Stephen A. Rogers (born 1976.345) is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, with degrees in Meteorology and Journalism, and is currently working at the University's main library. He has been a game enthusiast his entire life, and owns a personal collection of around 600 board, card, video and pnp role-playing games total (a few of which he has written and designed himself). He has been involved with the Starflight III project as an active member since 2004, and was made head of the project in 2009. In 2005, he began writing the Starflight Role-Playing Game (along with its sister project, Starflight: Total Brawl in 2006) as a means of testing out systems for SF3 (he sometimes still refers to SFRPG as "a very cleverly disguised design document"). Since completing SFRPG in 2010, he has been working on a technical design document for the SF3 project, and has recently begun work on the Wing Commander Role-Playing Game using SFRPG as a base engine. SFRPG is available as a free download and in hardback from his author spotlight page at http://lulu.com/spotlight/capi3101.

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