Based on the Wing Commander series created by
Chris Roberts and Origin Systems, Inc.

Edited and Developed by
Stephen A. Rogers

Principal Playtesting by
Stephen A. Rogers and Christopher "Whistler" Risko

Creative Consultant
Jennifer J. Rogers

Special thanks to
Ben Lesnick, Christopher Reid, Barrie Almond, Brandon Strevell, Kris Vanhecke, Aaron Dunbar, Jason McHale, Wolfman, Quarto, Starfox1701 and the entire Wing Commander CIC community.


For Paul and the next generation.

For the brave crew of TCS Fenris and all the other crews consigned to Internet oblivion, for inspiring this editor in his own work and in the hopes that they may yet rise up once again.


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Portions of this wikibook have been derived from the rules for The Edge of Chaos, A Wing Commander RPG, originally created by Mark Shotwell. A fair use document is available with the regulations for this game and is available for view on TEOC's official website at http://www.wcrpg.com.

WARNING: This rulebook consists of 100% matter. Any incidental contact of this book with antimatter in any form will result in a catastrophic explosion.

All of the contents included in this game will exert an equal but opposite force to any force applied to said contents. This phenomenon is not unique to this game.

The entire physical universe, including this book and its contents, could very well collapse back into an infinitesimally small space with little or no advance warning. Should a new universe re-emerge, the existence of this rulebook in that universe cannot be guaranteed.

Any reference to any life-form living, dead, or non-existent may or may not be coincidental and is probably intentional.


Chapter One: Introduction

  1. The Core Mechanic

Chapter Two: Characters

  1. Disciplines and Attributes
  2. Races
    1. Terrans
    2. Kilrathi
    3. Firekkans
    4. Double Helix
    5. Varni
    6. Wu
    7. Mopoks
    8. Dolosians
    9. Dioscuri
    10. Oasians
    11. Hagarin
    12. Haggans
    13. Jarma
    14. Steltek
    15. Mantu
    16. Nephilim
  3. Creating Characters
  4. Archetypes

Chapter Three: Skills

  1. Power Skills
  2. Finesse Skills
  3. Physique Skills
  4. Intellect Skills
  5. Acumen Skills
  6. Charm Skills
  7. Command Skills
  8. Science Skills
  9. Navigation Skills
  10. Tactical Skills
  11. Engineering Skills
  12. Communications Skills
  13. Medicine Skills

Chapter Four: Traits

  1. Variable Traits
  2. Talents
  3. Complications

Chapter Five: Equipment and Trading

  1. Trading
  2. Weapons
  3. Armor
  4. General Equipment
  5. Commodities

Chapter Six: Vehicles

  1. Basic Rules Regarding Vehicles
  2. Creating and Modifying Vehicles
    1. Vehicle Chassis
    2. Vehicle Users
    3. Vehicular Systems and Equipment
  3. Vehicle Catalog
  4. Non-Canonical Vehicle Catalog

Chapter Seven: Capital Ships

  1. Basic Rules Regarding Capital Ships
  2. Creating and Modifying Capital Ships
    1. Capital Ship Chassis
    2. Capital Ship Systems and Equipment
  3. Capital Ship Catalog
  4. Non-Canonical Capital Ship Catalog

Chapter Eight: Navigation

  1. Vehicles, Capital Ships, and Fuel Consumption
  2. Planetary Exploration
  3. Interplanetary Travel
  4. Interstellar Travel
  5. Navigational Data

Chapter Nine: Combat

  1. General Combat Rules
  2. Character-scale Combat
  3. Vehicle-scale Combat
  4. Capital Ship-scale Combat
  5. Mixed-scale Combat

Chapter Ten: Introduction to Gamemastering

  1. Specific Functions of a Gamemaster
  2. Creating Materials
    1. Creating Sectors
    2. Creating Nav Maps
    3. Creating Star Systems
    4. Creating Worlds
    5. Creating Communities
    6. Creating New Items and Equipment
    7. Creating Creatures
    8. Creating New Archetypes
  3. Styles of Play
  4. Handling Irregularities in Play
  5. Game Play Phases
  6. A Short Example of Game Play

Chapter Eleven: Adventures and Campaigns

  1. Creating Adventures
    1. A Word on Plot Slicing
    2. One Hundred Basic Adventure Ideas
    3. The Five Room Dungeon Model
  2. A Word on Settings
    1. Site-Based Adventures
    2. Planetary Wilderness Adventures
    3. Urban Adventures
    4. Space Adventures
  3. A Word on Campaigns

Chapter Twelve: The Wing Commander Universe

  1. Timeline
  2. Who's Who in the Wing Commander Universe
  3. Environmental Effects
  4. Bestiary

Appendix One: Charts and Tables

Appendix Two: Templates

Appendix Three: Glossary and Acronym Key


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