The following page contains a series of generic counter sheets designed for use in any pencil-and-paper Wing Commander game. While this includes WCRPG, the tokens have been designed such that they can be successfully used in other pnp games such as TacOps.

For the purpose of creating hardcopies, the counter sets assume the use of the method discussed at Gary Christiansen's Private Wars Site. These particular counters are designed as 0.5" square counters, with a 0.25" guttering along the edges. To successfully produce tokens of the intended size, the images will have to be printed on a page without the addition of any margins, or with the margin area cropped out in a program such as GIMP or Photoshop and reapplied as a 7.5"x10" image on a page with half-inch margins in a program such as OpenOffice Writer or MS Word. Note that Mr. Christiansen's procedure was written back in 2005 and the equipment used has changed somewhat (and the price of materials has increased), but still very much works.

I have given thought to setting up something where people could order hardcopies of these counters directly from me, but I am not 100% certain of the legal status of the images (so I'm not sure whether selling hardcopies would be legal). To that end, I have to ask any of y'all who download these images not to go selling them, and to not sell any hardcopies you make of them.

The counter sheets are presented in two batches, one for game and craft counters, and one for "miscellaneous" tokens. The game and craft counters are batches of specific craft found in the various Wing Commander titles, and are meant to enable pnp versions of the indicated games or allow homebrew missions in the same general time period. The miscellaneous tokens are largely meant as indicators; they can easily be used to augment the contents of any of the game and craft counter sheets.

All new sheets will be posted on the Silhouettes and Generic WC Counters thread at the Wing Commander CIC forums before being posted here, so be sure to check that thread first for any new developments.

Images on the Confederation and Kilrathi Squadron Emblem sheet are ©1995 by Michael Scott of Mag Force 7, and were used without permission. All other images were generated by the WCRPG Project.

Game and Craft Counters

WC1 Counter Sheet

WC2 Counter Sheet

WC3 Counter Sheet

WC4 Counter Sheet

WC Arena Counter Sheet

WC Armada Tactical Sheet

WC Armada Strategic Sheet

WC Prophecy Sheet

WC Privateer Counter Sheet

Privateer 2 Counter Sheet
(1 of 2)

Privateer 2 Counter Sheet
(2 of 2)

WC Standoff Sheet
(1 of 2)


WC Standoff Sheet
(2 of 2)

Miscellaneous Counters

Confederation/Kilrathi Insignia Counter Sheet

Black Lance/Union of Border Worlds Insignia Counter Sheet

Confederation Squadron Emblem Sheet

Kilrathi Squadron Emblem Sheet

Prophecy/Arena Ordnance Sheet

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