxki)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Ni'rakh's Pilot Gender: Male
Height: 2.69 m Mass: 120.75 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2647.327 (Age 33; Adult) Place of Birth: Brajakh Thaga, H'hrass, Kur'u Caxki Quadrant, Kilrah Sector Initiative: +9
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +13; Ranged: +14 Saves - Fortitude: 37, Reflex: 49, Willpower: 36
HP/NHP: 77 HD/THD/FHD: 44/41/53 SI: 129
Power : 85, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers : 25 (Climbing 10), Brawling : 25, Lifting: 25.
Finesse : 90, Dexterous Maneuvers : 25, Dodge : 25, Hiding and Seeking: 25 (Stalking 15).
Physique : 70, Stamina : 20, Concentration : 25, Recuperation: 25.
Intellect : 115, Knowledge : 25 (Court Ettiquette 10), Resourcefulness : 25, Cunning: 25 (Persuasion 10, Deception 10).
Acumen : 65, Perception : 25, Performance : 20, Survival: 20.
Charm : 75, Personality : 25, Leadership : 25, Diplomacy: 25.
Command : 70, Security : 25, Strategy : 25, Coordination : 20.
Science : 90, Technology : 25 (Computers 10), Planetology : 25, Geology : 10, Archaeology : 10, Typhonology: 10.
Navigation : 195, Vehicle Piloting : 25 (Kilrathi Light Fighters 10, Kilrathi Medium Fighters 10, Kilrathi Heavy Fighters 10, Kilrathi Bombers 5), Orientation : 25, Astrogation : 25 (Akwende Drive 25), Starship Piloting : 25 (Destroyer 10, Cruiser 10), Stealth: 15.
Tactical : 125, Evasive Maneuvers : 25, Combat Maneuvers : 25, Targeting : 25, Marksmanship : 25, Ballistics: 25.
Engineering : 100, Damage Control : 25 (Engines 20), Defenses : 15, Internal Systems : 15, Faster-Than-Light Mechanics: 25.
Communications : 40, Rapport : 25, Distress : 15.
Medicine : 25, Intensive Care : 25.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +15, Reflexes +10, Education +10, Creed (Warrior's Code) -20, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -5, Amputee -15, Hunted (Jith nar Qarg) -10, Comeliness (Catborg) -10.

Ku'a K'le[]

Kor laq Stra'a, a member of the powerful and influential lak B'yaga branch of clan Kur'u'tak, was the third and youngest son of Drak'huthrak laq Stra'a, the hereditary ruler of the community of Brajakh Lanarg (which would later be renamed "Pete") on the surface of S'Thran H'hra. He was born into a family of "master stalkers", with his father, his grandfather and one of his elder brothers having all been recognized as such by Emperor Joor'rad; the majority of his ancestors had obtained the same status for centuries. His two elder brothers, Aqak Ki laq Stra'a and Irharg Ki lak B'yaga, both joined the military when they came of age and were both killed fighting the Terrans in Vega Sector in rapid succession, putting Kor in the position of heir apparent to the leadership of the community at the age of fifteen. While the k'shrik ceremony of his brother Aqak was well-attended by members of the community, Kor was one of the very few attendees of Irharg's ceremony - his failure to acheive the status of laq Stra'a was seen as a source of shame for the family. Kor resolved then and there to not fail to achieve master stalker status and suffer his brother's shame. He also realized that the reason why Irharg hadn't made it was because he felt his duty to serve the Empire was greater than his quest for personal glory - which it should've been, except for the result. He therefore resolved to attain the status as soon as possible; this proved to be problematic for Kor. As the only remaining heir to the leadership of Brajakh Lanarg, Drak'huthrak forced Kor to promise not to make the attempt until he had sired a male heir. His father then took steps to make sure that would happen as soon as could be arranged, first by asking for and receiving special dispensation for his youngest son to not have to serve in the military (despite the loss of face for the family and the loss of honor for Kor himself). Next, his father entered into negotiations with Yuharga lak Knav'dor, brajakhar of the community of Yutha, for Kor to marry his adopted daughter Sa'ki when Kor came of age. Sa'ki thought that Kor was a weak-minded fool and for his part Kor thought Sa'ki was an overbearing dictator destined to make his life a living hell, but he kept his eyes on the prize and dutifully married Sa'ki when he came of age on his twenty-second birthday; Sa'ki became pregnant with a honeymoon child, and to Kor's delight she gave birth to a male cub - who would later be named Garmasdrish - in 2659. Sa'ki proved to be every bit as imperious as Kor had feared and the young couple found themselves frequently arguing with one another. In particular, Sa'ki knew how Kor intended to obtain master stalker status - by killing three nalga in their native habitat on Draga without resting between kills - and felt that Kor need not risk his own life in so foolish an endeavor, so she attempted to dissuade him from the attempt at least until she had birthed a second male cub (for her part, Sa'ki was under some pressure from her father to sire another male cub, who would then be able to inherit the leadership of Yutha - as a female, Sa'ki herself could not do so legally, and it was considered improper and impractical for one kil to lead two communities - as would be the case with Garmasdrish if another male were not produced). Kor eventually agreed to Sa'ki's terms, though it tried his patience greatly. In 2663, Kor's father-in-law played host to the Agga hrai of Brajakh Mer in what turned out to be a disastrous attempt at solidifying a trade agreement between the two communities. Largi lak Agga, the young heir to the community, made a snide remark about the accommodations during a Firekkan roast being held in the family's honor and Sa'ki unleashed a scathing rebuttal, which angered Largi and effectively ruined any chance Yuharga might've had of securing a trade agreement. Aside from angering her uncle, Sa'ki's remarks that day would ultimately come to haunt Kor and his family years later. Sa'ki became pregnant again in 2664 and gave birth to the couple's first daughter, Alk'sivar (as she would be named in 2668). The failure to produce a second male heir weighed heavily on Kor and he began to waver in his resolve to become master stalker, until she became pregnant again in 2666 and early scans revealed that the new cub would be yet another female (Dyale'a'kal, named in 2670); it was at that point Kor's patience ran out. One day he simply packed a few items without saying anything to his lair-mate and chartered a flight to Draga, where he met Sivaska laq Dra'a Ik'nalga and studied the habits of his prey. Kor made his attempt to achieve master stalker status in early 2667. His first two kills were masterfully executed in rapid succession, but he had to search to find a third nalga. He did eventually find his prey and slew it as quickly as he had done the other two, earning him the epithet ku'a k'le - or "silent ripper" - from Sivaska. Thinking him done, Sivaska prepared to return to base camp, when Kor announced his intention to find and slay a fourth nalga, something no Kilrathi had ever done before. Though Sivaska strongly advised against it, Kor could not be dissuaded and set out at once. The attempt went horribly awry - though Kor did manage to slay the beast, by that time he was so tired that he failed to dodge one of the creature's two-meter long claws; it caught him and subjected Kor to savage attack of its own. Kor was extracted from Draga and sent to his family in a stasis pod with major lacerations over much of his body, his prognosis dire. Fortunately, Sa'ki was a skilled healer; she oversaw the caretaking of her lair-mate and Kor miraculously pulled through, with the two repairing their relationship during his extended convalescence. The Emperor proved to be most impressed with Kor's feat, and granted him what he had always strove for - he was now Kor laq Stra'a, a recognized master stalker. With Kor's lifelong ambition fulfilled, he turned his attention to trying to produce a male heir for his father-in-law's community. Sa'ki's third pregnancy had been difficult and painful and she was not thrilled at the prospect of having a fourth child, and Kor's ability to perform had been reduced due to his injuries, so it was some time before Sa'ki became pregnant again. In the meantime Kor's mother passed away after a bout of phthisis, which was hard on his lair-mate, as the two had grown close over the years. In 2669, Sa'ki gave birth to another cub - a female, who would later be named Knav'a. Shortly thereafter it was determined that Kor had become sterile; he would not have any more children. Kor caught hell when he broke the news to Sa'ki's adopted father, but there was little that could done to change the situation. From that day onward, Kor lost the good-will of his father-in-law. More pressing matters soon made themselves manifest.

The end of the war in 2669 brought chaos to S'Thran H'hra (as it did throughout the fallen Kilrathi Empire). The world was one specifically ceded by the Treaty of Kobar Yagar to the Confederation, and the following year a large influx of Terran settlers arrived on the world, a set of events that greatly vexed the hereditary leaders. Sa'ki's father allowed the Terrans to settle but asked that they remain in their own district. Kor's father, however, allowed the Terrans to settle in Brajakh Lanarg with open arms, a decision that had dire consequences and one in which both Sa'ki and Kor expressed great dissatisfaction, leading to their estrangement from Kor's father. In 2672, the brajakhar of Brajakh Mer (Bruce, as the Terrans called it) died and his son, Largi lak Agga, took over as leader of the community. He subsequently expelled all Terrans from its boundaries and had the gall to order the leaders of all other communities on the planet - including Kor's father and father-in-law - to do the same. When they refused, a short but bloody civil war engulfed the planet. When the dust cleared, Largi and his close war buddy Krahrad Bir lan Brajakh Mer laq Agga had won near-total control of the planet, swiftly building a personal kingdom in the neighboring star systems in flagrant violation of the treaty. While Kharad took the lead in matters of interstellar conquest, Largi's focus was on consolidating his holdings at home. Kor and Sa'ki's remaining parents had been killed in the fighting, which put Kor's head next on the chopping block - legally, he was now brajakhar of Brajakh Lanarg and he was regent to Garmasdrish as brajakhar of Yutha (Garmasdrish could not yet take the role himself due to the fact that he was not of age at the time). Largi lak Agga summoned the couple to Brajakh Mer to force them to swear fealty to him at gunpoint, which would've given him undisputed control over the planet. For the sake of his family, Kor swore fealty as ordered, which should've been enough to satisfy lak Agga. However, remembering her slight from years before, he brazenly ordered Sa'ki to do so as well - Sa'ki, naturally, would not kowtow to the "coward who butchered her aunt and uncle, the only parents I ever had", which greatly angered lak Agga and it was only Kor's quick thinking that saved their lives that day. He suggested that his lair-mate had spoken out of turn, that she was simply caught up in the heat of events, that it was his place as her lair-mate to punish her for her insolence (which he swore to do harshly) and that she could be made to swear fealty if he could just have some time to discuss the matter with her. lak Agga gave the couple one week - with the implication that there would be lethal consequences for the entire remaining lak B'yaga family if Sa'ki did not capitulate. Kor knew good and well that Sa'ki wasn't going to change her mind even before he left the halls of the lak Agga - he felt the same way as she did - but he realized the foolhardiness of openly challenging the honorless lak Agga in his own hall surrounded by his lackeys. His ploy bought the family some desperately needed time. Arrangements were made to hide the children; the females would go to different families that could be trusted, while Garmasdrish was sent to "study" at the Thrakdaig S'thran H'hra in Thrakbrajakh S'thran H'hra. Kor was able to move a small amount of the family's wealth to a secured bank account, though he tried not to move too much for fear that news of the transactions would get back to the lak Agga and his plans would be foiled before they even began. Sa'ki and Kor themselves agreed to part company for a while, which would force the lak Agga to hunt them down seperately and, if need be, buy each other time to get away from the planet. Kor orignally tried to stay close to Yutha, renting a house-yacht and keeping within radio contact of the community. The strategy didn't work, however; too many people in Yutha recognized Kor, and a set of loose lips almost literally sank his ship - agents of the lak Agga found Kor and he was forced to fight, subduing his would be executioners though taking some significant injuries. Afterwards, he decided if he could not hide close to home, he should try to hide closer to his enemy - he covertly infiltrated the community of Bruce, stronghold of the lak Agga, and to his surprise largely went unnoticed by the locals. The next few years brought heart-breaking news: little Knav'a had been killed in an accident - under very suspicious circumstances - and then later Kor received news that Dyale'a'kal and her foster family had been executed by the lak Agga, ostensibly for "sedition". In 2667, Kor received a message from Sivaska laq Dra'a Ik'nalga - whom he'd asked to keep watch over things at home - stating that his eldest daugher, Alk'sivar, had disappeared along with her foster family and that it was likely the lak Agga had figured out where the rest of them were. Kor took his mentor at his word, snuck out of Bruce and made his way to Thrakbrajakh S'Thran H'hra (where Sa'ki had been working as a nurse), and sent them messages to meet him at the city spaceport. The three successfully reunited and then had a harrowing escape - agents of the lak Agga were monitoring the few remaining passenger lines. Kor arranged for transport on an outgoing Hurston Dynamics freighter. The family originally headed for K'k-Tahn thinking that they'd be safe; to their unpleasant surprise, agents of the lak Agga were waiting for them at their destination and Kor was again seriously wounded fighting them off. With Kor temporarily incapacitated, Sa'ki took the initiative to pick a final destination well outside of the influence of the lak Agga where her family could conveniently disappear; Garmasdrish suggested the refugee camp at T'Kon H'hra, of which he'd heard stories at the thrakdaig. She chartered passage for the three of them on a Paulsen Kinetics transport headed that way. Kor, Sa'ki and Garmasdrish arrived two weeks later, penniless but alive, together, and safe. Four months later the lak Agga's interstellar empire would be put out of business by a Confederation-led joint task force.

Kor has found life at the refugee camp to be particularly excrutiating. Bred to be a community leader, he finds himself in a place where the community pretty much leads itself and scoffs at the idea of obeying anyone (even those who wear uniforms or call themselves thrak'hra). His status as master stalker means nothing among the rabble - for most there is nothing to eat, let alone hunt. He therefore finds that he has to prove his worth to those around them and that at best he can hope to earn the respect of those he encounters. He has developed a reputation as an industrious worker with those kil with whom he has worked, and his frugal personality has helped a few Kilrathi other than his family stave off hunger for another day. He has had to take menial jobs as they've come at the supply yard, usually providing only a few credits at a time; not nearly enough to buy passage away from the living nargrast of the refugee yard . Kor is starting to lose hope of ever being able to go home again - a fact his wife has noticed, even as she encourages him to "get off his lazy ass" and find something that can get them out of there. He would like some news about his only remaining daughter - whether she is alive or dead, whether she made it out or if she's still on S'Thran H'hra. He has made an acquaintance of Gux'a P'nt, a supply officer aboard the station and a former patient of Sa'ki's, who is keeping an eye out for steady employment for Kor, no matter how bleak the prospects are. For his part, Gux'a P'nt is starting to sense the desperation of the members of hrai lak B'yaga, and since he owes what he feels is a significant debt to Sa'ki, he is beginning to wonder if Kor would be willing to commit to something drastic...

Kor laq Stra'a, Callsign: Ku'a K'le
(Kor Ki dai Drak'huthrak laq Stra'a lan Brajakh Lanarg lak B'yaga nar Kur'u'tak)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Negotiator Gender: Male
Height: 3.23 m Mass: 120.75 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2637.149 (Age 43; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Brajakh Lanarg, S'thran H'hra, Corsair, Epsilon Sector Initiative: +11
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +9; Ranged: +14 Saves - Fortitude: 36, Reflex: 41, Willpower: 39
HP/NHP: 77 HD/THD/FHD: 42/39/53 SI: 129
Power: 60, Lifting: 20, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 15, Brawling: 25.
Finesse: 115, Dodge: 15, Dexterous Maneuvers: 20 (Balance 10), Hiding and Seeking: 20 (Stalking 50).
Physique: 70, Stamina: 25, Concentration: 25, Recuperation: 20.
Intellect: 80, Knowledge: 20 (Management 10), Resourcefulness: 15, Cunning: 20 (Persuasion 15).
Acumen: 95, Survival: 15 (Wilderness 15), Perception: 20 (Sense Danger 20), Performance: 25.
Charm: 80, Personality: 25, Diplomacy: 25, Leadership: 25 (Township 5).
Command: 105, Security: 15, Coordination: 25 (Ranchers 15), Guidance: 15, Inspire: 10, Strategy: 25.
Science: 160, Planetology: 10, Typhonology: 25, Archaeology: 5 (Anthropology 25), Technology: 25 (Electronics 50), Geology: 20.
Navigation: 75, Orientation: 25, Vehicle Piloting: 25 (Skimmer 25).
Tactical: 75, Marksmanship: 25, Targeting: 25, Ballistics: 25.
Engineering: 20, Mechanics: 20.
Communications: 135, Negotiate: 20 (Agricultural Goods 30), Translate: 15 (English 30), Rapport: 25, Intimidate: 10, Distress: 10.
Medicine: 55, Xenobiology: 5 (Nalga 50).
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Contacts (Sivaska laq Dra'a Ik'nalga) +10, Reputation (Industrious) +10, Social Status (Master Stalker) +10, Education +10, Creed (Warrior's Code) -20, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -10, Hunted (lak Agga) -15, Impulsive -5, Luck -5, Comeliness -5.


Yuharga Kiryukuvarg and his elder twin brother Kn'talanakin were born in a small town on Ghorax Tha to Kalh'asdagara Kiryukuvarg ko Da'a Vimaksrani, a kilrah'hra artisan, and his lair-mate Kutga in 2637. Their father worked as a journeyman metalsmith of some skill and during their formative years both of Kalh'asdagara's sons were schooled primarily in the family trade. The two brothers were both friends and rivals in school, in learning the family trade and in athletics. Yuharga was considered by his father to be the more honest and hard-working of his two sons, though he considered Kn'talanakin more skillful in the family trade. As they moved on towards their adolescent years, the two began competing with one another in matters of romance as well. The two brothers ultimately became quite good at the art of seduction and began living a libertine lifestyle, which they did their utmost to keep secret from their parents. In 2657, Kn'talanakin successfully seduced the lair-mate of the community's brajakhar; unfortunately, she became pregnant from their liaison and it was well-known in the community that the brajakhar himself was sterile. It was about this time that Kn'talanakin announced that he was enlisting in the military, and it was mainly out of their mutual competitiveness that Yuharga did the same. By the time the brajakhar's illegitimate child was born - and was clearly identifiable as being of the family of the local smithy - the sons of Kalh'asdagara were on Kilrah undergoing basic training. Kn'talanakin and Yuharga were placed in separate units after basic training but both were given machinist's ratings based on their prior skill set. Yuharga was assigned to the community of Draka'rag'nith on the surface of D'vd Tang and was one of several technicians responsible for keeping the colony's weaponry in good working order and for maintaining the environmental dome that made life there a possibility. There were plenty of females for him to choose from while he was stationed there; ultimately he met, seduced and began an extended affair with Ma'haraga Lantalanthrak nar Sutaghi, who was (of all things) the lair-mate of the local brajakhar. Though the two were careful, her liaisons with Yuharga were eventually discovered; she was put to death for her indiscretions, but by that time Yuharga had been reassigned to active duty aboard KIS Ma Barayu, a Kamekh-class corvette operating along the frontier in Gemini Sector, and it wasn't until some time later that he learned the brajakhar had publicly challenged him to come back to Draka'rag'nith and face him in single combat for the restoration of his honor. He served for three years aboard Ma Barayu until the ship was decommissioned during the False Armistice, at which point he was assigned to a shipyard in the Hari Sector tasked with the construction of KIS Tarash'dyalirga, a megacarrier of the Hakaga-class. While he was there, the target of his affections was Thraktha Kut'hrar lak Daraqith'a, lair-mate of one of the dockyard supervisors, whom he successfully seduced despite her being Thrak'hra. Tarash'dyalirga was unable to sail when the Armistice ruse was discovered by the Confederation due to a crucial series of reactor pipe valves not having the necessary fittings in place on time - ones which Yuharga had been tasked to forge; he would later privately attribute the critical delay to a quite memorable series of liaisons with Thraktha. At the Battle of Earth, when Crown Prince Thrakhath realized that he had to retreat, he lamented the fact that he could've won with just one more carrier at the frontlines; the Crown Prince's wrath was brought down on the construction teams of the unfinished carriers, including Tarash'dyalirga's entire construction team. Those that were not killed outright were labelled k'rakh by the Prince and subsequently discharged from military service for life, with many of them later being labelled sa'guk by their families and several of those committing zu'kara as a result. Notably, Thraktha and her lair-mate simply disappeared; Yuharga never saw hide nor hair of her ever again. As Yuharga could not be specifically blamed for the delay in Tarash'dyalirga's construction and as kili with his skill set were quite valuable to the war effort, he himself once again escaped death. With his military career effectively over, Yuharga began the long journey back to Ghorax Tha.

Yuharga was in the Qua'lat system when the news came in of Kilrah's destruction; up to that point in the journey he'd been enjoying the company of several female companions headed towards the community of Ka'naru K'g'harg, where the ship was scheduled to put down. He began to question some of his life's decisions, specifically whether a great deal of pain and anguish had come to his entire species simply by his desire to bang every female in sight. He also realized he hadn't heard from any of his family members for quite some time - he had expected to be labeled sa'guk like the rest of the people he'd worked with but hadn't heard so much as a peep. So the first thing he did upon arrival was to check up on local gossip, especially for news from his home community of Brajakh Ji. It was then that he first learned about the illegitimate son of the brajakhar - and that Kalh'asdagara had been killed by the brajakhar, who'd assumed the child was his. There was no news about his birth-mother and Yuharga knew that it was likely the only way he could find what happened to her was to go on to Brajakh Ji - a risky proposition, as Yuharga had also learned about the personal challenge awaiting him in D'vd Tang and would thus probably be a persona non grata himself. So, Yuharga made the decision to take up residence in Ka'naru K'g'harg under the alias of "Gar ko Da'a Vimaksrani", his paternal grandfather's name. He got a job working at the Thrakzada K'g'harg-Eshrad, where his skills were employed manufacturing spikes and cages sturdy enough to keep the ampitheatre's supply of dangerous creatures contained. The quality of his work was noted by In lak Oranbakso, the kal kalaqi of the ampitheatre, and he invited Yuharga to dine in his hall, beginning a friendship. It was during this first meeting that Yuharga met In's lairmate Knavkarav and their young daughter Gaknav, both of whom (as fate would have it) turned into his next conquests. In invited Yuharga to participate in the K'g'harg-Eshrad several times over the next few years and Yuharga proved himself a cunning hunter. Yuharga privately shared some of his dark thoughts about his role in the defeat of the Kilrathi race; In told him that he could not be held solely responsible, that a number of factors had led to the fall of Kilrah and that he was stupid to assign the blame entirely to himself. At the next k'g'harg-eshrad, In gave Yuharga the epithet irgu (death blossom) in deference to the skill he had shown during that particular hunt and as a friendly jibe at their earlier conversation. Yuharga came to be treated as family by In - which made the discovery of his betrayal all the more painful for all involved. In 2673, Knavkarav committed suicide for no apparent reason; an autopsy confirmed that she was pregnant at the time, and when confronted In confronted Irgu about it, he learned of Yuharga's seduction of both his lair-mate and his daughter. Rather than kill Yuharga then and there, In held to the facets of Kilrathi law - he went before the other kalaqi and the planetary clan leaders, told them what had happened and formally challenged Yuharga to single combat to the death in order to restore his honor. Yuharga realized how deeply he had hurt his friend, but knew that he would defeat In in single combat - and not wishing either of them dead, Irgu wrote a formal letter to In in which he informed In of his true identity, announced that he would commit zu'kara to appease both In and the brajakhar of Draka'rag'nith, labelled himself as sa'guk for what he had done and wished his ex-friend all the happiness in the universe. Irgu included a time and location where he would commit zu'kara, a place in the wilderness north of the community. Of course, he did not commit suicide - instead, as soon as the messager had left, he boarded a transport for the other major community on Ghorax Tha, Rax'hra, staying there just long enough to visit the community's famous thrakdaivrax rag'nith. His ruse was rapidly discovered; it lead to a global hunt for Irgu and later sanction from the Kal Thrakhra of clan Sutaghi to all Kilrathi to kill Yuharga Kiryukuvarg on sight. By the time all this happened, Irgu was aboard a Paulsen Kinetics transport headed out of the system. The transport's crew dropped Irgu off at their next port of call, the military surplus yard at T'Kon H'hra.

Irgu has spent the last five years at T'Kon H'hra, where he goes by the alias of Yuharga ko Da'a Vimaksrani. He's actually had it better than most at T'Kon H'hra; since kili of his trade are almost always in demand and since he arrived before the number of refugees coming in became a flood, he was lucky enough to find work there as a shipbreaker. His work so far has impressed the base's administrators, who have since promoted him as a crew foreman. Since the administrators are all Terran members of the Broken Claw Agency, he hasn't been tempted to try to seduce their wives, though he has occasionally found himself wondering what intercourse with some of the Terran female administrators would be like. The station does have a plethora of females at this point but none of them interest Irgu all that much; in truth, he's becoming tired with his old life, and would like to find a female with which he could possibly settle down. He hasn't had much to do with the rabble, though he did help out Knav'qith dai Knavska on his first day on the station by preventing the latter from being mugged; Knav'qith promised Irgu he'd return the favor somehow but still has yet to do so. He did happen to chance upon his brother Kn'talanakin in 2677, who arrived on the station looking for work. At their reunion, Yuharga learned that Kn'talanakin had changed his ways - largely due to him contracting immunodeficiency virus. BCA policy prohibited the hiring of kili with known terminal diseases, and so Yuharga was unable to help out his brother; the two parted company estranged from one another, Yuharga hasn't seen his brother since and doesn't know whether he is still alive or not. He does see the plight of his people on a daily basis but sees nothing he can do about it - he's far more interested in keeping himself alive. He's had to work very hard to keep his identity a secret - something that's hard to do when his entire species is after him, and there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't worry he'll finally be found out. He has tried repeatedly to think of a way to get himself out of his difficulties permanently; he's already tried faking his own death once and fears he'll actually have to produce an identifiable corpse next time. He's sure there's got to be another way to make everybody think he's dead; he just hasn't thought of it yet, and would be grateful to anyone who does happen to offer him another option...

Yuharga ko Da'a Vimaksrani, Callsign: Irgu
(Yuharga Kiryukuvarg dai Gar ko Da'a Vimaksrani lan Brajakh Ji nar Sutaghi)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Group's Craftsman, Machinist and Toolsetter Gender: Male
Height: 2.69 m Mass: 110.25 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2637.331 (Age 43; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Brajakh Ji, Ghorax Tha, Charon, Epsilon Sector Initiative: +8
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +8; Ranged: +11 Saves - Fortitude: 38, Reflex: 38, Willpower: 36
HP/NHP: 78 HD/THD/FHD: 45/42/53 SI: 130
Power: 55, Lifting: 20, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 20, Brawling: 15.
Finesse: 85, Dexterous Maneuvers: 20 (Sleight-of-Hand 10), Dodge: 20, Hiding and Seeking: 25 (Stalking 10).
Physique: 80, Concentration: 25 (Concentration Under Fire 10), Recuperation: 25, Stamina: 20.
Intellect: 150, Resourcefulness: 25 (Metalsmithing 5, Craft Metal Tools 15), Cunning: 25 (Persuasion 15, Seduction 25, Treachery 5, Deception 10), Knowledge: 25.
Acumen: 60, Performance: 25, Perception: 25, Survival: 10.
Charm: 70, Diplomacy: 20 (Negotiate Truce 10), Personality: 25, Leadership: 15.
Command: 55, Security: 15, Strategy: 20, Coordination: 20.
Science: 125, Planetology: 10, Archaeology: 5, Geology: 25 (Iron 20, Tungsten 20, Carbon 10), Typhonology: 10, Technology: 25.
Navigation: 115, Orientation: 25, Vehicle Piloting: 25 (Groundcar 20, Skimmer 20), Stealth: 25.
Tactical: 35, Marksmanship: 10, Targeting: 15, Ballistics: 10.
Engineering: 170, Internal Systems: 25 (Life-Support Systems 30), Damage Control: 35, Mechanics: 25, Defenses: 25 (Weaponry 30).
Communications: 130, Negotiate: 25 (Raw Materials 15), Rapport: 20 (Kilrathi Females 10), Intimidate: 5, Distress: 15, Translate: 25 (English 15).
Medicine: 40, Psychology: 25, Intensive Care: 15.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Mechanical Sense +25, Comeliness +10, Luck +25, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Creed (Warrior's Code) -15, Lecherous -20, Addicted (Sex) -10, Hunted (All Kilrathi) -20, Social Status (K'rakh) -10.


Oth ko Sal (properly Kal'hakiratakav nar Largkza) was the younger son of Oth Oth H'innisav dai Alk'sivar nar Kiranka, who himself was a distaff first cousin once removed of Emperor Joor'rad and was appointed by the Emperor in 2618 as Lord Governor of Kilrah's moon of Largkza and Imperial Administrator of the Home Fleet Shipyard. Kal'hakiratakav and his older brother Oth Dar grew up in and around the Imperial court, with the Imperial Palace no more than a short interlunar shuttle flight away from the family's residence at the shipyard itself. Between his duties at the court and his duties administrating the moon, Kal'hakiratakav's father didn't have a great deal of time to spend with his family and when he did he clearly favored spending time with Oth Dar, who as heir apparent was being groomed to one day take his father's place as governor of Largkza. Kal'hakiratakav's birth-mother, Knav'oth Jaqaqal vrash Oth, was known to be a tense kilav, greedy for her lair-mate's attention and argumentative with both her husband and with the family's immediate neighbors, and Oth Dar was a bully towards his younger brother. Between the three of them, Kal'hakiratakav was seriously neglected during his formative years and the end result was a child with a terrible temper - throwing tantrums was generally the only way he could get the attention of his parents even if the end result was generally less than pleasant for all concerned. Kal'hakiratakav grew to become quite jealous of his older brother during his early years - he received a better education than Kal'hakiratakav and was largely handed a life of privilege, which included a posting to the Imperial flagship KIS Hha'ifra after he came of age and joined the military. An intelligent child, Kal'hakiratakav was enrolled at the Daig Thrak'hra'Ragnith on Kilrah at the age of five. Kal'hakiratakav's performance at the general all-clans preparatory school was adequate though not exemplary and it was often noted by the staff there that he had a difficult time forming meaningful relationships with others, though he was generally polite when he chose to communicate. His temper resulted in many fights - some of which he won, some of which he lost, all of which usually left him with a new scar of one kind or another. It was during his time at the school that he met and befriended the commoner Naragh nar Caxki, another socially outcast Kilrathi with whom he'd have dealings into his adult life. It was Naragh who first introduced him to the religious philosophy of sha'huk, an ancient and particularly violent form of Sivaran worship that had long since been outlawed in Kilrathi society due to the fact that it advocated cannibalism - an act in which both Kal'hakiratakav and Naragh would ultimately partake and for which Naragh in particular would become well-known and feared. At the age of twelve Kal'hakiratakav started experimenting with Aphrodyte, a recreational drug of Terran origin designed to bring one to the heights of ecstasy for prolonged periods; during this time his academic performance declined and issues of dominance and control over a completely subservient subject were prevalent in his thoughts. At the age of sixteen these fantasies culminated in a sexual assault on a kirkilav, Kut lak Vumaksarg nar Kiranka, which was considered brutal even by Kilrathi standards - after a violent rape, he killed his victim and proceeded to feast on her flesh, as prescribed by the tenets of sha'huk. The shredded remains of what was left of her body was found stuffed into a vidyahu one week later on the premises of the Da'hrai Oth H'innisav. Not wanting to be subject to scandal, the elder Oth publicly declared the culprit of the heinous murder to be one of his Terran slaves - one who had a reputation for defiance - and promptly slit his throat, declaring that "as he has treated one of us, so shall we treat him". After a feast wherein the dead Terran was served up as the main course, Kal'hakiratakav's father asked him to come into his office. Upon arrival, Kal'hakiratakav found himself being held at gunpoint by his father's guards. His father proceeded to tell him that he knew that Kal'hakiratakav was the murderer - there was sufficient evidence to prove as much - and that by all rights he should've ordered his guards to shoot the moment he entered the room. It was only because Kal'hakiratakav was a relative of the Emperor that his hand had been stayed - and not the fact that he was his son. His father then told him that since he was so keen on shredding things, he had secured direct permission from the Emperor to send him into service with the Imperial legions as soon as possible, so that he could do such distasteful activities to Terrans instead of his own kind. After warning him that he would be summarily shot should he commit such a horrific crime again, Oth had his son sent directly to a transport that would take him to his basic training unit, without another word spoken by either party. It was only after he'd arrived at his new barracks that he discovered his father had committed a final slight against him - his new unit was with clan Ki'ra, clan Kiranka's traditional rival. Kal'hakiratakav would never set foot in his father's hall, Largkza, Kilrah or the Imperial court ever again - nor would he ever care to do so.

Kal'hakiratakav gave the Ki'ra instructors charged with his training somewhat of a quandary - they seriously doubted whether he'd accept their instruction, and it was obvious early on that if they were to ever turn him into an effective soldier, they'd have to harness his temper. He managed to get into frequent fights with the other members of his ahnin, which landed him in confinement and were nearly fatal more than once. It soon became obvious to the instructors that no one in the unit would come to his aid when the time came to take the battle to the enemy. It was about that same time that one of them suggested training him up as a scout - he was the fastest runner in the unit by far, he had the necessary disposition for the work, he'd proven himself resistant to suggestion and he was proving to be an excellent marksman. With no other ideas on the table, his instructors agreed and conducted the necessary training. It was in the role of scout that Kal'hakiratakav found himself a niche and soon proved to be a valuable asset. He was deployed to Enigma Sector under the designated codename of najekh (swift claw), which he'd ultimately adopt as an epithet. Though he performed his assigned duties with swift efficiency about 95% of the time, he didn't always follow orders; on a few occasions where he'd been told to keep a low profile, Kilrathi troops would enter the area he'd been tasked to reconnoiter only to find the shredded and half-eaten remains of Terrans, sometimes with their equipment smashed as well. Few could argue his ferocity or speed on the battlefield, though his tactics occasionally compromised elements of the overall strategic mission profile. After an unauthorized ambush of a Terran supply depot led to a strengthening of Terran defenses in the Niven system (which resulted in the subsequent failure of the campaign to secure the system - and could ultimately be traced as a cause of the failure of Kilrathi forces to secure Enigma Sector for themselves), it was decided to train Najekh to fly Hrakthi-class scout craft. Unarmed, he would still be capable of gathering reconnaissance data but would be flying an unarmed craft and would therefore have less opportunity to inflict significant collateral damage. He was subsequently assigned to the flight wing aboard the Ki'ra clan cruiser KIS Dutalanak, where once again his haughty attitude and status as a member of clan Kiranka earned him the ire of those around him. He got to the point where he enjoyed his flights simply because it was the only activity he could do aboard ship wherein he could get away from the "low-born nar Ki'ra bastards" with whom he served completely. In 2667 he received word that the Terrans had launched a surprise attack on Largkza (TCS Tarawa's raid on Kilrah) and that the shipyards and most of the planetary support facilities - including his parents' manor - had been completely destroyed; his parents were there at the time both had been confirmed dead, with his brother Oth Dar inheriting the family's estate. Oth Dar himself was killed the following year when Hha'ifra was sabotaged and destroyed in Baron Jukaga's attempt to assassinate the Emperor. With both his father and brother dead, Najekh expected to inherit the estate; he was not surprised (but quite angry) to discover that a stipulation of Oth Dar's inheritance was that in the event that he had no male heirs to which he could pass the estate, Najekh was not to be allowed to inherit - the estate's property would pass to the Empire instead. The news that he had been fully disinherited arrived just prior to a catastrophic patrol flight wherein the power plant aboard Najekh's craft unexpectedly shut down and wouldn't restart, which ultimately required a lengthy retrieval operation in which Najekh's almost died due to a corresponding failure of the craft's life-support systems. When he learned that the cause of the malfunction was traced to a foreign substance in his fuel supply - namely, that someone had taken a piss in his fuel tank and it'd had fouled up the craft's laser fusion initiators - Najekh assumed it was a member of his flight crew that had done the deed and subsequently went on a violent rampage in Dutalanak's hangar. By the time he was finally subdued, several of the ship's flight technicians had been severely injured - two critically - and the ship was barely able to continue flight operations at that point as a result, necessitating its return to the nearest port. Clan Ki'ra's laws required a set of legal proceedings not unlike those of a general court-martial in the wake of the incident (which likely saved Najekh's life - had he been in service with any other clan, including his own clan Kiranka, he as likely as not would have been "invited" to commit zu'kara); Najekh's guilt was abundantly clear and the shipboard tribunal reached a guilty verdict before they reached port. He was discharged from the service of the Ki'ra and held in custody at the T'rel H'hra facility until his fate could be decided by the head of his clan, which in Najekh's case was the Emperor himself. The Emperor at that time was dealing with consolidating gains from the Battle of Earth and didn't have time to consider a legal case against one of his own, and so he put off deciding Najeh's fate; meanwhile he languished under the cruel treatment of the guards at T'rel H'hra and was still there when the Raid on Kilrah occurred. There was a general riot in the cell blocks when the news of Kilrah's fall arrived. Many of the guards were killed and most of the prisoners escaped - Najekh was among those that fled successfully and he left a scene of chaos, gore and shredded bodies behind him.

A free kil but still on the run, Najekh was left with few options as to where he could go after breaking out of T'rel H'hra; he had no money, no home to return to and nothing more than the clothes he wore and the shuttle he'd stolen. Most of the criminals who escaped were in the shame boat and decided to stick together; as it was "his" shuttle, Najekh was declared the nominal leader and he realized the first thing he needed to do was to find a more permanent shelter for himself and his nascent followers. He remembered hearing that a mining base in the Jakal system, J'qithchak, had been abandoned while he was undergoing his initial training as a scout, and decided the group's best bet would be to head to Jakal to see if the place was still abandoned. It certainly appeared to be when the group first arrived, but Najekh noticed that a section of the base had power and life-support running - a sign of habitation. Going in alone, he prepared to deal with the occupants, but was pleasantly surprised to find that his old friend Naragh nar Caxki was in charge. Declared sa'guk himself for being caught practicing sha'huk, Naragh and his band of fellow practitioners - who called themselves Kh'naj, the Crimson Claw - had only recently arrived on the base. They were well supplied but were missing personnel with key skills among their group - skills that certain members of Najekh's group possessed. A truce was declared and Najekh and his group were allowed to join up with the Kh'naj, and by the end of 2670 the group began operating as pirates, with Naragh and Najekh acting as co-leaders. Having re-christened the base as Brajakh Ka'rakhav, their location effectively choked off commerce to three systems, two of which contained inhabited worlds - Ukta'ari in Jakal Pakh and Jakal Tang in the system of the same name. As the group needed food and supplies, the two leaders went to demand tribute from the undefended worlds; Najekh went to Ukta'ari while Naragh went to Jakal Tang. Of the two missions, Naragh's was by far the more successful; Najekh's temper again worked against him, as he killed and ate most of the initial group with whom he was supposed to negotiate, with the result that nearly 2,000 colonists - roughly 90% of the planetary populace - left Ukta'ari for Jakal Tang. The incident cost Najekh a good deal of face among the fighters of the Kh'naj and when Naragh was able to salvage the situation he became the undisputed sole leader of the Crimson Claw, with Najekh becoming his chief lieutenant (mainly out of consideration for the friendship they had shared up to that point). Najekh did prove himself a capable orator during this time, often delivering rousing speeches to the growing forces of the Crimson Claw and proselytizing the sha'huk philosophy to new Kh'naj initiates; conversion of sha'huk became a condition for membership in the Kh'naj and the group developed a fierce and bloody reputation as a result. In 2676 the KAC Police attempted an assault on the base and were soundly repelled; Najekh was seriously wounded in the fighting though he later recovered. Though Najekh and Naragh worked well with one another in achieving their mutual goals, Najekh's status as a subordinate eventually started to wear on him and by the late 2670s friction between the two began to develop, especially after a deal that would've made Najekh nominal governor of Jakal Tang fell through and allowed the colony to continue to operate much as it had been doing up to that point. Naragh, by this time known as the dreaded ko Thrakhaxal, recognized that his old friend's patience was wearing thin, and being well-aware of his infamous temper, he decided that he should try to distance himself from Najekh. So, in late 2679 ko Thrakhaxal gave Najekh a mission - to command a small team of operatives tasked with seizing the Oskopnir base in T'rel Pakh from the Morgan pirate clan in the name of the Kh'naj, with the promise that he would become the base's new commander and would command a second group of Kh'naj personally afterwards. ko Thrakhaxal secretly did not think Najekh had much chance of success - the number of Morgans there was reportedly in the thousands - but whether he succeeded or not, Najekh would no longer present any kind of threat to his person. Najekh did not return from this mission, though there were rumors of his capture and it has been noted of late that the number of sightings of Morgan pirate craft in and around T'rel Pakh have dropped off sharply.

Najekh has grown to enjoy all that his rank and station have offered him ever since he teamed up with ko Thrakhaxal a decade ago - he has largely lived a life of luxury, taking the choicest picks of what booty the fighters of the Kh'naj brought in on a daily basis. Yet for all his wealth and influence within the group, he knows he's still a subordinate, and his thirst for power and respect has yet to be slaked. Najekh's most prominent trait is his quick and violent temper; though he has worked to discipline himself and keep it under control, it is remarkably easy to set him off and once angered he tends to fly into a rage, which is often lethal for the subject of his wrath; the Kn'naj has suffered some attrition among their ranks due to Najek's rash actions. When he is not angry, Najekh is fairly stoic, not letting anyone know what his true feelings are about current events. Until he finally sees an opportunity to secure personal power for himself - by regaining the confidence of the Kh'naj and finding an excuse to off ko Thrakhaxal - he will continue to serve whoever is in charge, as much as that fact grates on his very being. Aside from personal power, there is one true thing that Najekh truly desires, something that has eluded him his entire life: a sense of acceptance. He doesn't realize that his own life-long actions have largely been what has denied him this feeling, and the day may come soon where he will have to choose between what he desires most.

Najekh has never been to T'kon H'hra, nor does he have any sympathy towards the souls who languish there on a daily basis.

Oth ko Sal, Callsign: Najekh
(Kal'hakiratakav Oth H'innisav ko Sal lan Drak'largkza nar Kiranka)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Scout Gender: Male
Height: 2.69 m Mass: 120.75 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2638.345 (Age 42; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Drak'largkza, Largkza, Kilrah, Kilrah Sector Initiative: +6
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +13; Ranged: +11 Saves - Fortitude: 37, Reflex: 36, Willpower: 55
HP/NHP: 77 HD/THD/FHD: 47/44/53 SI: 129
Power: 85, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 20 (Running 20), Lifting: 10, Brawling: 25 (Turanaj 10).
Finesse: 65, Hiding and Seeking: 25 (Stalking 10), Dexterous Maneuvers: 20, Dodge: 10.
Physique: 70, Concentration: 25, Recuperation: 25, Stamina: 20.
Intellect: 100, Resourcefulness: 25, Cunning: 25 (Deception 10, Treachery 15), Knowledge: 25.
Acumen: 105, Survival: 25 (Wilderness 10), Perception: 25 (Spot Enemy 20), Performance: 25.
Charm: 75, Personality: 25 (Oratory 25), Diplomacy: 15, Leadership: 10.
Command: 55, Security: 25 (Laser Rifle 5), Inspire: 15, Coordination: 10.
Science: 130, Typhonology: 25, Archaeology: 25 (Terran Architecture 25), Planetology: 25, Geology: 5, Technology: 25.
Navigation: 110, Vehicle Piloting: 20 (Salthi 20, Hrakthi 20), Stealth: 25, Astrogation: 25.
Tactical: 110, Evasive Maneuvers: 25, Targeting: 20, Marksmanship: 25, Ballistics: 20, Combat Maneuvers: 20.
Engineering: 60, Mechanics: 20, Damage Control: 20, Faster-Than-Light Mechanics: 20.
Communications: 120, Rapport: 25 (Terrans 15), Translate: 25 (English 20), Negotiate: 10, Intimidate: 25.
Medicine: 70, Intensive Care: 25, Xenobiology: 25 (Terrans 10, Kilrathi 10).
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Scientific Sense +5, Navigational Sense +5, Quick Draw +25, Wealth +25, Discipline +15, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -15 Comeliness (Scarred) -10, Temper -25, Reputation (Cannibal) -20, Hunted (Fugitive) -15, Addicted (Aphrodyte) -5, Obsessed (Power) -5.


Dakut'he Ki'ra's tale is one of aristocratic intrigue. He was the only child of Largka nar Ki'ra, who was the younger brother of Vakka nar Ki'ra, the Kal Thrakhra of nar Ki'ra known for his initial reluctance to agree to Crown Prince Gilkarg's plan to go to war with the Terrans in 2634; his cousin was the infamous Jukaga nar Ki'ra who later proposed the False Armistice to the Emperor and later died at the Battle of Earth. For most of his childhood, Dakut'he was unaware of his very noble lineage; he was in fact stolen from his father's house on the main world of the K'sthak system by the ko'agar'hrai, Huji Shint, while he was still an infant cub. Huji spirited the cub to the community of Brajakh Hrai Sutaghi on the surface of Kabla Meth, established a life for herself as a daika and raised the cub as her own, naming him Dakut'he when he turned four years old. For her part, Huji was a loving parent; she encouraged her surrogate child to learn her family's trade - shipbuilding - and gave him full access to the materials in the daik on the subject. This lead to Dakut'he's lifelong fascination with interstellar spacecraft, and in particular his interest in how to pilot them. It also lent itself to the kind, gentle-hearted, humble and honest nature he would be noted for later in his life. The cub was curious to know about his birth father; Huji told Dakut'he that his father's name was Ko'a'tha Shint and that he had been killed in battle (this was partially true - Ko'a'tha Shint was Huji's lair-mate, who was killed in action during the McAullife Ambush; his death and the loneliness she felt afterwards was what motivated her to kidnap Dakut'he from her employer in the first place). Huji attempted to get Dakut'he enrolled in the Sutaghi clan's Daig Qith'Rak on N'Ryllis when the cub was ten, but though the cub was accepted to the school, she was unable to raise the funds necessary for the two of them to leave Kabla Meth - not to mention the fact that she was still very much hiding from the agents of the house of Largka. Shortly before he came of age, Dakut'he announced his intention to his mother to join the Imperial Navy in order to become a capital ship pilot. Huji wanted to protest - as part of the process of joining the Navy, Dakut'he would have to submit a DNA sample so that, in the event of his death, his remains could be identified and sent back to his next of kin. She knew that any such test would clearly show that he was not her child, and she had already lost one kil she dearly loved to the war. She couldn't bring herself to tell Dakut'he the truth, however, and he left for training on Kilrah. Dakut'he served in the military for four years and became a ship's pilot like he'd always dreamed, though his superiors felt he lacked the "killer instinct" all proper Kilrathi warriors should have. As a result, he found himself mostly delegated to assignments in the rearguard. His fellows started calling him k'chodyapaki (humble) as an insult; not knowing any better, Dakut'he took the epithet with a modicum of pride. Huji's secret remained hidden until 2662, when Dakut'he's natural maternal grandfather, Hahakka Kilk'dymga'qith ko Huthrak'hra Rag'nith lan K'sthak lak De'in nar Ki'ra - the Imperial Treasurer, conducted a review of military DNA records in search for his long-missing grandson. Dakut'he was recalled to Kilrah and introduced to his biological grandfather, who informed him of his true identity as Dakut'he Kilk'dymga'qith dai Vakka lan K'sthak lak De'in nar Ki'ra, or Dakut'he nar Ki'ra. Dakut'he was rightly shocked to find out about his past and more so when Hahakka informed him that his birth father was dead and that he was the rightful heir to his father's hall, one of the wealthiest and most respected in the Empire. Dakut'he attempted to contact his "mother" to confirm the veracity of Hahakka's tale; he was unable to do so, and it wasn't until much later that he found out that his grandfather's agents had finally found her and had summarily executed her.

Dakut'he was overwhelmed by the new life he was subsequently asked to lead; the lak De'in were very active members of the Imperial Court and at the time his cousin Jukaga was becoming a rising star as the new Kal Thrakhra of clan Ki'ra. He had the mannerisms, speech patterns and behaviors of a low-ranking commoner, ones that had developed over a lifetime and that, despite their efforts to the contrary, his biological family ultimately proved unable to break. Upon learning of the existence of a family heir, Knavagon Dorgutha lak Othrah nar Ki'ra, brajakhar of the community of Brajakh Talan on the planet's surface, began petitioning Hahakka to arrange a marriage between his second daughter Huthraksiv and the new heir. Knowing his level of noble education was inadequate, Hahakka initially refused but was rebuffed by Jukaga, who the lak Othrah had subsequently petitioned directly and who was annoyed at the situation - and who had the authority as Kal Thrakhra to override Hahakka's wishes. In 2664, Dakut'he and Huthraksiv were married. Both couldn't stand the other - Huthraksiv found Dakut'he to be a boorish simpleton, while Dakut'he though his new wife was someone too ugly to be as stuck-up as she was. The two were antagonistic towards one another and as a result did not consummate their marriage, much to the chagrin of both Hahakka and Knavagon (the latter of which was desperately looking to produce a legitimate heir to his post owing to the death of the previous heir during the War). Dakut'he's failure to please his family and Hahakka's refusal to allow him to return to his old life led him into a bout of severe depression, one that he got through with the assistance of Huthraksiv's younger sister Lejha, who was probably the only member of his extended new family to be the least bit sympathetic to his plight. The two developed a strong friendship and Dakut'he was considering asking Knavagon for permission to divorce Huthraksiv and to marry Lejha instead, but she was married off to Degar lak Dorgu the following year and left for his hall on G'wriss; the two of them never saw one another again and he later learned that she died shortly after giving birth the following year. Degar lak Dorgu came back to the hall of the lak De'in at Hahakka's request to help manage the family's finances, a job in which Dakut'he was proving most inept. Though uneasy with each other at first, Degar proved to be a patient teacher and the two eventually became tolerant of one another, if not proper friends. During the False Armistice in 2668, the house of lak De'in played host to Baron Jukaga, who indicated that he had some important business to attend to with his cousin; it was during this visit that Jukaga began implementing the plans he had made to destroy the Imperial flagship KIS Hha'ifra with both Prince Thrakhath and the Emperor aboard, which proved to be a good cover for his clandestine (and somewhat heretical) activities. During a roast held in his honor, Jukaga confronted Hahakka and Dakut'he; he had been contacted by Knavagon again, this time about Dakut'he's failure to produce an heir with Huthraksiv. Dakut'he made the blunder of informing his noble cousin and clan leader of his desires - simply to be allowed to return to his old life and to serve the Empire - but all he managed to do was anger the Baron, who told him that he didn't want to be bothered by "some provincial fool" again, and that if Dakut'he didn't produce an heir within the year he'd simply hand over his cousin's lands to the lak Othrah. Fortunately for him, Jukaga was shortly thereafter killed at the Battle of Earth, so he couldn't make good on his threat. But the whole incident still left Hahakka rattled and Knavagon angry.

The end of the War brought more challenges to Dakut'he that he was utterly unprepared for. As close to Kilrah as it was, K'sthak was soon embroiled in the civil wars engulfing the Empire, and clan Ki'ra breathed a collective sigh of relief that Jukaga had a son and heir - Vakka nar Jukaga - otherwise Dakut'he would've become Kal Thrakhra upon Jukaga's death, and given the problems he had managing the affairs of his own household it was clear to his entire clan that he was no leader. Keeping clan Kiranka at bay became a major concern for Dakut'he's first cousin once removed Baron Vakka, and after the planet's position as a firm holding of clan Ki'ra had been secured the new Baron didn't have the time to worry over trivial matters such as the affairs of his cousin's house. His ineptitude had tarnished the reputation of the lak De'in greatly though, and this combined with his continued reticence to produce an heir began to grate on his grandfather's nerves. One day Dakut'he started appearing and acting hung over when he came for his early morning meals, which lasted for a couple of months and ultimately lead to angry tirade by his grandfather, who indicated that it was by his good grace that Dakut'he had the privileges he enjoyed daily, and that he should start thinking of the good of his family by producing an heir. For his part Dakut'he couldn't account for his behavior; he had avoided hard drink and recreational drugs his entire life. His grandfather's words stung but he remembered how confessing his feelings to Baron Jukaga had turned out, and decided he shouldn't tell his grandfather where he could stuff those so-called privileges. The next year, Dakut'he received a message that his household had failed to pay their clan dues - a considerable amount of coin - for the year. Dakut'he asked Degar lak Dorgu, who was still managing his financial matters, about it; an investigation of the financial records failed to reveal any such discrepancy. The clan insisted, however, and threatened Dakut'he with arrest if he failed to pay up. The matter greated stressed Dakut'he and Degar, until finally it was suggested to Hahakka - by Huthraksiv, of all people - that Dakut'he take a vacation while the matter was sorted out. Hahakka reluctantly agreed and arrangements were made for Dakut'he to visit Huthraksiv's childhood home, Daithrak Brajakh Talan. Dakut'he wasn't thrilled with this plan - Knavagon was master of the house and still angry with Dakut'he - but he figured that exile at his in-laws would be marginally better than prison. Knavagon allowed Dakut'he to leave his hall and travel into town during his time there (mainly so that he wouldn't have to be around his son-in-law as much). Dakut'he enjoyed his visits to the community; in particular, he enjoyed visiting the local daik, as it reminded him of his childhood and simpler days. During one of his visits, he met Balanorkthrak Garinki ko Daika, and the two of them bonded over stories of their mutual life experiences. A romantic relationship soon developed, one which was ultimately consummated and which Dakut'he had the good sense to keep from his father-in-law for as long as he could. Eventually, though, Knavagon did find out about their relationship; he forbade his son-in-law from going into town any further, and a few days later Dakut'he received a message from Degar that indicated that all had been sorted out with the clan - but that he needed to get back home as soon as possible, for reasons that he wouldn't share in an open communique. Upon returning to his hall after a six month absence, Dakut'he was greeted by his wife - who came before her husband holding twin male cubs in her arms, telling him to "meet their sons". Knowing their marriage remained unconsummated after all that time, Dakut'he formally accused his wife of adultery and demanded permission for a divorce from Baron Vakka; the Baron informed his cousin that he would allow the divorce pending the result of a paternity test. The test was conducted; to almost everyone's collective surprise, the paternity test came back indicating there was a greater than 99% probability that Dakut'he was indeed the father, even when compared to his earlier military DNA samples. Dakut'he was stunned - and humiliated in the eyes of his clan, who now on top of everything else saw him as an irresponsible, dishonorable deadbeat. At mealtime that evening and with his grandfather and father-in-law in attendance, Dakut'he confronted his wife about the matter. She informed him - rather blithely - that she had resorted to artificial insemenation, a taboo method of reproduction in Kilrathi culture but one that was perfectly acceptable in Terran circles, and that she had connections. She had simply needed the time to undergo the procedure and have the children with him out of the way, so she had cooked the books personally. The hard part, she said, was to collect Dakut'he's genetic material, which - she confessed to the company's collective disgust - she had done manually after drugging Dakut'he night after night (which was why he was showing up appearing hung over in the mornings). Dakut'he and Hahakka were both furious and threatened a divorce, but Huthraksiv pointed out that at this point Dakut'he had smeared his name in front of the entire clan, and a divorce then - or her sudden and unfortunate demise, which she added upon seeing the rage building in both Dakut'he and Hahakka - would blacken the name of the house of lak De'in forever. To her father, she simply stated that he now had the heir he'd always wanted; he just needed to pick which of the two cubs it would be. Knavagon for his part appeared to be disquieted by the whole series of events; for his daughter's safety, he told Dakut'he and Hahakka that he would take his daughter and the cubs back to Brajakh Talan that very evening. Before he left, he cautioned Dakut'he and Hahakka that his daughter had proved more cunning than he'd thought she would ever be, and that now that she had what she wanted, she didn't need Dakut'he as her husband anymore. Broken, Dakut'he lamented his old life once again; when his grandfather dared to start talking of the privileges Dakut'he enjoyed, Dakut'he finally snapped and told him where he could stuff those so-called privileges. Hahakka could say nothing, except to say that Dakut'he had finally acted like a proper Kilrathi. Hahakka knew that Knavagon was correct - Huthraksiv didn't need Dakut'he as her husband anymore - and that it would be a brief matter of time before she sent an agent to kill him before he had a chance to enact vengeance. So he arranged an "accident" for Dakut'he by making it look like he'd died in a fire in a toolshed on the family's land; it cost Dakut'he a fang, which would match both his DNA and dental records. As a final favor to his grandson, Hahakka handed him a pack with money and supplies, wishing him luck and happiness in his new life. Dakut'he wanted to get off of K'sthak as soon as possible - he knew that while he was still on the planet he was in his "widow's" reach - so he used the money to purchase a small two-person transport craft and went back briefly to Brajakh Talan to convince Balanorkthrak Garinki ko Daika to come with him and start a new life. She agreed and the two left K'sthak together, never to return. The couple decided they'd head to the colony of K'nag Urel in KAC territory. Unfortunately, a happy new beginning was not in the cards for the young couple; they made it as far as the Qual'lat system and were headed to refuel when their ship was jumped by a group of Despoilers. Despite Dakut'he's piloting skill and the support of a KAC Police patrol, the Despoilers were too fast; they destroyed the transport and forced Dakut'he and Balanorkthrak to eject in escape pods, though the pirates were driven off before they could collect the pods. The Police picked up the escape pods and dropped the couple off at T'kon H'hra when they stopped to refuel there; the couple was alive, but as Dakut'he had been forced to leave his pack behind on their ship, they arrived with nothing other than the clothes on their backs. Balanorkthrak had been injured during the fighting - she had internal hemmoraging, which might've been caught if she had had access to proper medical care at T'Kon H'hra. It wasn't, however; she eventually slipped into a coma and later succumbed to her injuries.

Dakut'he has been at T'Kon H'hra now for two years, a broken shell of a Kilrathi living a listless existence, who never wanted anything more than to serve his now-fallen Empire by travelling through space. The people he truly loved in his life are now dead, he has lost everything he ever held dear and all the "family" he has left - his two ill-begotten sons - are in the hands of a deceitful and manipulative female and her family. Living among the rabble day by day has done little to improve his spirits, and it's all he can do to rise everyday, try to find some work he can do that day and keep himself fed with the meager scraps available to the rabble. There's really little he cares about anymore. What keeps him going is the thought of vengeance - that someday he will make it out of the hell-hole in which he has found himself, make his way back to K'sthak, kill all of those that have wronged him (especially that lashki barayuka Huthraksiv) and steal his children back. His prospects for getting out aren't all that great, though there are groups on the station who occasionally have need for a pilot, so he does have some hope. It'd just be matter of proving his worth and earning the respect of those who he'd be serving - and if those he served would be willing to help him exact his vengeance, he would be fiercely loyal to them in return...

Dakut'he Ki'ra, Callsign: K'chodyapaki
(Dakut'he Shint ko Islan'a nar Ki'ra)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Ni'Rakh's Navigation Officer and Backup Pilot Gender: Male
Height: 2.42 m Mass: 94.5 kg Handedness: Left
Birth Date: 2636.075 (Age 44; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Daithrak Hrai De'in, K'sthak, Kur'u'-Pak Quadrant, Kilrah Sector Initiative: +9
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +10; Ranged: +13 Saves - Fortitude: 35, Reflex: 49, Willpower: 43
HP/NHP: 75 HD/THD/FHD: 44/41/53 SI: 127
Power: 65, Lifting: 20, Brawling: 10, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 15 (Climbing 20).
Finesse: 90, Hiding and Seeking: 20, Dexterous Maneuvers: 20 (Sleight of Hand 25), Dodge: 25.
Physique: 50, Recuperation: 20, Concentration: 20, Stamina: 10.
Intellect: 115, Resourcefulness: 20, Cunning: 15, Knowledge: 25 (Shipbuilding 40, Kilrathi Court Etiquette 5, Kilrathi History 10).
Acumen: 135, Performance: 20 (Ship's Navigator 35), Perception: 25 (Sense Danger 30), Survival: 25.
Charm: 45, Personality: 15, Diplomacy: 20, Leadership: 10.
Command: 40, Security: 20, Strategy: 10, Coordination: 10.
Science: 120, Technology: 20 (Electronics 20), Archaeology: 20, Typhonology: 20, Planetology: 20, Geology: 20.
Navigation: 150, Stealth: 10, Vehicle Piloting: 20, Orientation: 20, Starship Piloting: 25, Astrogation: 25 (Akwende Drive 50).
Tactical: 50, Evasive Maneuvers: 25, Combat Maneuvers: 25.
Engineering: 180, Damage Control: 20 (Engines 15), Internal Systems: 20 (Engines 15), Mechanics: 25 (Skimmer 10), Faster-Than-Light Mechanics: 25 (Akwende Drive 50).
Communications: 75, Rapport: 20, Distress: 25, Translate: 15, Intimidate: 10, Negotiate: 5.
Medicine: 30, Psychology: 10, Xenobiology: 10, Intensive Care: 10.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Navigational Sense +15, Reflexes +10, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Creed (Warrior's Code) -15, Honest -15, Crude -10, Obsessed (Vengeance) -5, Bleeder -5, Amputee (Fang) -5.


Oth nar Qith'rakar was born and raised on the Kilrathi colonial world of Ghorah Khar. The son of a noted spacecraft engineer, young Oth was raised in and around electronic equipment, and developed an interest in the field at a fairly young age. By the time he turned twelve he had made a working miniature tractor beam model and was experimenting with portable shield generator units. When he was sixteen, his father showed him some schematics of a project he had been working on with which he had been having some issues in terms of power requirements; young Oth was able to assist his father in overcoming those difficulties, and though he could not be credited directly for his contribution due to the sensitive nature of the project in question (his father risked imprisonment by sharing information about the project with his son - and impressed upon him the importance of never telling anybody about it) his father gave him half of the monetary bonus he later received for the project's completion. It would be a number of years before Oth realized that he had played a crucial role in the development of the first operational Kilrathi cloaking devices. A few years later the rebellion on Ghorah Khar began in earnest and Oth's family was relocated to Kilrah for their safety; Oth would never set paw on the planet or smell the scent of birha trees ever again. After coming of age, Oth joined the Imperial Navy; his existing knowledge of electronic equipment was recognized by his superiors and he was sent off to be formally trained as a koduwal'a. He did so well during his initial training that it was decided he would receive advanced training; by the time this training was complete, he was rated as an uzlannis with the rank of Nagga Tar. While still in training, he began a relationship with Knavya lak Agga; the two maintained close contact with one another after Oth began his career, even though Oth was rebuffed when he asked Knavya to become his lair-mate simply on the grounds that the two were members of different clans. Oth's first fleet assignment was aboard KIS Ek'chakrapaq'yu, a Ralatha-class Destroyer owned and operated by clan Qarg. The ship saw extensive combat action in Vega and Epsilon Sectors during the latter years of the war. In 2667, the Empire launched an initiative to retake Ghorah Khar from the rebels as a diversionary tactic prior to the Deneb Offensive. Ek'chakrapaq'yu was part of the diversionary fleet and sustained heavy damage after a Confederation Sabre successfully scored a torpedo hit on the ship. She was able to limp out of the action; Ghorah Khar remained in rebel hands and the worlds of N'Tanya and Shariha rebelled in the wake of the Empire's defeat. The ship stayed out of action for three months for repair, in which Oth was heavily involved. Knavya lak Agga had relocated to Shariha prior to the outbreak of rebellion there and Oth attempted to contact her in the wake of the rebellion's success, but was unable to do so. The following year during the False Armistice there was an incident in Ek'chakrapaq'yu's reactor spaces resulting in a partial meltdown of one of the ship's drive plasma conduits. Oth's immediate actions that day saved the lives of three fellow crewmen and his subsequent effort to put out the fire surrounding the conduit before it could make its way into the reactor housing probably saved the ship from outright destruction, though he received a very high dose of ionizing radiation in the process. The shipboard anti-radiation meds had no effect on halting the progress of the radiation poisoning and he had to be rushed to a planetary hospital for more extensive treatment, suffering from the latter effects of advanced radiation poison and losing some of his fur before the treatment finally took effect. In particular he lost almost all of the fur on his right forepaw - where he he had been most directly exposed to the radiaiton - and the skin there was discolored to a dark pinkish color. The hair around his right hand never grew back (though he didn't lose the hand itself), a fact that would ultimately earn him the epithet b'de - which literally means "red hand" - from his compatriots. A shipboard investigation into the cause of the incident revealed sabotage - a small hole had been drilled into a inspection valve in the conduit, small enough to escape detection but large enough for high-pressure plasma to eat its way into, ultimately leading to a structural failure and rupture. The conduit in question had been in Oth's working area and he had personally inspected it not three hours prior to the accident, so the natural finding of the investigators was that Oth himself had caused the sabotage; he was thrown in the ship's brig pending a formal trial and probable summary execution. Things looked bad for Oth - but then he remembered that he had seen the lannis heading in that general direction as he himself was leaving the area, and that the lannis had been carrying a number of tools with him - including a fine-tipped laser drill. Realizing that going directly up the chain of command was probably a bad idea (seeing as how the lannis was his immediate superior), he requested a visit with the ship's executive officer, who (reluctantly) conducted a personal investigation of his own and indeed found that the residual energy pattern left behind by the engineer's laser drill matched that discovered on the inspection valve. When confronted with this information, the lannis committed suicide. It was later discovered that he had in fact been a sleeper operative on a mission to assassinate the ship's commanding officer by destroying the ship and making it look like an accident. Oth was exhonorated and allowed to return to duty as acting lannis once his recovery was complete, earning a special citation for his bravery that day. Later that same year he was re-assigned as ship's lannis aboard KIS Tarvakh, a supercarrier of the Hakaga-class, based upon his commanding officer's recommendation. At the Battle of Sirius, Tarvakh survived four simultaneous torpedo hits but was heavily damaged in the process, with three of her flight bays knocked out of commission; she was forced to retreat for repairs at the conclusion of the skirmish and was therefore not present during the Battle of Earth. As lannis, it was Oth's responsibility to see to the ship's repairs, which he and his crews performed with the utmost diligence. Repairs of the ship took the better part of the next year; she had been certified as battle-ready and was en route to Kilrah from the repair facilities in Hari Sector (the only ones large enough to handle a ship of Tarvakh's size) when the Raid on Kilrah took place.

Tarvakh was one of the first Kilrathi warships to arrive in the Kilrah system in the immediate wake of the raid. Many ships that had been in orbit of the planet when it was destroyed that weren't destroyed outright were critically damaged. As one of the few craft in the system that was fully operational, Tarvakh was in good position to lend assistance to those ships, including KIS Hvar'kann. Oth was able to distract himself from the knowledge that the planet's decimation meant the death of his family by busying himself with repair-work. He remained in service aboard Tarvakh until the signing of the Treaty of Kobar Yagar, one of the provisions of which called for all Kilrathi warships above a certain tonnage (generally all destroyer-sized craft or larger) to be sent to the facility at T'Kon H'hra to be scrapped at the earliest possible date. All carrier-class vessels - including Tarvakh - would be escorted by Confederation forces to the shipbreaker to ensure compliance with the treaty, with their crews dispersed and free to return to their families; most Kilrathi carriers were indeed ultimately brought to the shipbreaker, though some (such as KIS Vorghath) eluded this fate. Having arrived prior to the establishment of the refugee camp at the T'Kon H'hra base, the crew of Tarvakh was placed aboard ferries after setting their ship in its final station-keeping position and shutdown of the fusion pulse reactor; as chief engineer, Oth was one of the last Kilrathi to depart. With no home to return to, Oth was sent to the new Kilrathi capital city of Rahras Puckal on the surface of Pascal X. Oth hated living on Pascal - the gravity was too high, the atmosphere was too thin, the temperature was too hot. Most of all, he knew no one there and certainly didn't want to live his life in a community whose very name reminded him of the fact that the fall of the Empire had also meant the death of nearly everyone he held dear. After three months living there, he'd had enough: he requested an audience with Baron Qar'ka nar Qarg - Kal Thrakhra of Oth's clan - to request permission to join the KAC Police force as an engineering officer aboard one of the remaining pair of Dubav-class escort carriers. Baron Qar'ka looked into the matter; unfortunately, there were no positions available aboard either ship. The Baron wasn't totally unsympathetic to Oth's plight, however, and suggested that if he couldn't serve the entire race perhaps he could serve clan Qarg - without the Imperial apparatus to keep them in check, clan Raghitagha had renewed its old blood feud with clan Qarg and the clan found itself in need of loyal soldiers to protect its interests. So the Baron recommended Oth to a clan fleet commander operating from the Vharr system in Kilrah Sector, Kalahn Jith nar Qarg, and arranged for his transport there. Oth was welcomed by the Kalahn warmly and promptly assigned to the cruiser K'har'hanai - a craft that legally should've been sent to the shipbreakers - as lannis under the command of Shintahr Rashsga'agon Tosh lak Kil'he nar Qarg. Like Oth, the Shintahr had been critically wounded in battle, though in his case he'd received injuries that should've been fatal on more than one occasion - in his case he had the right side of his head and his upper torso remaining from his original body, the rest having been amputated or shot off and replaced with prosthetics. Oth quickly grew to like his cybernetic commander's calm demeanor and vast intellect. The Shintahr was equally impressed with Oth's intellect, loyalty and dedication to his job, and the two grew to become friends during their tour together. The following year, the Kahlan broke his ties to the KAC and decided to carve out a personal kingdom; Oth suddenly found himself in the service of a warlord. He was invited as a personal guest of his Shintahr to attend a rally for "Lord Jith's" war fleet, a grand affair of feasting and revelry. Oth was impressed at the sheer number of Kilrathi in attendance, which helped to assuage some of the doubts he was having about the ex-Kalahn at that point and whether or not he'd be a worthy founder of a new Empire. A troupe of female dancers performed at the rally; while observing their dances, Oth recognized one of them as none other than Knavya lak Agga and he unsuccessfully attempted to corner her to speak with her at the end of their performance. He informed his Shintahr of her presence; he in turn promptly informed Jith nar Qarg, who promptly locked down the entire rally and ordered a search for explosives - and a bomb powerful enough to kill all in attendance was indeed found. As the only electronics expert in attendance, Oth set himself to disarming the bomb, which he did, receiving the praise of the collected assembly and the personal gratitude of his new liege lord. The Shintahr later explained to Oth that Largi lak Agga - who, as it turned out, was Knavya's first cousin - had also begun a quest for empire, and that Knavya - a member of clan Sihkag, which had since begun a feud of their own with the Qarg - was likely a hafik'hra sent to assassinate anyone opposed to that goal (such as Lord Jith). Over the next few years, Jith nar Qarg became a major player in Kilrah Sector, largely due to the effectiveness of his assembled fleets. K'har'hanai during that time was sent on multiple missions in Kur'u-Pak and Kur'u Caxki Quadrants; among other actions, he was present for the destruction of a hafik'hra school on K'n'Kir and supported the invasion of H'hrass in 2667. Oth remained aboard during that time and on more than one occasion was credited with keeping the ship together when all appeared to be lost, enjoying the privilege of being allowed direct access to Lord Jith's hall during that time though only availing himself of it when his Shintahr was also present. Oth's span of luck ran out in 2678, when Jith nar Qarg directly challenged the forces of Knav'agon Oth lan Gorth lak B'ya nar Raghitagha for control of the Dhollas system in Kur'u Caxki Quadrant. The battle did not go well for the nar Qarg: K'har'hanai took a pair of torpedo hits, the second of which took out the command bridge and killed everyone in the compartment - including the Shintahr and his executive officer - and left Oth in command. With the ship critically damaged, Oth made the decision to retreat; he ordered the auxiliary helmsman to head for the nearest jump point at best speed. The ship did make it to a jump point and jumped - straight to the Tr'K H'hra (2) system, further into the territory of the lan Gorth. A harrowing pursuit subsequently ensued - K'har'hanai made it to the adjacent Tr'K H'hra (1) system relatively unscathed but found enemy forces blockading the intended jump to Qual'lat in that system, a jump that would've connected to a line of systems leaving back towards Lord Jith's territory and safety. Seeing no choice but to die with honor, Oth ordered the ship into the gauntlet, praying some of his jury-rigged repairs to the ship's shields and engines would hold. Miraculously, Oth brought the ship into KAC territory at Qual'lat, but only barely - she was savaged by lan Gorth's forces en route to the jump point, her hull was buckling and her jump engines seized upon completing the transit. Effectively stranded, it wasn't long before the ship was intercepted by KAC Police forces, who ordered the crew to heave to. With the ship in no condition to fight and seeing no alternative that would result in the ship's salvation, Oth surrendered the ship to the KAC on condition that the crew be allowed to return to Vharr. The KAC police agreed to these terms. As acting commander of an illegal vessel, Oth was put in vihafnaji and sent to the Valgard Military Prison for processing and detainment. He was held there for six months and upon his release, he was sent to the refugee camp at T'Kon H'hra; to his despair, the first thing he saw on final approach to the station was what was left of the hulk of Tarvakh.

Oth has been living among the rabble of T'Kon H'hra for the last two years eking out a meager existence. Despite the earlier favors granted to him by Lord Jith, Oth has not made any attempt to leave the station or to contact his liege lord; he knows that the only thing awaiting him back at Vharr is death and disgrace for costing his lord a valuable ship. As an avid follower of the Warrior's Code Oth feels that the fate of death is well deserved and he has considered zu'kara on more than one occasion - particularly on those days when the food hasn't been enough to sustain him - but hasn't gone through with it, as there are still Terran enemies around him - namely, the station's Broken Claw administrators, who he finds particularly detestable. He has often helped those around him; he's crafted together many a makeshift shelter or bed for members of the rabble, who generally repay him in food when they can and in favors when they can't. As in days past, Oth finds that he can take his mind off how miserable he is through his work. His efforts to help the station's populace haven't gone entirely unnoticed; while he receives no official sanction from the station's Broken Claw administration, the station's supply officer, Gux'a P'nt, makes some effort to "misplace" certain supplies that can be used for construction purposes. Oth has made some friends, including Knav'qith dai Knavska, a fellow veteran of the wars in Kilrah Sector; when he learned Knav'qith's history and the story of how he wound up at T'Kon H'hra, Oth decided that he should tell his friend about his involvement in the invasion of H'hrass, and though it did lead to a temporary cooling of their friendship, Knav'qith eventually indicated his appreciation for his friend's honesty. Oth doesn't see his situation as one that can ever really improve; though he would be willing to follow someone willing to get him off the station, he doesn't know where he'd go or what he'd do at that point - he knows that he'd be seen as just another contemptible coward who ran from a fight. It's this defeatist view of the universe that has kept him at T'Kon H'hra up until now, as he definitely has the skills needed to bring one the hulks in the orbiting shipbreaker's yard back from the dead, and would almost certainly be a great asset to any group wanting to accomplish that very feat.

Oth nar Qith'rakar, Callsign: B'de
(Oth Orkjikh ko Lannis lan Brajakhmakstha lak Qith'rakar nar Qarg)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Ni'rakh's Engineer and Chief Technician Gender: Male
Height: 2.15 m Mass: 94.5 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2634.307 (Age 46; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Brajakhmakstha, Ghorah Khar, Isaac Quadrant, Enigma Sector Initiative: +5
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +9; Ranged: +8 Saves - Fortitude: 39, Reflex: 35, Willpower: 38
HP/NHP: 79 HD/THD/FHD: 48/45/53 SI: 131
Power: 60, Lifting: 20, Brawling: 20, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 20.
Finesse: 55, Dexterous Maneuvers: 20, Hiding and Seeking: 20, Dodge: 15.
Physique: 95, Concentration: 25 (Concentration Under Fire 15, Concentration Under Stress 10), Stamina: 25, Recuperation: 20.
Intellect: 130, Cunning: 20 (Persuasion 10), Resourcefulness: 25 (Crafting 30), Knowledge: 25 (Electronics 20).
Acumen: 80, Performance: 25, Perception: 25 (Sense Deception 10), Survival: 20.
Charm: 80, Personality: 25 (Debating 10), Diplomacy: 20, Leadership: 25.
Command: 40, Coordination: 20, Strategy: 5, Security: 15.
Science: 130, Technology: 25 (Electronics 45), Archaeology: 15, Geology: 15, Typhonology: 15, Planetology: 15.
Navigation: 60, Vehicle Piloting: 20, Orientation: 20, Astrogation: 20.
Tactical: 45, Marksmanship: 10, Targeting: 25, Ballistics: 10.
Engineering: 250, Damage Control: 25 (Engines 15, Life-Support 10, Flight Deck 10), Internal Systems: 25 (Engines 15, Life-Support 10, Flight Deck 10), Mechanics: 25 (Fightercraft 25), Defenses: 25 (Shields 10, Guns 10, Ordnance 10), Faster-Than-Light Mechanics: 25.
Communications: 105, Distress: 5, Rapport: 25, Translate: 15, Intimidate: 5, Negotiate: 25 (Raw Materials 30).
Medicine: 40, Specialized Medicine: 25, Intensive Care: 15.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Infertile, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Math Expert +15, Mechanical Sense +25, Ambidexterity +5, Reputation (Hard Worker) +5, Creed (Warrior's Code) -25, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -10, Honest -10, Social Status (Failed in His Duty to His Lord) -10, Wealth -5, Bleeder -3, Comeliness (Hair Loss) -5.


Dya'a'ji has used many aliases over the course of his lifetime; the name he utilizes most often is Gartha'in Sihkag, though some of his more commonly used names include Gartha'in K'n'Kir, Knavska dai Ko'atha and Knavska Sihkag. Regardless, he is a Kilrathi with a checkered past, as would be expected from one who came from a Kilrah'hra family of hafik'hra, Kilrah's shadowy, less-than-honorable covert operations forces. Like all the members of his family, young Gartha'in was enrolled into the Daik Hafik'hra of clan Sihkag at the age of six and spent most of his formative years under the tutelage of the senior instructors there. His father was killed while on an intelligence gathering mission in Gemini Sector when Gartha'in was ten and for the rest of his time at the school he had to live with the stigma of being of the bloodline of one who had failed in their duty to the Empire. Young Gartha'in bore the stigma with dignity and left the school when he came of age, having become skilled in methods of sabotage and in particular becoming most adept at lighting things on fire, which lent itself to his epithet dya'a'ji - "keeper of flame". He also learned many wilderness survival skills; most notably, he learned how to cook - a somewhat rare skill in Kilrathi culture - so that if necessary he could survive off of animals that ordinarily would carry the risk of disease if consumed; in particular, he found a method of cooking boryangee that produced a palatable meat source. After leaving the school, he was deployed as a sabateur on several crucial assignments for the Empire; the exact nature of these missions and the extent to which Dya'a'ji was deployed remain mysteries to this day. Towards the end of the war he worked with Kiratakav nar Sakah Tr'k, a female agent also of clan Sihkag, on a sabotage mission in Vega Sector; the two began a romantic relationship on the conclusion of the mission. Dya'a'ji ran a few missions specifically for clan Sihkag during this time and was twice accused of acts of sabotage on assets of the Qarg clan, though in both cases there was insufficient evidence to warrant him being handed over to the Qarg for execution or challenge. Towards the end of the war he was contacted by Garahuaknis Dymgahe laq Khar, Kalaq of the same Daik Hafik'hra that Dya'a'ji attended during his formative years. In light of his exemplary service to the Empire, the Kalaq offered Dya'a'ji a position as a kal gathika at the school to help prepare the next generation of hafik'hra. Dya'a'ji accepted the appointment and eventually became a favorite instructor amongst the student population, the earlier stigma of his father's failure all but completely forgotten. He was still teaching at the school when the news of Kilrah's destruction arrived.

Dya'a'ji's world changed drastically in the wake of the collapse of the Empire. With the Imperial apparatus gone, clan Sihkag, which during the days of the Empire had been considered the least of the great clans, found itself in the position to improve their standing much like clan Kiranka had done centuries before when they'd defeated clan Ki'ra and claimed the throne. The clan was in dire need of highly trained soldiers and found them in their hafik'hra, who went from being a taboo non-truth to near legendary status overnight. The clan sent out hafik'hra nearly constantly to harass and sabotage the other clans, most notably the clan Qarg, of which several members had become regional warlords throughout the former Empire. Unfortunately, more than one hafik'hra was careless in the execution of their mission and their activities brought down the wrath of clan Qarg, beginning a blood feud between the two clans. For the clan, teachers of hafik'hra - like Dya'a'ji - became precious commodities. Dya'a'ji himself was frustrated with the clan leaders for their rash choice of directly challenging another clan (especially one as powerful as the Qarg), as it forced him to speed up his training - something he always felt led to crucial mistakes. Dya'a'ji's opinion on the matter ultimately proved itself correct - many of the school's recent "graduates" were found dead shortly after leaving, usually either on their first or second mission for the clan. In 2672, Buktag'ka nar Sihkag, the Kal Thrakhra, visited the school to discuss what could be done to improve matters. Dya'a'ji gave his opinion, which earned him a public chastisement; when he was summoned to the Baron's presence shortly thereafter, he feared for his life though did not show it. To his surprise, Kal Buktag'ka had not sent for Dya'a'ji to have him executed - in fact, he was impressed by any Kilrathi who had the courage to state his mind, and he therefore wanted Dya'a'ji to go on a special mission for the clan. The mission sounded simple enough: several smaller Kilrathi settlements in the newly established reservations within the Border Worlds had been wiped out, their populaces massacred and the buildings burned to the ground. The evidence pointed to it being the work of a hafik'hra - indeed, Baron Buktag'ka would've suspected Dya'a'ji himself had he not known that Dya'a'ji was at the school, which was too far away from the targeted populaces for him to have left and returned before his absence would've been noted. The Baron simply wanted the culprit found and killed. Dya'a'ji accepted not just because the mission came from the Baron himself, but it was an intriguing set of circumstances. Dya'a'ji began his investigation by going the reservation on Hellespont and setting up shop in one of the outlying settlements as a butcher and maker of rux'fra, with the hope that the settlement would become the culprit's next target. Due to his ongoing investigation, Dya'a'ji was not at the Daik Hafik'hra when it was discovered and leveled by the nar Qarg, news that saddened Dy'a'ji when it finally reached him but left him no less resolved to complete his mission. As a resident of the reservations, Dya'a'ji often found himself subjected to the same mistreatment and neglect as most of his fellow Kilrathi. Agents of the Broken Claw attempted to put him out of business twice, citing health code violations in the manufacture of his rux'fra and removing his inventory, but both times he had spare stock available and was able to re-open his shop. For many in the community, he was the only reliable source of food available, and his stock was always considered delicious by the locals. He was therefore well-liked in the community and even managed to befriend the ahr'hra (the town not being large enough for a more traditional brajhkhar) - who was a member of clan Qarg. Dya'a'ji's quarry revealed themselves in 2675, when the village was finally targeted. Dya'a'ji arose one night to the smell of smoke and found his shop ablaze; stepping outside, he found the whole village in the same state and narrowly missed being hit by a series of dorqith'rak aimed in his direction. He threw the deadly weapons back in the general direction from which he came and set out to find his would be assassin, stopping just long enough at a hidden cache to collect a set of weapons. It took him thirty minutes to track down the culprit, but when he did, he was shocked to find it was his old lover, Kiratakav nar Sakah Tr'k. The two dueled for the next half hour, as Dya'a'ji realized she had gone insane after the death of Kilrah - she believed that the Kilrathi people were living in a state of ultimate dishonor, and that it was only by ending their lives and purifying the land upon which they'd been forced to live that they could be freed from that dishonor. Dya'a'ji ultimately won the battle but couldn't bring himself to deliver the killing blow; she repayed his act of hesitation and mercy by ripping off his testicles with her claws and running into the night. Dya'a'ji's duel had saved the lives of about a third of the town's populace, but the damage was too severe to allow the community to rebuild, and meanwhile Dy'a'aji had been seriously hurt. Before being sent for medical treatment, he confided in the ahr'hra the location of his biggest rux'fra stash, knowing that those left behind were going to have to start anew somewhere else and were going to need all the help they could get. Dya'a'ji remained in a Terran hospital for three weeks recovering; when he was strong enough he slipped away and began the task of finding Kiratakav all over again...

In 2676, Dya'a'ji received news that some damn fool had gone to the R'Lanrasiv T'kon H'hra space station claiming to bear the Qith'rak Sivari, a religious artifact with major cultural significance, and that as a result the station was being flooded with refugees making pilgrimage to see the artifact. He realized that the space station would be a juicy target for Kiratakav and decided to make his way there, packing up as much rux'fra as he could. He arrived disguised as a pilgrim, which immediately earned him the ire of the station's Broken Claw Administration, as did the discovery of one of his caches of rux'fra (which was promptly confiscated). Dya'a'ji did the best he could to find a life among the refugees. Despite his own need for it, he never hesitated to share his rux'fra when asked, and there were days he went without. He did occasionally find the means to produce more on the station and he kept his curing sites hidden, lest his stashes either be confiscated by the Broken Claw officials or prematurely consumed by the station's starving masses. While he was doing this, he surreptitiously kept his eye on the station's fusion reactor - realizing that when Kiratakav made her move, the reactor would be her target. It was five months before Kiratakav indeed showed up just as Dya'a'ji suspected. This time he did not hesitate - he completed the task given to him all those years ago, keeping Kiratakav alive just long enough to ascertain whether she had already planted any explosive devices - she hadn't yet - to forgive her and to ask for her forgiveness in return, which she did; Kiratakav died after fully reconciling with Dya'a'ji. Dya'a'ji left her body where it was- just one more "catucide" for the station's Broken Claw administation to have to deal with. Later, when he had time, he privately recited the Prayer of the Fallen Warrior in her memory.

Dya'a'ji has found getting off the station to be trickier than getting on; as a rule the only ships that visit the station are those operated by Paulsen Kinetics, whose crews have long since made it abundantly clear that Kilrathi passengers are not welcome on their ships without a fairly substantial amount of coin. They also won't barter, as Dya'a'ji has learned on several occasions when he attempted to pay with a substantial amount of stored up rux'fra (enough for the crews to turn a hefty profit on it - which, naturally, they assumed had been stolen). He suffered a bout of severe food poisoning a few months ago when he'd been forced to eat from that same batch of rux'fra; in truth, he'd thought some of the meat he'd used for that particular batch had been a little too far gone before he used it. He generally lives his days quietly among the rabble; those few who know him see him as a quiet, hardworking and straightforward individual, not knowing his true nature. He always has at least one piece of rux'fra on his person, and is generally generous with it when asked to share. A strict follower of the Warrior's Code, Dya'a'ji believes that how a person dies is important because it shows how they lived - and he has been deeply saddened to see many of those around him die from such dishonorable things as starvation and disease. He does keep to the facets of his training, one of which warns that he is always being observed, and another of which advises one to observe others and know the lay of the land. He is keenly aware of the fact that not all around him are starving refugees - that some are in fact once-important Kilrathi, and that others are just would-be pirates looking to steal a ship from the yard. He has a tendency to listen in on the plans of those looking to commit theft, and so far has been 100% correct in determining when and where their plan will fail. He does realize that such a theft probably represents his best chance of getting out of T'kon H'hra and he'd do so himself were any of the ships there a) small enough for him to operate alone and b) in good enough shape to make it out of the system in one piece. For the time being he continues to watch and wait, ready to lend his assistance (whether solicited or not) to any individual or group he believes has a reasonable chance of success in their larcenous activities.

Gartha'in Sihkag, Callsign: Dya'a'ji
(Gartha'in Knavska dai Ko'atha ko Dya'ruxfra lan K'n'Kir nar Sihkag)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Inflitrator and Keeper of Rations Gender: Male
Height: 2.96 m Mass: 115.50 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2639.087 (Age 41; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Kirbrajakhin, K'n'Kir, Kur'u-Pak Quadrant, Kilrah Sector Initiative: +8
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +9; Ranged: +11 Saves - Fortitude: 37, Reflex: 43, Willpower: 55
HP/NHP: 77 HD/THD/FHD: 45/42/53 SI: 129
Power: 65, Brawling: 25 (Turanaj 10), Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 20, Lifting: 10.
Finesse: 80, Dodge: 20 (Thrown Weapons 10), Dexterous Maneuvers: 25, Hiding and Seeking: 25.
Physique: 70, Recuperation: 20, Concentration: 25, Stamina: 25.
Intellect: 145, Knowledge: 25, Resourcefulness: 25 (Ignition 25, Sabotage 15), Cunning: 25 (Persuasion 10, Deception 10, Treachery 10).
Acumen: 150, Performance: 25 (Butcher 15), Perception: 25 (Sense Deception 10, Spot Enemy 10), Survival: 25 (Wilderness 10, Cooking 30).
Charm: 30, Diplomacy: 15, Personality: 10, Leadership: 5.
Command: 95, Security: 15, Coordination: 20, Guidance: 25, Inspire: 20, Strategy: 15.
Science: 110, Planetology: 20, Technology: 20 (Terran Computers 25), Geology: 15, Typhonology: 15, Archaeology: 15.
Navigation: 85, Vehicle Piloting: 25 (Land Vehicles 10), Orientation: 25, Stealth: 25.
Tactical: 75, Targeting: 25, Ballistics: 25, Marksmanship: 25.
Engineering: 55, Damage Control: 25, Mechanics: 20, Internal Systems: 5, Defenses: 5.
Communications: 100, Rapport: 25, Translate: 25, Negotiate: 15 (Agricultural Goods 10), Distress: 5 (Jamming 20).
Medicine: 95, Xenobiology: 20 (Kilrathi 15), Intensive Care: 20, Specialized Medicine: 20, Psychology: 20.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Infertile, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Contacts (hafik'hra) +10, Contacts (Buktag'ka nar Sihkag) +10, Ambidexterity +10, Quick Draw +15, Reflexes +5, Discipline +10, Social Status (hafik'hra) -20, Amputee (Testicles) -15, Creed (Warrior's Code) -25, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -10.


Hakiratakav Dairasakdu is one of the few Kilrathi who can claim with 100% veracity that life since the destruction of Kilrah has been better than it was during the days of the Empire. He was born to a family of leba'hra, all actors, entertainers and musicians - and part of the lowest caste of Kilrathi society, the utak or "filth water". As leba'hra, the status of his family was among the higher echelons of the caste, but they were still socially outcast. At his naming ceremony at the age of four, Le'a'he (as he would later come to be known) received the simple monomer of an utak. Young Hakiratakav spent his formative years learning the family trades. Though he did show some skill as a musician, he excelled as a lebalek'kora and as he came into his teenage years he often would deliver stories composed by his birth mother, who herself was growing in skill as a ledelek'kora. Hakiratakav stayed with his family after he came of age and continued to tour with them from village to village, earning the few scraps they could to sustain themselves. Though they did well together as a performing family, the life of an utak grated on Hakiratakav and he started dreaming of adventure and glory as a soldier of the Empire. As fate would have it, he got his chance; in 2666, while performing in the community of Tha'hrork on Kilrah, an open brawl broke out between members of nar Qarg and nar Raghitagha sitting in the audience and Hakiratakav was one of several Kilrathi arrested in the ensuing chaos. When asked his name by the arresting officer, he answered "Hakiratakav Dairasakdu", a lie he told in order to save his life; as an utak, he was legally considered "untouchable" and thus he could be killed with total impunity if someone were to touch him in ignorance - as the officer had done by placing him in vidyaldin when he was arrested. His family was camping under a bridge in the community at the time, which made for the handy quick fake surname he gave the officer. His skills as a storyteller and writer saved his life that day - in addition to giving the officer a false name, he told him that he had been in attendance at the performance as a final event before going off to join the Imperial legions, and that his identification had been lost in the scuffle. The overworked officer took Hakiratakav at his word rather than take the time necessary to corroborate his farce and so he dropped off Hakiratakav at the local prefecture - where there happened to be a transport of recruits headed off to basic training. The transport was late departing as it was and not wanting to waste more time by getting into an argument with the officer, the transport driver took Hakiratakav aboard. It was in this way that he managed to become an unlawful combatant in the Imperial legions, a vocation ordinarily closed off to utak - and a summary death sentence if he were ever to be discovered...

Hakiratakav did surprisingly well in basic training, earning the epithet Le'a'he - "the speaker of truth", an epithet that Hakiratakav has always found ironic - from his trainers for his quick and honest responses to their inquiries. He knew a lot of stories due to his true background and kept his fellow trainees entertained through the telling of those stories. He completed training and was placed in the Harg'ahngarasiv Okkszar under the command of Shintahr Gar hrai Talmak laq Qith'rak with the rank of najinthrak (Least Claw). The Shintahr enjoyed spending time among his troops and Le'a'he became one of his favorites, again due to the stories he would tell. Le'a'he learned that there was a member of the unit, Naj Dar Ahr dai Dajislakhthaga, who had some skill in electronic forgery, and was able to arrange to get a set of fake identification files created for himself. Le'a'he was a participant in the Battle of Heaven's Gate in late 2666, the same action in which the Shintahr, his battalion commander, would be captured by Confederation forces and sent to the POW camp on Rakis. The capture of their leader was a major disgrace to the unit and all of its surviving members were subsequently interrogated individually by members of Imperial intelligence charged with getting to the bottom of what had happened. Le'a'he in particular was fairly heavily grilled by the inquisitors. One inquisitor in particular, Nagga Tar Rahr lak Ni'lingathrak, proved to be quite adept in sensing deception, and it was he who noticed several very subtle discrepancies present in Le'a'he's identification files. Eventually, Le'a'he became the focus of the investigation - they could tell he was hiding something, but they couldn't tell what. Le'a'he's skills as an actor were tested to their limits, and he proved himself up to the task; though they grilled him for nearly two weeks straight, he stuck to his story. Eventually, the inquisitors decided to turn the matter over to Kalrahr Jahkai of Imperial Security, but the day before he was scheduled to be shipped off to Kilrah - and in all likelihood his final discovery and death - the Shintahr returned, having escaped from Rakis and broken out a number of prisoners-of-war in the process. As it turned out, he had been given a special assignment - by Kalrahr Jahkai, of all people - specifically to infiltrate the prison camp and to orchestrate the prison break. The unit was cleared of wrongdoing, but in a final conversation Rahr informed Le'a'he that he knew he was hiding something and that he would find out what it was eventually. His unit was also curious why the inquisitors had centered in on him, and many grew to wonder if there was indeed something about Le'a'he that he was hiding from them; rumors started that he might even be a clan Sihkag hafik'hra, and as a result he lost the full trust of many of his fellow soldiers. Things came to a head when he was openly challenged to a six-on-one duel by members of another ahninin - because, as his challengers put it, "only a hafik'hra could survive against those odds". Le'a'he recognized the proposal as a death sentence whether he won or (more likely) lost, and being tired of the rumors, he informed his would-be executioners that he would accept their challenge, but only in front of the whole battalion and called the group's instigator a coward when he initially balked at those terms; Le'a'he thus was able to goad them into a fight on his terms. Le'a'he was given an hour to prepare, during which time he notified his superiors - including the Shintahr - that he intended to go through with the challenge, assuring the attendance of everyone in the battalion. When the time came, however, Le'a'he threw down the vorshaki he'd been given for the duel and proceeded to ask what he had done to warrant his execution - since that was to be the outcome regardless of victory or defeat. The group's instigator shouted that it was punishable by death for a warrior to back down from single combat - but Le'a'he retorted that he was right in that the duel was a trap and that it would not be single combat. The Shintahr, being in attendance, spoke; he agreed with Le'a'he's interpretation - and then informed Le'a'he that he would duel with the instigator only, with an offer to become one of his personal guards should he win. Le'a'he still did not wish to duel a fellow soldier but he had no choice, and the duel commenced. Le'a'he held his ground for as long as he could but it was clear from the onset that he was not the better warrior, and he had soon been pinned by his opponent. Leaning in close, Le'a'he was "asked" if he had any final words - to which he replied in a whisper, "Yes, I'm utak", which distracted his opponent long enough for him to plunge his vorshaki into his opponent's heart. Having won the duel, Le'a'he subsequently became one of the Shintahr's personal guards and for the remainder of the war no one else called him a hafik'hra or questioned his courage or personal honor.

When the War ended with Kilrah's defeat, the Shintahr committed zu'kara and suggested before he died that all members of the Harg'ahngarasiv Okkszar do the same, seeing as that they all had "collectively failed in our duty to the Empire", and "have no other recourse by which to regain our honor". Le'a'he's ahninin elected to commit zu'kara ga - suicide as a group - drawing lots to see who would be kilthrak ork and destroy the unit's remaining equipment before committing zu'kara themselves. The lot was drawn; the job fell to Le'a'he, who over the course of the next half hour watched kili with which he'd fought and suffered for three years kill themselves. His duty to his unit discharged, Le'a'he was left alone in the base camp. Le'a'he, however, had no desire to end his life. His first thought was to go back to his family on Kilrah - until the full import of the events leading up to the end of the War hit him. He briefly reconsidered suicide, but ultimately chose not to do so; he felt that his duty was now to ensure that the species continued and, as a storyteller, to pass down the history and traditions of Kilrah to the posterity of his race. Since he had changed his identity once before, he could do so again. So, he set out on foot, found the nearest Confederation unit and surrendered, offering no resistance. When he was processed, he told the Confederation his name was Hakiratakav Dairaskadu nar Tha'hrork (repeating - and expanding on - his earlier lie by incorporating the name of the town where he'd "joined" the military all those years ago); naturally he had to explain that "Tha'hrork" was a community on Kilrah, as most in the Confederation at the time were still under the impression that the nar honorific indicated either a clan or a planet of origin and there were no Confederation records of a "clan Tha'hrork" or "planet Tha'hrork". He spent the next few months in Confederation custody while the bureaucrats worked out a series of prisoner exchanges and debated about post-war Kilrathi rights. Three months and two weeks after he'd turned himself in, Le'a'he was informed that the Confederation had established a series of "reservation worlds" specifically for those Kilrathi displaced by the destruction of Kilrah and that was to be sent to the facility on B'Shriss. He arrived in the community of Brajakh B'Shriss and was established in his new "home" - essentially a converted military barracks - shortly thereafter. B'Shriss was a harsh place to try to start a life; the conditions on the planet itself were close to that of lost Kilrah and severe seismic activity was quite common. What threw Le'a'he off the most was the constant state of twilight; B'shriss was tidally locked to the system's primary and the community was in a temperate "twilight zone" where the twin red suns drew lazy circles in the sky near the horizon. Le'a'he was present as conditions on the planet slowly deteriorated - as the populace was impoverished due to the lack of incoming commercial traffic, as the policies of the Broken Claw Agency became harsher and harsher towards the native populace, and as the crime rate began to intensify. Like most of the roughly 30,000 Kilrathi residents of the community, he was aware of the residency of Krahtagh N'Ryllis in the community and passively joined in the shunning of the known sa'guk; he felt that the two of them would probably get along, but could not approach him for fear of being publicly ostracized himself. He started working as a storyteller in the community and eventually received sanction from the Broken Claw administrators to make public performances - so long as they did not include blatant references to the Sivaran cult; he had to get sanction for each performance and carefully worked in subtle references to Sivar wherever he could. For many living on B'shriss during the early 2670s, Le'a'he's performances were the closest they were allowed to get to a Sivaran cult ritual. Before each performance, he assured his audiences that "ni'hav leba'hra, qu siva'kilrah k'rah". His performances gradually started seeing more and more attendees and he eventually started earning enough coin to support himself. As he was leaving a performance one evening, he happened to witness a mugging in progress and intervened, managing to scare off the attackers before their intended victim suffered much harm. He helped the victim, an older Kilrathi male named Kilhaf dai In lak Fa, back to his barracks and was thanked warmly for his assistance by Kilhaf's lair-mate, Hugath dai Rahr, who with her lair-mate's approval invited Le'a'he to come the following day and share a meal with his family. Thus began a friendship between Le'a'he and the lak Fa family. Le'a'he learned that Kilhaf had been a resident of B'shriss from the times of the Empire and that he had owned a business that originally brewed vak'qu - the production of which had been declared illegal by the Broken Claw - and was switching over to the production of Millet Product, a commodity that had shown some potential on the Firekkan market as a "foodstuff". Kilhaf and his family were low level nobles, members of clan Kur'u'tak; their eldest child and only son (In dai Kilhaf lak Fa) had been an officer in the Imperial legions and had been killed at the Battle of Vukar Tag when his dropship had been destroyed. Their youngest child and only daughter Agon dai Kilhaf lak Fa had just come of age and the family had been looking for viable candidates for a marriage, though the prospects of finding a suitable mate on B'shriss had evaporated with the end of the War. Le'a'he grew very close to the family as time progressed; in particular, he found himself spending more and more time with Agon, with the two of them eventually growing into a mutual love for one another that culminated in Le'a'he asking Kilhaf for permission to marry her, though he was "just a commoner". Ordinarily such a marriage would be quite taboo, but Kilhaf had learned that nobility meant little on the reservations and gave the young couple his blessing. Hugath likewise approved, thanking Sivar for "a son to replace the one I'd lost". Le'a'he and Agon were married and in 2673 a female offspring was produced from their union. Sadly, Le'a'he would not be around to name his young daughter owing to subsequent events.

After a performance in 2674, Le'a'he was approached by a local Terran, an inter-species courier of the Broken Claw, who informed him that a comparison of DNA records had revealed that one of his relatives was also living on B'shriss in a domicile just outside of the main community. Le'a'he was taken aback by this news - as far as he knew, any relation he had should've perished on Kilrah - and made his way there the next day, greatly concerned about what he would find there. To his surprise, he discovered his birth-mother, who was alive and well. It turned out that, during the brawl that fateful night in Tha'hrork, Le'a'he's father had been killed - something Le'a'he himself didn't know about until that moment - and that in order to support herself, his mother had sold herself into prostitution. She had spent the years since then at the Thrakdaivrax Rag'nith on S'thran Meth and had only recently been banished to B'shriss by Krahrad Bir lan Brajakh Mer laq Agga nar Sihkag, one of the lak Agga warlords, after he had come to personally "inspect" the facility. Declaring her "too old" for such work, it was only his good humor that day that had saved her life; he had paid for her passage to B'Shriss - the extent of his graces - and upon arriving on B'shriss she'd had to once again start over with her few possessions, including a datapad containing a pile of performances she had been composing over the years. She had heard of Le'a'he, siva'kilrah k'rah from local gossip, but as an utak had not risked coming into the community to watch them, and never suspected that "Le'a'he" was in fact her little Hakiratakav. Le'a'he himself was presented with a conundrum - while overjoyed to find a living relative, his mother's presence threatened to reveal his true past to the community, the consequences of which would be disastrous not only to him but to his adopted family. His mother herself suggested that Le'a'he put her to death - she was proud of the fact that he'd managed to "beat the odds" and make a good account of his life - but Le'a'he wouldn't hear of it; he wanted a relationship despite the huge risk it would involve. He decided that he'd buy his mother's one-man performances off of her - he knew that she had always been a good ledelek'kora - and told her he'd continue to buy new ones as she wrote them. The two thus began collaborating with one another, with Le'a'he coming out to her abode as often as possible to see how she was faring and to share ideas on performances. His jaunts out to the boonies did not go unnoticed for long, though; Kilhaf noted the frequency of his absences from his wife and daughter, and became suspicious that Le'a'he was having some manner of extra-marital affair, suspicions that were heightened when he surreptitiously followed Le'a'he out to his mother's domicile and saw the two of them together. Kilhaf eventually hired a private detective to find out all that he could about the "mysterious kilav", keeping his attitude towards his son-in-law cordial until the detective could make his final report. One day Kilhaf asked Le'a'he to come to his home alone, as there were "grave matters that needed immediate attention". Le'a'he came and was blindsided by Kilhaf, whose detective - Rahr lak Ni'lingathrak, the same interrogator that had questioned Le'a'he about his involvement in the capture of Shintahr Gar all those years ago - had finally unraveled Le'a'he's secret. Rahr complimented Le'a'he on his acting skills, calling him "perhaps the greatest actor of this age", and then noted that he had - as he'd sworn - finally discovered what Le'a'he had been hiding from the inquisition. He recused himself from the act of killing Le'a'he on behalf of the Empire, on the grounds that the Empire was no more and that Kilhaf had better grounds for Le'a'he's death; he subsequently dismissed himself from the presence of Kilhaf and Le'a'he as he did not want to "witness something I'd have to explain to the Broken Claw". Kilhaf was obviously hurt by the revelation - but he showed no outward anger. That Le'a'he was a being without honor went without saying; the mere fact he was utak was sufficient to put any doubt on the subject to rest. That he was a coward also went without saying - the fact that he had chosen to live when his unit had committed zukara ga - which Rahr had pointed out - proved that fact succinctly. But the fact remained that Kilhaf and Le'a'he had spent quite a good deal of time with one another over the past few years, that Le'a'he had saved Kilhaf's life and that he'd proven time and again that he had a brand of honor that was all his own. It was why Kilhaf didn't kill Le'a'he on the spot as he had every right to do by Kilrathi law; Kilhaf merely stated that had he known that Le'a'he was a habitual liar he would've never allowed a marriage between him and his daughter, and that there were worse fates that could befall a Kilrathi than death - like life without honor, the fate that would now befall the entire lak Fa family unless Le'a'he could "save the rest of us and come up with a convincing lie". Thinking quickly, Le'a'he offered Kilhaf an option - Kilhaf would tell his family that he had sent Le'a'he to go as Kilhaf's personal representative to a farming community (he sugggested Harth'Ja on K'nag Urel) to discuss setting up imports of Millet Product, and after a few days he'd tell them that the transport he was on had been attacked and destroyed by pirates; they need never know the truth, and his daughter could grow up believing that her father was the siva'kilrah k'rah he always claimed to be. It would be enough to convince everybody that he was dead, including Rahr lak Ni'lingathrak - the only other Kilrathi that knew the whole truth of the matter. Kilhaf agreed to Le'a'he's plan, and put him on a Paulsen Kinetics transport bound for T'Kon H'hra that same day. Before his final departure, Kilhaf struck Le'a'he across the face, declared him sa'guk and warned him never to set foot on B'Shriss again under pain of death.

Le'a'he has been at T'Kon H'hra for the past three years, and despite the hardship he is enduring things are still better for him now than in the days when he was living as an utak on Kilrah. He has successfully blended in with the rabble, finding nobleman, commoner and utak alike all thrown together in a common suffering. He has continued to make a living for himself as a single-man performer and storyteller, though since most of the rabble have no coin with which to pay he finds himself generally performing for little more than a scrap or two of rux'fra to keep up the spirits of those around him. Le'a'he has had to grow a tough outer skin - he very much misses the lak Fa family. He especially misses his young daughter, who - if she lived, that is - is now old enough to have a name. In order to keep himself successful as an actor he's had to bury his feelings, and works hard to never let them show; inside, there's very little that he cares about anymore. He also wonders what fate befell his mother, and it shames Le'a'he to this day that it wasn't until after Le'a'he had set foot aboard the T'Kon H'hra space station that he thought of her and realized he hadn't the chance to give her a final farewell. He has found a few friends in and among the rabble; in particular, he has recently met Dakut'he Ki'ra, a Kilrathi with a family story more tragic than his own, and from whom Le'a'he is trying very hard not to gather material from for new performances. He is finding himself running short of new material at this point, and though he is not actively searching for ways to leave T'Kon H'hra, he has started to consider if the time has come for such an endeavor.

Hakiratakav Dairasakdu, Callsign: Le'a'he
(Hakiratakav Dairasakdu ko Lek'kor'hra lan Tha'hrork nar Kur'u'tak)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Warrior Bard Gender: Male
Height: 2.15 m Mass: 105.00 kg Handedness: Left
Birth Date: 2640.321 (Age 40; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Unknown
(actual: Lan'jaqtakhlan Duesh'ag, Tha Kn'knav'oth, Zagaqarg, Kilrah)
Initiative: +7
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +10; Ranged: +10 Saves - Fortitude: 35, Reflex: 37, Willpower: 43
HP/NHP: 75 HD/THD/FHD: 46/43/53 SI: 127
Power: 70, Lifting: 20, Brawling: 20, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 20 (Climbing 10).
Finesse: 75, Dexterous Maneuvers: 25 (Balance 10), Hiding and Seeking: 20, Dodge: 20.
Physique: 55, Concentration: 20, Stamina: 20, Recuperation: 15.
Intellect: 135, Knowledge: 25 (Kilrathi Folklore 10), Cunning: 25 (Persuasion 15, Deception 35), Resourcefulness: 25.
Acumen: 130, Performance: 25 (Storyteller 30, Actor 15, Musician 10), Perception: 25, Survival: 25.
Charm: 95, Diplomacy: 25, Personality: 25 (Oratory 35), Leadership: 10.
Command: 100, Security: 15 (Rifles 10, Blades 5), Inspire: 20, Coordination: 20, Guidance: 15, Strategy: 15.
Science: 90, Technology: 25, Archaeology: 15 (Anthropology 20), Typhonology: 20, Geology: 10.
Navigation: 100, Vehicle Piloting: 25 (Groundcar 15, Skimmer 15), Stealth: 20, Orientation: 25.
Tactical: 60, Marksmanship: 20, Ballistics: 20, Targeting: 20.
Engineering: 40, Damage Control: 25, Mechanics: 15, Damage Control: 5.
Communications: 145, Negotiate: 25 (Fresh Meat 10, Bookchips 5), Rapport: 25 (Kilrathi Soldiers 15), Translate: 25 (English 25), Distress: 15.
Medicine: 50, Intensive Care: 15, Specialized Medicine: 15, Psychology: 20.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Luck +25, Nerves +15, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Social Status (utak, sa'guk) -20, Phobic (Being Discovered) -15, Impulsive -10, Curious -5.


Sa'ki lak B'yaga was the adopted daughter of Yuharga lak Knav'dor, a nobleman of the Kur'u'tak clan and hereditary brajakhar of the community of Yutha on the surface of S'Thran H'hra. Her birth parents were Yuharga's younger sister Mer lak Hafka and her lair-mate Kharg nar K'ta Tahk; her father had been killed at Enyo when the still-unnamed cub was three years old and her mother was killed in a raid on K'ta Tahk by Confederation forces shortly thereafter. As the cub's closest male relation, Yuharga took her into his household and named her Sa'ki (favored), as he and his lair-mate had been unable to have any children of their own. Sa'ki was raised by her uncle's family as though she was their own child. Though she was not overly spoiled by her adopted parents during her formative years, she still grew to enjoy the privileges of being the adopted daughter of the brajakhar a bit too much and she ultimately developed an imperious, condescending attitude with a tendency to be rebellious when it suited her. Due to its strategic importance, S'Thran H'hra was frequently raided by Confederation forces - particularly after the addition of adjacent Firekka to the Confederation - and occasional raids were launched on Yutha's industrial facilities. She frequently saw wounded warriors fresh off the front lines and, wanting to do something to help the Empire, secretly began studying the healing arts. Her uncle was not happy about this when he found out about it - Kilrathi females as a rule were discouraged to pursue most vocations not leading to the priesthood or to cub-rearing - but was unable to prevent her from learning and slowly grew to support her efforts, seeking (and ultimately receiving) special dispensation from the Emperor to allow her to continue her studies. As a result, she became one of only a handful of female Kilrathi healers during the war years. When she was sixteen, Drak'huthrak laq Stra'a of Brajakh Lanarg entered into negotiations with her uncle for her to marry his youngest and only remaining son, Kor. Kor had by attrition become the heir apparent to the leadership of Brajakh Lanarg and with Sa'ki inelligible to claim the title of brajakhar of Yutha from her uncle due to her gender, the match was agreeable to the two community leaders. Sa'ki was not happy about this - having met Kor, he felt he was a weak-minded fool too focused on becoming a master stalker - but having been instilled with a deep sense of duty by her uncle (who had put his foot fully and firmly down on the matter), she eventually agreed. The marriage took place when Kor came of age in 2659 and their first cub (Garmasdrish, a male cub who would not be named until 2663) was born later that same year. It took Sa'ki a while to warm up to her new family but she ultimately did do so; in particular she soon developed a close relationship with her mother-in-law and began taking advice from her on how she should deal with her husband. Arguments between Sa'Ki and Kor about his "master stalker nonsense" began shortly thereafter. Her father played host to the Agga hrai of Brajakh Mer the following year in what turned out to be a disastrous attempt at solidifying a trade agreement between the two communities. Largi lak Agga, the young heir to the community, made a snide remark about the accommodations during a Firekkan roast being held in the family's honor and Sa'ki unleashed a scathing rebuttal, which angered Largi and effectively ruined any chance Yuharga might've had of securing a trade agreement. Aside from angering her uncle, Sa'ki's remarks that day would ultimately come to haunt her and her family years later. In 2664, Sa'ki gave birth to her second child and eldest daughter, Alk'sivar (so named in 2668); the following year the arguments between Sa'ki and and Kor grew to a fever pitch, with Kor's resolve to fulfill his family destiny wavering right up until the point where Sa'ki became pregnant with their third child and early scans revealed the new cub would be another female. Sa'ki's third pregnancy was difficult and painful, made more so due to the distance that had developed between her and her lair-mate as he left for Draga to make his attempt to become a master stalker. Her third child (Dyale'a'kal) was born healthy and Sa'ki recovered quickly after her birth, just in time to see her husband return with critical injuries: Kor had slain three nalga on Draga - sufficient for him to achieve master stalker status - but had tempted fate by attempting to kill a fourth such creature and had been mauled for his trouble. Sa'ki oversaw the caretaking of her lair-mate; Kor miraculously pulled through and the two were able to repair their relationship. Deep down, Sa'ki was proud of Kor for such a noble show of bravery, and she felt a little guilty for it - she felt that it was her nagging that made Kor think he needed to try to pull off such a dangerous and unnecessary feat. She never mentioned her feelings on the matter to her lair-mate, of course. Mo's mother-in-law passed away the following year after suffering from a bout of phthisis and the year after that she gave birth to a third female cub (who would be named Knav'a in 2673). Soon after, it was revealed that Kor had become sterile due to lingering injuries he'd received when the fourth nalga mauled him, for which Kor caught hell from Yuharga - it was generally considered improper for a Kilrathi to be the heir to two communities, which was now the case with Garmasdrish (who was legally heir apparent to Brajakh Lanarg and a fairly certainly heir apparent to Yutha as well). Unfortunately for the lak B'yaga, the time to produce another eligible heir had run out.

The end of the war in 2669 brought chaos to S'Thran H'hra (as it did throughout the fallen Kilrathi Empire). The world was one specifically ceded by the Treaty of Kobar Yagar to the Confederation, and the following year a large influx of Terran settlers arrived, a set of events that greatly vexed the hereditary leaders. In Yutha (renamed "Pi" by the Terrans), Yuharga allowed the Terrans to settle but asked that they remain in their own district. Kor's father Drak'huthrak, however, allowed the Terrans to settle in Brajakh Lanarg - now called "Pete" - with open arms, a decision that had dire consequences and one in which both Sa'ki and Kor expressed great dissatisfaction, leading to their estrangement from Kor's father. In 2672, the brajakhar of Brajakh Mer ("Bruce", as the Terrans called it) died and his son, Largi lak Agga, took over as leader of the community. He subsequently expelled all Terrans from its boundaries and had the gall to order Drak'huthrak and Yuharga to do the same; when they refused, a short but bloody civil war engulfed the planet. When the dust cleared, Largi and his close war buddy Krahrad Bir lan Brajakh Mer laq Agga had won near-total control of the planet, swiftly building a personal kingdom in the neighboring star systems in flagrant violation of the treaty. While Kharad took the lead in matters of interstellar conquest, Largi's focus was on consolidating his holdings at home. Kor and Sa'ki's remaining parents had been killed in the fighting, which put Kor's head next on the chopping block - legally, he was now brajakhar of Brajakh Lanarg and he was regent to Garmasdrish as brajakhar of Yutha (Garmasdrish could not yet take the role himself due to the fact that he was not of age at the time). Largi lak Agga summoned the couple to Brajakh Mer to force them to swear fealty to him at gunpoint, which would've given him undisputed control over the planet. For the sake of his family, Kor swore fealty as ordered, which should've been enough to satisfy lak Agga. However, remembering her slight from years before, he brazenly ordered Sa'ki to do so as well - Sa'ki, naturally, would not kowtow to the "coward who butchered her aunt and uncle, the only parents I ever had", which greatly angered lak Agga and it was only Kor's quick thinking that saved their lives that day. He suggested that his lair-mate had spoken out of turn, that she was simply caught up in the heat of events, that it was his place as her lair-mate to punish her for her insolence (which he swore to do harshly) and that she could be made to swear fealty if he could just have some time to discuss the matter with her. lak Agga gave the couple one week - with the implication that there would be lethal consequences for the entire remaining lak B'yaga family if Sa'ki did not capitulate by the end of that time. Kor knew good and well that Sa'ki wasn't going to change her mind even before he left the halls of the lak Agga - he felt the same way as she did - but he realized the foolhardiness of openly challenging the honor-less lak Agga in his own hall surrounded by his lackeys. His ploy bought the family some desperately needed time. Arrangements were made to hide the children; the females would go to different families that could be trusted, while Garmasdrish was sent to "study" at the Thrakdaig S'thran H'hra in Thrakbrajakh S'thran H'hra. Kor was able to move a small amount of the family's wealth to a secured bank account, though he tried not to move too much for fear that news of the transactions would get back to the lak Agga and his plans would be foiled before they even began. Sa'ki and Kor themselves agreed to part company for a while, which would force the lak Agga to hunt them down seperately and, if need be, buy each other time to get away from the planet. Sa'ki moved to Thrakbrajakh S'thran H'hra and got a job as an uz k'shu'i at the local hospital. While she was there, she met and was responsible for the care of Arrah Sutaghi after the diplomatic incident that would cause him to be forever labeled "Gux'a P'nt"; she had to be very careful to stay out of sight of the lak Agga investigators that came to question Sutaghi about the matter. The next few years were excrutiating for Sa'ki as she remained in hiding. She received word that Kor had been hurt in an attack by lak Agga's agents, little Knav'a had been killed in an accident - under very suspicious circumstances - and, worst of all, Dyale'a'kal and her foster family had been executed by the lak Agga, ostensibly for "sedition". In 2667, Sa'ki received a message from Kor stating that their eldest daugher, Alk'sivar, had disappeared along with her foster family and that it was likely the lak Agga had figured out where the rest of them were; she needed to pack her few remaining belongings and meet him and Garmasdrish at the city spaceport. Sa'ki obeyed, seeing her husband for the first time in nearly two years and her only son for the first time in four. The three had a harrowing escape from S'thran H'hra - agents of the lak Agga were monitoring the few remaining passenger lines - and ultimately Kor had to arrange for transport on an outgoing Hurston Dynamics freighter. The family originally headed for K'k-Tahn thinking that they'd be safe; to their unpleasant surprise, agents of the lak Agga were waiting for them at their destination and Kor was wounded fighting them off. With Kor temporarily incapacitated, Sa'ki took the initiative to pick a final destination well outside of the influence of the lak Agga where her family could conveniently disappear; Garmasdrish suggested the refugee camp at T'Kon H'hra, of which he'd heard stories at the thrakdaig. She chartered passage for the three of them on a Paulsen Kinetics transport headed that way. Kor, Sa'ki and Garmasdrish arrived two weeks later, penniless but alive, together, and safe. Four months later the lak Agga's interstellar empire would be put out of business by a Confederation-led joint task force.

Sa'ki has been one of the few residents of the refugee to find steady work at the refugee camp - there are few skilled healers in and among the rabble, and there is no shortage of those who are in need. The conditions in which she must work, however, are appalling; she has to scrounge for medical supplies when they come in, and has found the Broken Claw administrators to be singularly uncooperative when it comes to giving her the facilities and equipment to work properly. She has remained in constant contact with her old patient Gux'a P'nt, who was assigned as a supply officer to the outpost after his dealings on S'Thran H'hra and who smuggles Sa'ki what supplies he can from the station's medical stores at great risk to himself; though she is grateful for what he can do, it's never enough. She is worried about her lair-mate - who has grown somewhat despondent due to their situation - and about her son, who by all rights should be in the process of being groomed to become a community leader; she really worries that Garmasdrish will come of age in the refugee camp and will wind up with utterly no prospects for any kind of vocation in life. The three members of the lak B'yaga family all want the same thing - to raise money to head home now that the lak Agga are out of power (though none of them know that the lak Agga are still alive, still in charge of the community of Bruce and still looking for the remaining lak B'yaga family members). They also wonder what happened to Alk'sivar - whether she is alive or dead, whether she made it out or if she's still on S'Thran H'hra. Sa'ki in particular desperately wants to hear some news about her only remaining living daughter. Her life experiences have done little to curb her scathing, sometimes brutally honest tongue - Sa'ki always has and always will feel that people should know their place in the universe, just like she does, and that (like her) they must constantly be willing to prove their worth or become worthless. At this point, she's of the opinion that anywhere would be better than T'Kon H'hra for both herself and her family, and she's starting to pressure Kor to "get off his lazy ass" and find something - anything - that will get them out of there...

(Sa'ki will not be known as Mo - meaning "fortune" - until after her husband's initial foray with Bloodeye).

Sa'ki lak B'yaga, Callsign: Mo
(Sa'ki Ki dai Yuharga lak Knav'dor ko Da'a K'shu'i lan Yutha lak B'yaga nar Kur'u'tak)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Group's Healer Gender: Female
Height: 3.23 m Mass: 126.00 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2636.055 (Age 44; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Wexini, K'ta Tahk, Antares Quadrant, Epsilon Sector Initiative: +10
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +7; Ranged: +12 Saves - Fortitude: 36, Reflex: 40, Willpower: 40
HP/NHP: 76 HD/THD/FHD: 43/40/53 SI: 128
Power: 50, Lifting: 20, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 20, Brawling: 10.
Finesse: 100, Dexterous Maneuvers: 25 (Balance 10), Dodge: 20, Hiding and Seeking: 25 (Scrounging 10, Stalking 10).
Physique: 65, Concentration: 25, Stamina: 20, Recuperation: 20.
Intellect: 100, Knowledge: 25 (Kilrathi Law 10), Cunning: 20 (Persuasion 15), Resourcefulness: 25 (Craft Rudimentary Medical Tools 5).
Acumen: 105, Perception: 25 (Sense Deception 35), Performance: 25, Survival: 20.
Charm: 80, Diplomacy: 20, Personality: 25 (Debating 10), Leadership: 25.
Command: 65, Coordination: 25, Guidance: 10, Inspire: 10, Security: 10, Strategy: 10.
Science: 125, Planetology: 10, Archaeology: 20 (Forensic Anthropology 20), Technology: 25 (Computers 20), Typhonology: 20, Geology: 10.
Navigation: 65, Vehicle Piloting: 25 (Skimmer 15), Orientation: 25.
Tactical: 25, Evasive Maneuvers: 25.
Engineering: 50, Damage Control: 25, Mechanics: 25.
Communications: 130, Rapport: 25 (Patients 10), Intimidate: 25 (Patients 20), Distress: 10, Negotiate: 25 (Medical Equipment 15).
Medicine: 210, Xenobiology: 25 (Kilrathi 35), Treatment: 25 (Penetrating Trauma 35), Intensive Care: 25 (Cardiac Arrest 20), Specialized Medicine: 25, Psychology: 20.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Empathic Sense +25, Reputation (Skilled Healer) +20, Education +10, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Creed (Warrior's Code) -15, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -10, Honest -15, Hunted (lak Agga) -15, Impulsive -15, Temper -15.


Hakiratakav Eldorin (who prefers to be called Shintahr Nagkilin, despite the fact that he has not commanded a ship of his own for quite some time) is a genuine pirate in the classical sense, a kil who, despite paying lip service to the Warrior's Code, is greedy, selfish, generally disloyal to anyone who runs out of coin and on the whole completely unreliable. He was raised by the infamous pirate Irgai dai Ragnithoth, who found a squalling cub alive in the ruin of his childhood home while looting in the wake of a raid based from the Grovsner colonies. Irgai had been getting on in years and had no children of his own, so he claimed the cub as his own over the objections of his crew, who were at the time all for leaving the cub to either starve to death or be captured by Terran forces. Irgai remembered the details of the encounter and later related them to the cub as he approached adolescence; not knowing his actual date of birth, Irgai named the cub Hakiratakav on the fourth anniversary of his discovery, and to this day Nagkilin considers that day his birthday. Irgai was a loving parent in his own way, teaching young Hakiratakav his trade with all the energy he could muster and letting the cub keep any particularly valuable trinkets he captured from his victims. He participated in his first raid at the age of eight, assisting in the capture and takeover of a Rondell transport outbound from Hyades. He was commonly employed by the other pirates as a means to get into secure areas or tight spaces (such as service crawlways), and he became quite well versed in the art of killing stealthily with small blades. After several raids, he was given the epithet nagkilin ("cat tooth") by his fellows, a reference to his small size; he embraced the name and continued to do so after he came of age, despite becoming a Kilrathi of some stature and a noted pirate in his own right. By the final years of the war he had been elected to the post of first mate by Irgai's crew. Their relationship became somewhat strained afterwards; Nagkilin had observed that the mere threat of force was sufficient to pacify most targets and that they could easily still get what they wanted without necessarily having to resort to bloodshed, while Irgai, for all his other faults, still held to the traditional Kilrathi predator-prey relationship. The two had several arguments over the subject, though Nagkilin remained loyal and obedient to his captain. After a particularly successful raid during the War's final years, Irgai announced his retirement and gave his ship to Nagkilin to pursue his own piratical career, wishing him luck; Nagkilin has not seen Irgai since the latter gave him his ship. After the War's end, Nagkilin became a mercenary, offering the services of his ship and crew to whatever warlord would be willing to pay the most for his services. He was involved in several actions in the years that followed, mainly hiring out his ship to haul cargo from one place to another but occasionally hauling passengers. This would prove costly to him; in 2673 he was hired by Oth lan Gorth in M'Shrak Sector to ferry part of an invasion force destined for Qual'lat. En route to his destination, his ship was intercepted and shot down by KAC Police forces; he was wounded in the process of escaping and was ultimately captured by the KAC. He spent the next three years in the Valgard Military Prison for aiding and abetting the enemy before being paroled, and in the meantime he earned the enmity of the lan Gorth for botching the job. Upon his release from the prison facility he was sent to the refugee camp at the T'Kon H'hra Military Salvage Yard, where he has been residing for the past four years.

Prison was an educational experience for Nagkilin; it impressed upon him ever more the value of negotiations over bloodshed, and there were several occasions where a swift tongue and quick wit saved his life while he was behind bars (particularly when agents of the lan Gorth broke in to Valgard to exact their revenge; his negotiation tactics stalled the lan Gorth agents long enough for the Confederation guards to take notice and take action. He is still very much the person he was while he was an active pirate, but the loss of Kilrah, the loss of his ship, the time he has spent in prison and the hell of T'Kon H'hra have all taken their toll on his spirit. He yearns to be out among the stars again, to have a ship and the means to go where he wishes when he wishes, and at T'Kon H'hra there is definitely plenty of potential for him to steal a ship, gather a crew, and get out of the Sivar-forsaken place. His pacifism is what's holding him back at this point. An addiction to ak'rah he picked up in prison hasn't helped his situation much; anymore he can be found in a near constant state of inebriation. He is known among certain members of the supply yard's staff - including Gux'a P'nt, who has long suspected that for the right amount of coin and given the correct set of circumstances, Nagkilin could once again be convinced to returned to a life as a mercenary (though not necessarily that of a pirate).

Eldorin Kur'u'tak, Callsign: Nagkilin
(Hakiratakav Eldorin ko Ke'hra lan Brakajh Irga nar Kur'u'tak)
Species: Kilrathi Role: General Expert (Pirate) Gender: Male
Height: 2.69 m Mass: 110.25 kg Handedness: Left
Birth Date: 2642.045 (Age 38; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Brakajh Irga, Tr'k T'lon, Tr'k H'hra Quadrant, Trk'Pahn Sector Initiative: +10
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +11; Ranged: +15 Saves - Fortitude: 36, Reflex: 50, Willpower: 39
HP/NHP: 76 HD/THD/FHD: 43/40/53 SI: 128
Power: 60, Brawling: 15, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 20 (Climbing 10), Lifting: 15.
Finesse: 100, Hiding and Seeking: 25, Dexterous Maneuvers: 20 (Sleight-of-Hand 10, Move Silently 10, Balance 10), Dodge: 25.
Physique: 65, Stamina: 25, Concentration: 20, Recuperation: 20.
Intellect: 115, Resourcefulness: 25 (Lockpick 10), Cunning: 20 (Persuasion 10, Deception 15, Treachery 10), Knowledge: 25.
Acumen: 95, Perception: 25 (Sense Danger 20), Survival: 25, Performance: 25.
Charm: 70, Diplomacy: 25, Personality: 25, Leadership: 20.
Command: 75, Security: 25 (Blades 10), Strategy: 20, Guidance: 10, Coordination: 10.
Science: 70, Technology: 25, Geology: 15, Archaeology: 15, Typhonology: 15.
Navigation: 95, Vehicle Piloting: 25, Orientation: 15, Stealth: 25, Starship Piloting: 15, Astrogation: 15.
Tactical: 60, Marksmanship: 20, Ballistics: 20, Targeting: 20.
Engineering: 75, Damage Control: 15, Defenses: 15, Mechanics: 15, Internal Systems: 15, Faster-Than-Light Mechanics: 15.
Communications: 140, Rapport: 25 (Pirates 15), Intimidate: 10, Distress: 25, Negotiate: 25, Translate: 25 (English 15).
Medicine: 30, Psychology: 10, Specialized Medicine: 10, Intensive Care: 10.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Linguistic Sense +20, Contacts (Thieves Guild) +20, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Luck +10, Nerves +10, Reflexes +10, Addicted (Ak'rah) -25, Hunted (lan Gorth) -10, Reputation (Unreliable) -10, Crude -10, Greedy -10, Lecherous -5, Creed (lerag'nith ke'hra) -15.


Garmasdrish lak B'yaga is the eldest offspring of Kor laq Stra'a and Sa'ki lak B'yaga, born into the noble family of lak B'yaga, which dwelled on the surface of S'thran H'hra during the middle part of the Terran-Kilrathi War. A honeymoon baby, he was born exactly 110 days after his father's 22nd birthday, the same day his parents were married to one another as arranged by his grandfathers, then then-brajakhari of Brajakh Lanarg and Yutha and noblemen in their own right. He was raised in the lak B'yaga family hall in Brajakh Lanarg, a largely agricultural community that saw fewer raids during the late war years than his mother's native community. At his naming ceremony on his fourth birthday, he was second-in-line heir apparent to the post of brajakhar of Brajakh Lanarg and first-in-line heir presumptive to the same post for the community of Yutha. His education during his formative years was largely focused on business, management, strategy and leadership; skills he would need to be a good community leader. His father came from a family whose members had a long history of being master stalkers - honored members of society responsible for feeding the masses - and his parents frequent fought over the means by which his father intended to achieve the same status. The eldest of four children, Garmasdrish became a big brother in 2664 with the birth of his sister Alk'sivar, and again with the birth of his sister Dyale'a'kal when Garmasdrish was seven. His father left the family in the care of Garmadrish's maternal father Yuharga while he made his attempt to become a recognized master in 2666; Kor was successful in his endeavor but was severely injured during the attempt and spent much of the following year convalescing. Kor had planned to kill three nalga - dangerous four-headed beasts with two-meter long claws - in their native habitat on Draga; he eventually killed four, and it was the fourth that injured him so severely. In a private conversation between father and son, Kor confided in Garmasdrish that he had done it in honor of Garmadrish's late-uncle Irharg, who had been killed in battle before he was able to obtain master stalker status and was shunned by the community at his funeral, despite the personal sacrifice. He mentioned that he someday hoped to see Garmasdrish earn the same honored status. Garmasdrish was sickened in a a round of phthisis plaguing the planet in 2668; he pulled through but his paternal grandmother was not as fortunate. His mother gave birth to another daughter, Knav'a, in 2668.

The end of the war in 2669 brought chaos to S'Thran H'hra (as it did throughout the fallen Kilrathi Empire). The world was one specifically ceded by the Treaty of Kobar Yagar to the Confederation, and the following year a large influx of Terran settlers arrived on the world, a set of events that greatly vexed the hereditary leaders. Garmasdrish's maternal grandfather allowed the Terrans to settle in Yutha but asked that they remain in their own district. His other grandfather, however, allowed the Terrans to settle in Brajakh Lanarg with open arms, a decision that ultimatly had dire consequences and one which his parents did not support, leading to their estrangement; Garmasdrish still visited him as often as his parents allowed. In 2672, the brajakhar of the community of Brajakh Mer (Bruce, as the Terrans called it) died and his son, Largi lak Agga, took over as leader of the community. He subsequently expelled all Terrans from its boundaries and had the gall to order the leaders of all other communities on the planet - including his grandfathers - to do the same. When they refused, a short but bloody civil war engulfed the planet. When the dust cleared, his grandparents had been slain and the lak Agga had won near-total control of the planet and swiftly built a personal kingdom in the neighboring star systems in flagrant violation of the treaty. Garmasdrish waited with a great deal of trepidation as his father was summoned to Brajakh Mer to stand before the lak Agga and swear fealty. With his maternal grandfather dead, he was now the legal brajakhar of Yutha - or would be, if he had been of age; his father was standing as his regent until that time. Garmasdrish was vastly aware of the importance of their meeting with the lak Agga - not just in terms of what would happen to the community he should someday have lead, but what could happen to his very life. His parents returned with bad news - Kor had sworn fealty as ordered for the good of the family, but due to a slight against lak Agga that happened when Garmasdrish was a baby, lak Agga had also demanded his mother swear fealty seperately and she had refused. So the decision was made to split the family up; Garmasdrish was placed in the care of Ni'harin Thagamaksin nar Tha'umav, the kal daigar of Thrakdaig S'thran H'hra in the community of Thrakbrajakh S'thran H'hra and a friend of the lak B'yaga family. As his cover, he was to be enrolled in the thrakdaig as a common student. Life at the thrakdaig was hard on Garmasdrish; he would not see or hear from his parents for another four years and the courses were a little beyond his level in the beginning, but he learned well and eventually excelled there. In 2667, he received a message from his father indicating that their cover had been blown and that he needed to meet up with his parents at the city spaceport. He obeyed, fared his foster family well, gathered up his few belongings and made it safely to the spaceport, seeing his parents for the first time in four years. The three had a harrowing escape from S'thran H'hra - agents of the lak Agga were monitoring the few remaining passenger lines - and ultimately Kor had to arrange for transport on an outgoing Hurston Dynamics freighter. The family originally headed for K'k-Tahn thinking that they'd be safe; en route, his parents filled him in on heartbreaking news; his two younger sisters were dead - one in a very suspicious accident, the other executed by the lak Agga - and his oldest sister had gone missing along with her foster family. Garmasdrish silently swore revenge against the lak Agga for all the crimes they'd committed against his family, for the death of his sisters and the theft of his birthright. The family was not out of danger just yet; agents of the lak Agga were waiting for them at their destination and Kor was wounded fighting them off. With Kor temporarily incapacitated, Garmadrish's mother Sa'ki took the initiative to pick a final destination well outside of the influence of the lak Agga where the family could conveniently disappear; Garmasdrish suggested the refugee camp at T'Kon H'hra, of which he'd heard stories at the thrakdaig. She chartered passage for the three of them on a Paulsen Kinetics transport headed that way. Kor, Sa'ki and Garmasdrish arrived two weeks later, penniless but alive, together, and safe. Four months later the lak Agga's interstellar empire would be put out of business by a Confederation-led joint task force.

It's now been three years since Garmasdrish and his family have arrived at T'Kon H'hra, and not a day goes by that he wishes he hadn't suggested one of the agricultural communities on K'nag Urel for a place to hide rather than the living nargrast that has been his reality ever since. T'Kon H'hra turned out, in fact, to be far worse than the horror stories he'd heard at the thrakdaig - there is barely anything to eat, hardly any jobs available, rudamentary living space, no privacy and no sense of law and order among the rabble. He helps his family out however he can - by assisting his mother in bartering for what few medical supplies he can or his father in performing whatever jobs he can. He has proven himself an able and fast learner, quickly garnering the knowledge he needs to perform a task and usually performing it adequately if not well. He thinks his mother browbeating his father to find better work is counterproductive but doesn't say anything and he wonders what has happened to his one remaining sister. Garmasdrish, a Kilrathi about to come of age in a dark time for his people, is savvy enough to know that there is no future for him at the refugee camp and that if he is to earn the respect of others he will have to prove his worth; he knows that whatever prospects he may have for leading a life worth living dwindle with each passing day. He is also not thrilled about his prospects for a potential mate in the refugee camp (if it comes to it), though there is a particular priestess in the camp about his age that has recently caught his eye...

(Garmasdrish will not be given the epithet of qith'rakoth - "strong blade" - until after his first lesson with Bloodeye).

Garmasdrish lak B'yaga, Callsign: Qith'rakoth
(Garmasdrish Ki dai Drak'huthrak ko Ig'a Qith'rak lan S'thran H'hra lak B'yaga nar Kur'u'tak)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Scholar and Warrior-in-Training Gender: Male
Height: 2.96 m Mass: 120.75 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2659.259 (Age 21; Adolescent) Place of Birth: Brajakh Lanarg, S'thran H'hra, Corsair, Epsilon Sector Initiative: +6
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +7; Ranged: +8 Saves - Fortitude: 38, Reflex: 36, Willpower: 34
HP/NHP: 78 HD/THD/FHD: 53/50/53 SI: 130
Power: 50, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 25, Brawling: 15, Lifting: 10.
Finesse: 65, Dodge: 25, Dexterous Maneuvers: 20, Hiding and Seeking: 20.
Physique: 80, Concentration: 25, Recuperation: 25 (Phthisis 5), Stamina: 25.
Intellect: 85, Resourcefulness: 20, Knowledge: 25 (Business 10, Management 10), Cunning: 20.
Acumen: 45, Performance: 15, Perception: 15, Survival: 15.
Charm: 50, Personality: 15, Diplomacy: 20, Leadership: 15.
Command: 35, Strategy: 15, Security: 10, Coordination: 10.
Science: 55, Technology: 25, Archaeology: 15, Typhonology: 15.
Navigation: 40, Orientation: 20, Vehicle Piloting: 20.
Tactical: 20, Ballistics: 10, Marksmanship: 10.
Engineering: 40, Damage Control: 20, Mechanics: 20.
Communications: 55, Rapport: 25, Translate: 15, Negotiate: 15.
Medicine: 25, Specialized Medicine: 15, Psychology: 10.
Traits: Adolescent, Phthisis (Latent), Enhanced Visual Sense, Education +10, Contacts (Ni'harin Thagamaksin nar Tha'umav) +10, Math Expert +10, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Creed (Warrior's Code) -15, Hunted (lak Agga) -15, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -10, Creed (Vengeance on lak Agga) -10, Impulsive -5.


Sivar'havuz was the youngest child of Z'alde'irga Nonvrash'tagu, the widow of Vujaqvarg Tagugar, who himself was ship's pilot aboard the Kilrathi merchantman Ukgar Yuhari, which was deliberately scuttled with the loss of all hands as one of Crown Prince Gilkarg's opening moves of the McAuliffe Ambush. For this act of ultimate honor and sacrifice, Vujaqvarg posthumously received the honorific of tagugar, his lair-mate received the honorific nonvrash'tagu, and his four living children at the time received the honorific katagu. Unfortunately for Sivar'havuz, he was not sired by Vujaqvarg; he was sired by Z'alde'irga's second lair-mate, Gar Kirthrak ko Shuyan'a, and as a result he was the only one of Z'alde'irga's children not to bear the katagu honorific. Sivar'havuz was subject to ridicule by his siblings over this fact throughout his formative years and even into his early adolescent years, despite the fact that Sivar'havuz himself always displayed great pride at the rare status granted to his siblings. Indeed, he used their honored status to his advantage; he became a known prankster, pulling stunts in the local community that other young Kilrathi wouldn't have gotten away with because of his family's honored status. It took some time for Gar to imbue the meanings of honor and virtue into his offspring and indeed it could be argued that it would've never happened had he not sent Sivar'havuz off to war - though he and his clientele did manage to pass off many, many superstitions on to Sivar'havuz. Though originally fated to serve as a foot soldier like most kilrah'hra, Sivar'havuz was once again able to use his family's influence to his advantage and he managed to wrangle a spot in flight training, becoming a fighter pilot. His first tour of duty was aboard KIS Gar'le Va, a Fralthi-class cruiser. He originally specialized in the Dralthi-II but was later transitioned over to the Drakhri fighter when it entered service; this occurred shortly after a transfer to KIS Dutalanak, a cruiser of the Fralthra-class. During his early service he became quite adept in combat against the Confederation's A-14 Raptor despite being nominally outclassed by the heavier craft and as a result he was dubbed naj'bakdor (which literally means "claw of the hunter-bird") in light of this fact. Though his exploits as a pilot finally did earn him the respect of his siblings, he was still very much the energetic joker he had been as a youth and it got him into trouble on more than one occasion during the war's later years. In a notable incident, he began a romantic relationship with a kilav thrak'hra while on leave in 2665, which nearly ended with her claws in his testicles when she found out he was kilrah'hra; she swore she would find a way to take revenge upon him some day for his deceit and for stealing "her honor". In another, he pissed into the fuel tank of a parked Darket that was to be piloted by Oth "Najekh" nar Largkza, who also served aboard Dutalanak and was particularly despised by most of the air crew for his haughty attitude. The end result was an engine stall owing to the resultant refraction of the laser fusion initiators, requiring a lengthy retrieval operation that nearly resulted in the Najekh's death; Naj'bakdor escaped further scrutiny from the incident due to Najekh's own violent response when he found out the cause of his craft's failure, which put several technicians in the ship's medical bay with severe injuries and effectively ended Najekh's military career. Before the end of the war he was transitioned to the later series Dralthi craft, becoming quite adept at piloting the Dralthi-III and -IV during the period. He would eventually earn the highest kill score of any pilot stationed to Dutalanak.

When news of the destruction of Kilrah and the general surrender order reached Dutalanak in 2669, most of the bridge crew committed zu'kara. The ship's chief engineer became acting captain and complied with the order for all units to surrender to the nearest Confederation authority, which was Farragut Station in the Veronica system of Epsilon Sector. While cooling his heels there waiting for "processing and repatriation", Naj'bakdor decided to check out the local bar and escaped from the Confederation security detail; he was found a half-hour later having drank a fair amount of the establishment's on-hand supply of liqueurs and in the process of writing "Ri'ak'rah ak takh j'ak, Terran'hra" - a complaint of the quality of the drink - on the door with a permanent marker. After being knocked out with a stun baton, he was re-apprehended and sent to the station's brig, and later was sent to the minimum security wing of the new Valgard Military Prison facility when it opened and was held there for the next six months. He had expected his family to come to his aid, but in a letter sent to him by his mother, she explained that in the new order of things (i.e. Terran rule), the status of hrai'tagugar meant absolutely nothing - and even if she could get him out of prison, she wouldn't; the time for him to stop pulling immature crap was long past. At his criminal trial, he was sentenced to time served plus three years of community service in lieu of a vandalism fine and was shipped off to the T'Kon H'hra Military Salvage Yard to discharge the sentence. Noting his past service as a pilot, he was assigned by the Broken Claw Administrators as a patrol pilot stationed from the base charged with interception of incoming traffic and interdiction of any craft being purloined. Though this occurred a few years before the base became a refugee camp, T'Kon H'hra was nevertheless already a depressing scene, with many grand warships coming there just to be broken down for scrap. Naj'bakdor did find some joy in flying, though he did wish the landscape was more cheerful, and eventually flying in and of itself wasn't enough; he went back to committing practical jokes, with the Broken Claw Administrators becoming natural targets as they were generally despised by the station's Kilrathi staff-members. Most of the time he chose practical pranks to pull on the yanshi, as they had quickly come to be known - things like filling up office spaces with packing material, spiking their coffee with kikali (and sometimes vak'qu when he could get a hold of it), redirecting their computers to display aiydi'kilavrax or fake orders for pleasure droids, and the like. In 2673, the Broken Claw began implementing a controversial new policy to suppress the Cult of Sivar at the facilities under their control, including the T'Kon H'hra facility. This didn't sit well with Kilrathi in general, including Naj'bakdor, who used it to fuel a stunt that would wind up costing him dearly. One day, knowing there was a meeting of the BCA administrators in progress, he decided to end one of his traffic control patrols by "buzzing" the meeting room in question, roaring "TA SIVAR!!" over the comm lines and making the station's flight controller - and a nervous admin that happened to look up - think he was making a kamikaze run, causing a stampede as the collected assembly bounded for the door. He pulled up at the last second, bouncing harmlessly off the station's navigational shields. Unfortunately for Naj'bakdor, one of the attendees at the meeting in question was Spencer Paulsen, CEO of Paulsen Kinetics, who was there to negotiate the acquisition of Kilrathi weapons systems after they'd been pulled off the hulks of their ships. Mr. Paulsen was inadvertently slammed into a wall in the general chaos of the moment and suffered a leg fracture. Naturally Paulsen was pissed and Naj'bakdor was punished for the stunt; he received a nine-year extension on his community service - effectively quadrupling his initial sentence - was grounded from flight operation duties and given a stern warning that any further such incidents would result in criminal proceedings. He was eventually reinstated to flight duty after a few months owing to the need for pilots of his caliber, an increase in in-system traffic with an accompanied increase in in-system piracy (as Paulsen was able to successfully negotiate the transaction he came to make despite the injury) and the fact that Naj'bakdor was proving not to be a very effective maintenance custodian (he was in fact moving trash cans around without emptying them, and when he did empty them he'd do so in the ventilation shafts - the smell of rotting food in the BCA office spaces had become quite potent by the time he was reinstated to the flight roster).

The BCA policy against the Sivaran Cult tanked the morale of every Kilrathi on T'Kon H'hra, a situation that worsened with time. In 2676, Naj'bakdor decided the time for another protest of the policy, and what resulted was a prank that backfired spectacularly. During the shipbreaking process, a number of abandoned objects had been collected, mostly personal effects such as claw sharpeners, personal holos and the occasional piece of aiydi'kilavrax but also including some rare and unique items, and during his stint as a janitor Naj'bakdor had learned where these items were kept and started making occasional raids of the storage bay where they were kept. One day he found a true treasure - a Turkish kilij, no doubt some prize some warrior somewhere had lifted off of some poor dead sentimental Terran foolish enough to carry around such an ancient weapon - and quickly came up with a plan to put it to "good" use. As a child he'd heard stories of the Qith'rak Sivari, a holy relic from ancient times that was guarded by the highest order of Sivaran priestesses that had been presumed lost with the destruction of Kilrah, and he figured that most Kilrathi wouldn't know what the ancient blade actually looked like since it was kept under tight guard and generally hidden from public view. Using a purloined vishuqith, he etched a crude rendition of the crest of Sivar into the face of the blade near the balçak and carved the same symbol into the scabbard as well, and dressed up in the manner of a Sivaran ascetic. He then went throughout the station claiming to be in possession of the holy relic and showed the blade to a number of Kilrathi warriors awaiting repatriation, including one crew whose members were scheduled to be shipped out later that same day. His plan worked as intended at first; those Kilrathi still aboard the station were sparked with a new fervor to serve Sivar and the station's Broken Claw security details were soon overwhelmed by the number of Kilrathi openly engaging in Sivaran worship. But things rapidly deteriorated - a group of Terran security officers, who at that point were exhausted and frustrated at having to answer the call to put down another cult ritual, became heavyhanded in their dealings with a group of Kilrathi and things spiraled into a riot that left nearly twenty Kilrathi dead and dozens others severely injured. Moreover, the crew that had left that day spread the news of the "miracle" at T'Kon H'hra, and by the end of that month Kilrathi pilgrims started showing up in massive droves, creating a massive refugee problem as the number of beings aboard the station climbed to nearly a hundred times what it should've been. To this day, no one has figured out that the sword is a fake, nor have they figured out that it was Naj'bakdor who was behind the whole affair.

Naj'bakdor is now in the ninth year of his twelve combined years of community service aboard T'Kon H'hra. Though he isn't particularly sorry for having pulled the Qith'rak Sivari prank - the station's administrators have since been so overwhelmed that they can't catch every Sivaran ritual that happens on the station these days - he knows that the refugee problem at T'Kon H'hra is his fault, and feels a strong sense of guilt over the pain, misery and starvation that is now part of daily life on the station. The kilij is still in his possession; he hid it when it became clear that his prank had gotten out of control, which given the blade's history of remaining hidden from public view only added fuel to the rumors. He has recently received word that his father has died from alcohol poisoning, having consumed too much kikali during the celebration of his retirement. Combined with an increase in incidents where he has had to kill fellow Kilrathi trying to steal hulks from the surrounding area of space, these events have driven him to depression, which he has begun combating with recreational drugs - in particular, he has started popping Ultimate and has developed an addiction. Though it has yet to interfere with his flying duties - the one true thing in his life that he still enjoys doing - he knows there's a high degree of likelihood that someday it might and on that day he'd probably be sent back to station maintenance, a job that has become a complete nightmare for all involved since his prank. He sees himself as a cog in a machine, a puppet whose life revolves on the whims of people who don't care what happens to him and whose purpose is to see to those whims. He hasn't given serious thought as to what he'll do when his sentence is up; he figures that given his line of work and his state of mind that he won't live long enough to see the year 2682. One thing he knows for sure is that he's tired of shooting down Kilrathi who just want to get out of the hellhole he's created, and is currently working up the resolve to just one day finally say vraxgar and join up with the next crew that tries to pirate a ship out of the yard...

Sivar'havuz Ki'ra, Callsign: Naj'bakdor
(Sivar'havuz Kirthrak ko Donta'krant nar Ki'ra)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Group's Top Gun Gender: Male
Height: 2.69 m Mass: 99.75 kg Handedness: Left
Birth Date: 2636.071 (Age 44; Middle Age) Place of Birth: Thanok, Oargth, H'hriss Quadrant, Trk'Pahn Sector Initiative: +10
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +10; Ranged: +13 Saves - Fortitude: 36, Reflex: 60, Willpower: 41
HP/NHP: 76 HD/THD/FHD: 43/40/53 SI: 128
Power : 70, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers : 20 (Climbing 10), Brawling : 20, Lifting: 20.
Finesse : 105, Dexterous Maneuvers : 20 (Sleight-of-Hand 10, Balance 5), Dodge : 20, Hiding and Seeking: 25 (Hiding 20, Stalking 5).
Physique : 65, Stamina : 25, Concentration : 20, Recuperation: 20.
Intellect : 130, Knowledge : 25 (Kilrathi Folk Beliefs 20), Resourcefulness : 25 (Practical Jokes 15), Cunning: 25 (Persuasion 10, Deception 10).
Acumen : 110, Perception : 25 (Spot Enemy 15, Sense Deception 10, Sense Danger 10), Performance : 25 (Janitor 10), Survival: 15.
Charm : 90, Personality : 25 (Taunting 10, Boasting 10), Leadership : 25, Diplomacy: 20.
Command : 75, Security : 15, Strategy : 20, Guidance : 15, Coordination : 15, Inspire: 10.
Science : 105, Technology : 25 (Kilrathi Computers 20, Terran Computers 20), Planetology : 10, Geology : 10, Archaeology : 10, Typhonology: 10.
Navigation : 170, Vehicle Piloting : 25 (Skimmer 25, Kilrathi Medium Fighters 35), Orientation : 10, Astrogation : 25, Starship Piloting : 25, Stealth: 25.
Tactical : 155, Evasive Maneuvers : 25, Combat Maneuvers : 25, Targeting : 25 (Engines 10), Marksmanship : 25 (Lasers 10), Ballistics: 25 (HS Missiles 10).
Engineering : 85, Damage Control : 25 (Guns 20), Mechanics : 25 (Fightercraft 15).
Communications : 70, Rapport : 25, Negotiate : 25, Distress : 20.
Medicine : 45, Intensive Care : 25, Psychology : 20.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Reflexes +20, Navigational Sense +15, Tactical Sense +15, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Creed (Warrior's Code) -20, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -5, Impulsive -10, Lecherous -5, Addicted (Ultimate) -5, Social Status (Disowned) -5, Reputation (Troublemaker) -15.


Mer B'a jaq Shintahr is a kirkilav whose short life has been hard and full of misfortune. She was left on the steps of the Daikutga Sivar in the community of Lanhir as a newborn, with nothing more than a simple tag that identified her as "jaq Shintahr", the product of an illegitimate union (apparently with an unidentified ship's Captain); most such unwanted children are abandoned in the wilds and left to die, as what almost happened in the case of Mer B'a. A priestess of the temple, Tosh B'a ko Kutga'hra, took pity on the young cub and raised her as her own daughter, training her up in the ways of Sivar. The cub was ultimately named Mer (bitter) by the priestess, who could only foresee a life of loneliness for one who from the start had been identified as illegitimate. Tosh B'a gave Mer a thorough education in the Tomes of Sivar. The young kilav learned the Codices well and got to the point where she could quote most of them by memory. She also became familiar with the Prophecies of the Kn'Thrak during this time, a fact that would have a profound effect on her later life. Tosh B'a died when Mer was eight and the cub was allowed to stay in temple, though she was often bullied and mistreated by those around her. The War ended when young Mer was fourteen years old and, as with all those familiar with the Prophecies, the destruction of Kilrah heralded to her the beginning of the End Times. Anxiety of the arrival of the Dark Enemy coupled with her continuing mistreatment drove her over the edge one night, when she repeatedly stabbed another priestess that had been particularly cruel to her. The head priestess of the Temple punished young Mer for this transgression by placing her in isolation, where she stayed for the next five years. Mer's anxiety was slowly replaced with the notion that she could be "other messenger" destined to bring redemption and reunification to the Kilrathi people, and by the time she was allowed to rejoin with the rest of the acolytes she firmly believed in this delusion. She had elected to pursue the priesthood as a life-long vocation by the time she had come of age. During the period of eshk'ropa prior to her final dedication as ko'a Sivar, she met and became romantically involved with Ukar nar Sihkag, a local militiaman, and for a time she even considered leaving the priesthood to become Ukar's lair-mate; her decision to declare allegiance to clan Sihkag was based solely on her relationship with Ukar. Sadly, a happy life together was not in the cards for the young couple: two weeks before her final consecration ceremony, one of the local nar Qarg warlords in Kur'u'khag Quadrant launched an invasion of Tr'Kpa. Ukar nar Sihkag died in the fighting and the Daikutga Sivar itself was bombed, with most of the priestesses and acolytes killed in the fighting. Mer B'a fought off a group of nar Qarg warriors attempting to ransack and pillage the remains of the Temple with a vorshaki blade, which unbeknownst to her had been dipped in Pchela venom in preparation for another priestess's zu'kara; it was after this that she started calling herself "Qith'raklerx" (Poison Blade). She was able to escape the temple undetected by the nar Qarg, but at that point had nothing - no home, no family, no lover - other than what she had on her person, which amounted to her clothes and the blade she had used to escape. She sold the blade and was able to use the proceeds to book passage on an outgoing transport, making the decision to see the Qith'rak Sivari, a relic of which her surrogate mother had often spoke, before committing zu'kara. She eventually reached T'Kon H'hra, where she discovered that her services as a priestess were, much to her surprise, much needed.

Qith'raklerx has not been at T'Kon H'hra a particularly long time, though she has been there long enough to see the suffering around her and to see the need for someone to stand up for the Kilrathi people. She still believes strongly that the time of the Kn'thrak is at hand and will preach a message of preparedness to those who will listen to her (of which there are few). She also remains convinced that she is the chosen warrior that will lead the Kilrathi people to glory, a conceit that so far she has kept to herself. She hasn't really ever given serious thought to finding out her true heritage, though it does cross her mind from time to time. Her life's experiences have taught her that most others are untrustworthy and that she should rely on no one but herself; it has been hard for her to form meaningful relationships in her life, especially since the death of Ukar nar Sihkag. She has made a few friends among the populace; in particular she has been befriended by Thrakyaga, who has taken a very active interest in her well-being among the rabble of T'Kon H'hra (no doubt due to the similarities between her name and that of Thrakyaga's ex-lover). The two almost have a father-daughter relationship, though Qith'raklerx does remain wary of Thrakyaga's intentions (particularly due to his allegiance to clan Qarg).

Mer B'a jaq Shintahr, Callsign: Qith'raklerx
(Mer B'a ko Kutga'hra jaq Shintahr nar Sihkag)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Sivaran Acolyte and Group's Priestess Gender: Female
Height: 2.69 m Mass: 115.50 kg Handedness: Right
Birth Date: 2655.173 (Age 25; Adult) Place of Birth: Lanhir, Tr'Kpa system, Kur'u'khag Quadrant, Kilrah Sector Initiative: +6
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +8; Ranged: +10 Saves - Fortitude: 35, Reflex: 36, Willpower: 46
HP/NHP: 75 HD/THD/FHD: 47/44/53 SI: 129
Power: 45, Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 20, Lifting: 15, Brawling: 10.
Finesse: 60, Dexterous Maneuvers: 20, Dodge: 20, Hiding and Seeking: 20.
Physique: 55, Concentration: 20, Recuperation: 20, Stamina: 15.
Intellect: 115, Knowledge: 20 (Tomes of Sivar 50), Resourcefulness: 15, Cunning: 20 (Persuasion 10).
Acumen: 65, Perception: 20 (Sense Deception 20), Survival: 10, Performance: 15.
Charm: 60, Diplomacy: 15, Personality: 15 (Debating 15), Leadership: 15.
Command: 70, Security: 20 (Blades 25), Guidance: 15, Coordination: 10.
Science: 30, Planetology: 15, Typhonology: 15.
Navigation: 55, Orientation: 25, Vehicle Piloting: 20 (Groundcar 10).
Tactical: 20, Targeting: 10, Marksmanship: 10.
Engineering: 45, Damage Control: 20, Mechanics: 25.
Communications: 55, Rapport: 25, Distress: 10, Negotiate: 20.
Medicine: 70, Specialized Medicine: 25, Psychology: 25, Intensive Care: 20.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Memory +25, Comeliness +15, Nerves +10, Discipline +10, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Wealth -25, Social Status (Illegitimate) -20, Creed (kota Sivar) -15, Obsessed (Salvation of Kilrathi Race) -15, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -10, Insane (Delusional) -5.


The following table is for a generic, 200-hero point Kilrathi Pirate, which may be used at any point during the course of the campaign. B'Harg - meaning "red shirt" - is designed to be a disposable extra character, generally meant to aid the PCs in whatever task it is they're performing, soak up bullets and as a result decrease the campaign's difficulty should the GM feel it is necessary to do so. GMs may feel free to adjust this generic character as they choose to make it fit whatever situation is at hand. They may also feel free to make adjustments in the event that disposable characters with varying characteristics are required during the course of the campaign. The character may be treated as kilrah'hra or thrak'hra as needed; to accommodate both possibilities a complete name has been provided.

Yurakh'hra Sa'guk, Callsign: B'Harg
(Yurakh'hra Ragnithorguk dai Irarg'ga ko Ke'hra lan Hra'niskarhtashav lak Qithska nar Raghitagha)
Species: Kilrathi Role: Disposable Extra Gender: Male
Height: 2.69 m Mass: 110.25 kg Handedness: Left
Birth Date: 2651.345 (Age 29; Adult) Place of Birth: Brajakh K'toth'hra, Hra'niskarhum, Zagaraghitagha, Kilrah Initiative: +9
Attack Bonuses - Melee: +11; Ranged: +13 Saves - Fortitude: 56, Reflex: 39, Willpower: 35
HP/NHP: 76 HD/THD/FHD: 44/41/53 SI: 128
Power: 70, Brawling: 20 (Wrestling 10), Three-Dimensional Maneuvers: 25, Lifting: 15.
Finesse: 95, Hiding and Seeking: 20 (Stalking 10), Dexterous Maneuvers: 20 (Sleight-of-Hand 10, Balance 10), Dodge: 25.
Physique: 60, Stamina: 25, Concentration: 20, Recuperation: 15.
Intellect: 80, Resourcefulness: 20 (Demolition 15), Cunning: 25, Knowledge: 20.
Acumen: 50, Perception: 25, Survival: 15, Performance: 10.
Charm: 70, Diplomacy: 20, Personality: 20 (Taunting 15), Leadership: 15.
Command: 45, Security: 20, Strategy: 15, Guidance: 10.
Science: 25, Technology: 15, Geology: 10.
Navigation: 90, Vehicle Piloting: 20 (Fightercraft 10), Orientation: 20, Stealth: 20, Starship Piloting: 5, Astrogation: 15.
Tactical: 60, Marksmanship: 25, Ballistics: 20, Targeting: 10, Combat Maneuvers: 5.
Engineering: 75, Damage Control: 25, Mechanics: 25, Faster-Than-Light Mechanics: 25.
Communications: 105, Rapport: 25 (Pirates 10), Intimidate: 25, Distress: 20, Negotiate: 25.
Medicine: 20, Psychology: 15, Specialized Medicine: 5.
Traits: Enhanced Visual Sense, Health +20, Luck +20, Senses (Sight) +5, Senses (Smell) +5, Senses (Hearing) +5, Creed (Warrior's Code) -15, Intolerant (Non-Kilrathi) -10, Social Status (Pirate) -10, Phobic (Lilapsophobia) -10, Greed -10, Lecherous -5, Crude -5.

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