Greetings, Wingnuts and Citizens! Time for the Weekly WCRPG Update.

This past week I continued my writing shenanigans in Elegy Chapter 2.0. I had a pretty rough week coming up with new material, but I do think ultimately I made a fair amount of progress with the second scene. I'm to the point in that scene - the whole thing's a flashback - where Bloodeye gets called away from his conversation with Ra'Khaj to answer a communication from his master Lord Talmak (which sets up the whole campaign). Translation of the first scene actually took up the bulk of my time this past week, with 29 new and re-purposed terms added to the lexicon. Significant progress of the translation of the first scene was made this week; of the 39 blocks of text that comprise the first scene, I've finished translating 31 of them, with four of the remaining eight blocks in various degrees of progress. A few of the blocks that are left are the larger blocks in that particular scene, but nonetheless with any kind of luck I should be able to finish translation work of the first scene by the end of this coming week. On top of the writing and translation work was Doc Wade's Victory-class Explorer, a killer capship which I was analyzing and fact-checking off and on throughout the week throughout the course of the week. The analysis of the craft itself is complete at this point; what's taking so long to finish it up at this point is the fact that the ship hauls variants of seventeen different small craft, and statistics have to be calculated for each of them. It's proven to be a welcome change from writing, helpful in those moments when writer's block hits.

So my Plan for the week is more of the same; continue work in Chapter Two. I'll also be working on the Victory-class as the week progresses; I'm hoping to have that done and a stat block up before the week is out. I'm also hoping to finish the translation of the first scene and begin work on the translation of the second scene. That one could be fun - aside from there being more text blocks in that scene, a fair number of them are large blocks, so I anticipate translation work there to take a while. I'm also thinking about the action text of the next two scenes - I wasn't particularly satisfied with how the fourth scene began, so I might need to re-write some of the dialogue there when the time comes around.

Well, that's really all I've got for this week; the next scheduled update will be between 11-14Z on June 29th. Y'all have a pleasant week.